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  1. Email them with pics, they'll send you a replacement. My core set was missing a piece, they sent me a replacement. It did take about 6 weeks but it was as easy as one online form. I'm the UK as well, I'm guessing its faster in the US directly.
  2. My FLGS has a kit.. the local disti shipped it to the wrong address so now it wont be there in time for the launch event tomorrow.. well played as usual...Why they still have that license I don't know.. oh wait, they are a wholly owned subsidiary of Asmodee...
  3. Don't think anyone has mentioned Morale Deck. Spares should be available as so many seem to be buying two plus cores. But its another thing.
  4. My FLGS is saying next Thursday for release, which is what they were told by the distributor at the launch day last week.. not the end of the month. Obviously this is UK
  5. My FLGS says they were told on the retailer day the distributor held that the intent for those four in may, with the rest to follow in June.
  6. Proof of purchase is on the printed paper insert now isnt it? I didnt get any cardboard push out PoP from wave 8 and you used to get one in every large ship
  7. Chris, Thanks for the quick reply. I know you get a lot of messages about this, so just to be clear, this is the Armada version we are talking about. I'm looking at the Armada Tournament rules 2.02 which I believe to be the latest and page 3 suggests tiebreakers are decided first on MoV and from there to strength of schedule. I don't see anything about who beat who of the tied players in the mix? I have asked the TO for the file, I will attach here as soon as I can get it. Thanks again.
  8. Seems like there is still an issue with resolution of draws. It's using wins/losses record rather than MoV. See attached pic .
  9. I have to say that I regretted not having OE in a few recent games, where bad dice and good use of tricks just stopped my APT from every triggering. So this Dan suggests OE if you have to pick one. Obviously if you have screed.. this all changes And ye.. foresight + mothma = amaze
  10. Er what? My mats dont have a starfield on the back..they have black rubber mouse mat material..sure your looking at FFG mats?
  11. Also http://starwars-armada.wikia.com/wiki/Star_Wars:_Armada_Wiki
  12. Sorry dude, I didnt see this until now. Looks like someone sorted you out though. It was just the MoV changes due to going to 400 points. I will take a look at the update and if there are any issues, ill come back to you
  13. Grobb

    New T-70 Pilots

    http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Ello_Asty And the suspected Nien Numb IS Nien Nunb, its even the same actor (well two of the three) who played him in the original trilogy - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2488496/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast
  14. Is there likely to be an update for this to the new rules? Since FFG seem in no rush to release their software to us normal humans?
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