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  1. Monstro + Phil + Owl = GG. Tested my Field Control Aggro against my stopra and hands down it destroyed it.
  2. Wants: Set 1: Barrel Spider 3x SR Bambi Lv 3 Set 2: SR Donald Duck SR Goofy SR Chip and Dale SR King Triton Set 3 SR The King SR Aerith Set 4 3x Panic Axel Rings Spears 10x Dusk My Haves are on the KHTCG Forums here: z10.invisionfree.com/Kingdom_Hearts_CCG/index.php
  3. i need Rings 3x Panics 1x Barbosa As many dusk as you have Axel end of the world SR. Price? (email is below)
  4. +1 freaku01 Fast payment, great communication. Need anything else you have my email and AIM.
  5. i sent you en email with my haves that you want.
  6. actually owl and phil could never screw me over, tho it prevents stopra and Magic friends, my friend cards have high attacking power, and i have back up cards (i have moded the deck). The duck tales have been takin out for a Chip n Dale, Tidus and Simba lv 1.
  7. Listen i can sell you a starter deck that works. It has been tested against my 9 decks and have proven to be useful. Its a word racer, that has power for challenges. It uses basic cards so a new player will understand each card and the ruling for it. My decks go for 25. I have spare cards i can sell as well, loo for my list ion this site. its should be up to date. My decks use Riku or sora, players choice and i ship really fast. If you are interested you can email me (contact is below).
  8. Im using spare cards to make decks, im selling some of these decks. so if your new, or just interested in preconstructed deck contact me.
  9. -1 finalform13 months of telling me they sent waste of time. dont trade with unless you believe he/she will send. i will remove this if i ever get my cards.
  10. I have detsiny island BoD interested in Cereberus and Bambi. LMK. Email is below.
  11. interesting so toss the duck tales im guessing counter with a tidus? but that still leaves 2. and that WTTD and Tidus 1 would help me... ><
  12. 1 of each is needed. Anyone??? Selling it gimmie a price to work with. email is listed below. (or should be)
  13. emailed you an offer let me know?
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