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  1. Hi dudes! Hi chixes! Im just wondering some things right now about this game and Id like some personal feedback on the game. 1: Should I wait for this second edition or the first is neat ? cause I realize that their are SO MANY EXPENSIONS (ITS OVER 9000!!!) and its quite an investment.. 2: Is the game worth it? I mean its kinda pricy for those boxes. And the game mechanic, is it good or we gotta houserule it in order to be viable? Does the overlord tends to win more often? I got tons of question about this game but I really want some thoughts from the community. Any pertinent information will do. thanks!
  2. Kerrin2 said: Its a big, sprawling, fun game. I played an eight player game a few weeks ago and everyone had a blast. Lucky you Ive never played past 5 players…which was chaotic as f***
  3. Hi there I got this game last week and I have some questions for you guys: 1: When you place Cities Tokens in the setup phase, do you place them face down like Exploration Tokens or face up? 2:After the ''Winter ohase'' that makes you destroy the excess units based on the Food ressource, is this thing up for all the season or is it just a one trick thing and after I can resupply a case without checking my food supply? Thx in advance!
  4. We played with Leaders for the first time last week and I was kinda surprised of how much those bastard can be game changing. I've been playin TI3 for 3 years now and we've never used them before last week. We didnt use them because it was too dificult to keep track of what Leader can do. Like each Leaders have its skill list. I would like it best if they were a 1 special skill units and if every races had 1 of each ''class'' (Admiral, Diplomat, etc). Because it's sure nice to start with 2 ''Free Sabotage'' or 2 ''Admiral Ships''. Maybe it gives too much of an edge to certain race when you figured the game. I'd rather have an equal set of units for every players. But this is the way I feel about it. I Know Leaders is a liked feature in TI3 and many,many players couldnt play without them. But hey! the game is designed so you can play with elements you like and ditch those you dont.
  5. Plz restrain from insulting ppl or trolling. I don't care to know how awesome you are as a player. The purpose of my main post is to know if other players felt like Yssaril is mechanicaly stronger compared to other races.
  6. Hacan all the way here! It's such an amazing race with their trade abilities. Their Trade Good income is so useful. You can compensate for an poor ressource system with them. You can also claim a lot of Objectives like ''I spend X influence/ressource. They are kinda close to War Sun tech. Everyone wanna trade with you since you're the only race with 3/3 Trade Agreement. Jol-Nar University are also one of my favorite. They can do the ''Nano tech trick'' if everything goes smootly on first turn. They lack firepower early game but middle-late game, they steamroll pretty much anyone with their big techs. The only thing I dislike about them is the lack of starting GFs. But well those 4 basic techs compensate for it I'd say.
  7. Relampagos said: Maybe start with 2 flipped face up at the beginning instead of 1? That would increase the chances of people getting early vp's. This looks like a good idea to me. Depending on how many players you got around the table. In a 3,5,6,7,players games, Bureaucracy tends to be unpicked since players want to have best possible start possible (picking tech, prod or trade Strategy card). That slow the game a little indeed. I would agree on revealing 2 Objective phase 1 at the start. In this way, you'll be revealing Objective phase 2 1 turn earlier.
  8. Hi there! Our TI3 group is finaly came back alive so we played a couple of games. And after some talk and some discussion over some boardgame forum, we finaly decided to ban The Yssaril Tribe. Some players I've been reading already banned them. This race is just broken. First, they start 2 XRD Carriers with 5 GFs so they can cover a lot and fast. Then you have the ''Skip'' ability which is the most game-changing mechanics ever. You skip as often as you can and then at the end of the turn, you're all alone to play so you can claim pretty much any objective without resistance from the other players. While playing other races, you have to commit yourself(sometimes pretty hard) in order to achieve an Objective. Because anyone can stop you during the turn. Did I mention you they basicaly draw 2 AC at Status phase and have an Unlimited hand of AC? That's pretty sweet too but its not what makes them so special. And last but rly not least, the ability to check other ppl's hand of AC mixed with their racial ability from Shards of the Throne so they can steal you one. I mean, ''C'mon bro I thought we were friends!''. Those green bastards from outer space are laughing at us! It makes Neural Motivator a much less wanted tech for the other players but it's still a requierment for other neet techs. It gives them control, knowledge and force some AC to be played earlier by fear of losing it from their Racial Ability. The ACs are pretty much the only thing that other players cannot see while playing. So whenever the Yssaril get suspicious about a player's hand, he check it and WHOOPS! there goes my dear ''Sabotage''. Are there any other TI3 groups that has come to this conclusion? I've been thinking about ''nerfing'' them like having to pay a Command Counter from Allocation in order to execute your racial. I havent think about how to deal with the ''Skipping'' yet. But for now they are out.
