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  1. Cool. Seems a bit far at the moment, but maybe I'll manage to make the trip if you put up a tourney or something. Give word if you do, and I'll see if I can make it.
  2. Local game store said sometime during next week or the week after... Looks like a web order for me.
  3. I'll have a check around here. I might get off cheaper by ordering from somewhere else. The sales Tax in norway is insane (25%) and the profit margins of the local gamestore is too. So I'll not be surprised to see it priced around 20-25$...
  4. I would love to buy 3... But I don't play even nearly enough to justify the expence. (they're about 69$ a piece over here). If a league comes up and running in Oslo I might do it to be able to compete at the highest level, but otherwise I think I'll stick to the one I have. I will however buy (atleast) one of every battlepack, as my collector-urge compells me to do so.
  5. Will there be an update for the Skavenblight Threat?
  6. I don't have much hope here, but I'll give a holler out to all Norwegian players. I'd like to play more!
  7. I have only played one game so far, but the quests was active in that game. I had Infiltration out relatively early, and that is active as long as tere are any resource points on it (it empties the opponents drawpile by X at the start of my turn, where X represents the number of resources on it) I believe that I stripped my opponent of at least 6 cards in this fashion througout the game. I had to protect it though, and it cost me quite a lot in the end...
  8. he he he. I really feel slow now. My friend and I just bought the game last night, and sat down for our first round. Let it be said that none of us had any clue about this game up front, even though I am an experienced CCG player myself (even if it has been 6 years since my last fix...) We spent a whole lot of time reading rules, discussing elements we found to be unclear, and figuring out how to play the game... From the moment we opened the box till we finished the first game it took 4 hours. But like I said most of this time was spent actually understanding the rules, and reading the book. It was a great experience all together, so I assume we will play again, and then it will also be alot quicker...
  9. Kudos, snaps and thumbs up to you. Truly a great tool
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