  9. Action Card: The hand that takes Effect: Destroy any 1 unit in A Mercenary' system. Play: After a player fails to pay a Trade Good for the mercenary. What happened is the following: Player A did not pay for his merc on purpose. Then he play this Action Card in order to destroy a units in another player's system containing a Mercenary. Then half the group say it's legal while the other half is arguing. My thoughts on this: The unit you destroy has to be in the same system of the mercenary who isn't paid. You did not pay him so he screw you up. The other half claim this move legal because it says '' in 'A' Mercenary's system'' and it's not clear enough. Can someone help me on this and make them understand the purpose of this AC? Sincèrement vôtre, Sa1KoRo
  10. Avi_dreader said: I tend to split my team in the early game between shoppers, money gatherers, and sometimes bank loan exploiters and clue token gatherers. I try to get almost all money onto a character or two and have them hunt for useful items (Elder Sign, King in Yellow, and Eltdown Shards especially, but also a weapon or two if necessary) at the Curiosity Shop and retainers at the Newspaper (to keep that money flowing over the course of the game you're best off getting retainers within the first four turns, I make a turn or two of shopping a first priority though). I mostly avoid combat with monsters unless there are two of them on the same space, or if they're on a gate I want to go in (so I target them as a bonus trophy), or they offer something really good (like removing a doom token), I'd go for a Migo if it weren't in the sky, but probably not a tcho-tcho unless it were blocking the streets. It's important to not get bogged down in combat and wasting time on random things, but to keep to the primary objective of keeping your investigators well armed and stocked with clues so they can get into the gates as fast as possible (without getting knocked out in the meanwhile), and seal them. I'd also recommend taking Injury and Madness cards most of the time (they save two bucks, items, and sometimes they're really useful for traveling purposes with a low speed investigator). Know the gate frequencies. Keep your luck up (until you know the few places that you actually want your lore up). I'll often get one ally during a game (a really good fight booster +2 to combat or horror or both, or professor rice) on the strongest fighting investigator (this makes it so that if a very threatening monster shows up on the board, at least one investigator can handle it). But sometimes I just pour all my trophies into clues at the science building. I rarely get deputized. I sometimes get blessed (particularly in the last couple turns of the game when there's nothing better to spend extra trophies on and you already have all the clues you need for the win, or you're convinced the Ancient One's about to wake up). Also, I tend to take this for granted, but I guess I shouldn't. It's a team game. You need to work as a team or you'll die as a team. That means no hording items, no being a glory hog. Do what your investigator is best suited to do, and if that means play a support role, play a support role (meaning you might just seal one gate, shop, gather money, trade items, and fight an occasional monster during the game while other stronger investigators do two or three gates with items that you got them). Also, be smart about how you pick up clues. It's okay to let several clues (up to three) pool at the low frequency locations. Don't waste time going there when there's only one (and even two unless you're really desperate for clues). Also, don't pick up clues at the science building unless you have trading trophies when you're going there (otherwise you're being inefficient with your time, if you're smart about it on the other hand, you can pick up 4-5 clues in one turn and turn around for another gate). Don't have all the players competing for clues. Make sure one or two investigators get access to the clues they need for gate sealing early game. Also, don't waste clues by either spending them on checks that are not likely to kill your investigators or have them Lost in Space and Time. Save them for emergencies. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but they're extremely rare. And don't have one player hording too many clues (while it's nice to have maybe one or two more clues than you need if you are responsible for sealing a gate, just in case something goes horribly wrong, you don't need eight or nine clues, make sure at least one investigators is getting clues at all times while at least one investigator is in another world for sealing at all times, as soon as possible of course). Getting random encounters is not a priority for me. I don't explore. I only use fixed location abilities (when I need them), and go to locations for clues. If they don't have clues or fixed location abilities I need I don't go there (unless it's the Newspaper). I tend to not visit most of the stable locations during the game. I can't even remember the last time I've had an encounter at Velma's Diner for instance, or even The Police Station. Thanks for hints! Seems like I"m not the only one having to deal with glory hogs and stockpiling objects. Also we were playing madness/injury not correctly. This is due to the facts that I'm the only one who has read ALL the rulebooks since everyone else is too f***ing lazy to do it. So I forgot some important stuff with so many rules in game. You've been of a great help!
  11. Solan said: Seeing as how I've already been mentioned here, I can't resist contributing to this thread. First, Saikoro, you wrote that you stopped including the Mythos cards of expansions you weren't using. Which expansion boards are you using now and how many players do you have per game? I won't ask which Herald you are using, because as other posters have already pointed out, you should cut out Heralds entirely until your win percentage improves. Absolute first priority is sealing six gates, which means Clue tokens and Elder Signs are by far your most precious resources. Never waste them! Also, this is a game which demands great teamwork; your players have to be prepared to act for the good of the team, whether that means trading away their best weapon, giving all their money to another player, or accepting being marooned on Devil's Reef after sealing the gate there. Without that attitude, you won't win. On the first turn we do what we can to make sure that everyone has either a decent +6 from their weapons or a good Sneak score, so that each Player has a way of dealing with monsters. Often a character with a lot of money will visit the Curiosity Shoppe, which offers so much more potential benefit than shopping anywhere else. Everyone tries to save at least two dollars, though, for train fare. This doesn't always work, and sometimes the Kingsport Rift-Handler in particular winds up going broke getting there, but he usually has an item to sell at Neil's. Those who start with three Clues are given precedence in gathering more Clues, since we need to get those Gates sealed as quickly as possible. We make it a general guideline, though, NOT to take Clues from high frequency gate locations unless doing so would put that player at five Clues. Otherwise there is too great a chance that a gate will open on him, either through the Encounter deck or Mythos deck, plunging him into another world without enough Clues to seal. We almost never close gates instead of sealing them, not with all four boards in play. The gate limit in that case is nine, which is hardly ever reached, and of course every gate closed opens up the possibility of it reopening and adding another Doom token. Our Doom Track moves fast enough without us helping it along like that. Tibs is of course right when he says the moving Lurker gates should be closed, but we don't use the Lurker gates anymore; we found they were the straw that broke the camel's back, adding just a little too much difficulty on top of everything else. It can certainly be a good idea to seal high frequency gates, but if you're playing with Innsmouth such sealing early on can get you killed in the end game. Also, there is the ever-present danger of gate bursts at such locations. That's why I always jump at the chance to seal a gate at Devil's Hopyard or the Silver Twilight Lodge, for example, since I know such seals are very unlikely to add a Deep Ones Rising token and will never burst. Trophies are virtually always spent at the Science Building for Clues, but if we're down to the last gate being sealed and we have a player in Arkham without enough Clues to jump in himself, he'll often make a beeline for the Church and uses his trophies to Bless one of the Investigators in the other world. Doing this has saved us the game a few times. My favorite Investigator hands down is Silas Marsh. I love his backstory, he has great Will/Fight, he starts off with a lot of cash, and with all four boards in use his abilities to travel from one Aquatic location to another and be so much stronger in Aquatic locations are invaluable! Finally and most importantly, Silas' tragic Personal Story can seal your victory. Our games with Silas usually end with the Deep One hybrid taking his own life and thereby saving the world. In terms of raw power, Mandy Thompson, Wendy Adams, Jacqueline FIne, and Marie Lambeau are at the top of the scale and a lot of fun to play. I'll be interested to learn how many boards and players you're currently using in a game, Sairko. I love using all four, but the difficulty that way is absolutely through the roof. If you're just learning, I hate to say it, but you'd probably be a lot better off using just basic and Dunwich for a while. Once you've got a handle on that combo, you could start adding other things. My dear Solan, First of all thanks a lot for responding to this post. Your reply is full of good information. When we start playin AH, I bought base game+Dunnwitch and we played like 15 games maybe with it. We used all stuff back then. Then I bought Kingsport and played just a couple game with it(5-6) but didnt liked it much so we switched back to Dunnwitch. Then I got Innsmouth so we decided to play with all boards. It was a total **** since theres too much chaos going on. And with ALL mythos in play, the deck is pretty brutal. Then we got rid of Kingsport(again) and played with Dunnwitch+Innsmouth but still playing Kingsport's Mythos cards when possible. Needless to say we got raped pretty hard again. So we decided to include just INnsmouth for now in order to know more how to handle it. And I also pick Mythos cards depending on their symbols of expansion. But ultimately, we'd like to play with all boards too. We usualy play with 6 investigators and we use Hypnos/Nodens depending the Ancient One and as Herald we use KiY/Dagon/Itzhkiaiubfibef(lol). I've alrdy found some flaw in our gameplay while reading you post. Things such as not wasting clue token on rerolls and portal burst locations. Guess we were playing like princesses and not willing lose a single encounter. FAIL! It all f***ed our brains when we read we could spend clue to reroll a failed check. We'll have to bear with things like madness/injury, sanity loss, object loss, etc...well, there might be some situations in which you HAVE to spend clues to reroll but we should have keep them and used them in emergency situations(last sealed gate, Doomtrack-related event). I've got all big expansion and King in Yellow. If you have some recommanded setup that practice some aspect of the game you judge important, just let me know too. I'll give it a try.
  12. Blights cards= a clever pain in the *****.(they are cool stuff tho) I also tend to dislike Kingsport board since it just cut you off an investigator. And so far, I've never seen Kingsport's portals active on the board. Arkham Horror+Dunwitch+Innsmouth is so far the best mix I've been playin. Just add some King In Yellow to it and you've got a clever recipe. I only use Epic Battle deck+investigator and items from Kingsport.
  13. by ''anti-dilution'' you mean selecting you mythos depending what youre playing, like I did, correct? But **** 4 investigators on all the boards is pretty baller of him. It require some master knowledge of the game and epic dice rolls.
  14. dont use a bag, use a box of the game as monster cup. those paper marker seems to deteriorate faster when put in a bag. cause when you put back the bag on the table/floor, it ***** the corners of monsters. Just sayin...
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