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  1. Thanks guys! I'm not sold on it since I've got some other options that he might like more, but I'll continue to think about it and weight the pro's and con's.
  2. I haven't played either Star Wars RPG from FFG, but I've played tons of RPG's, and I tend to lean much more towards lite/fast games like Fate Core, Dread, and Fiasco. I want to try to introduce my star wars-loving nephew to role-playing. He's fourth grade - going on fifth grade, so I think the time is right. The problem is that he's a very hyper kid who loves making explosion noises and sometimes has a hard time sitting down for a while. My wife and I love RPG's, so we're thinking of playing a game with the three of us the next time he comes and visits. So my questions, after the long-winded opening, is for those of you who have bought, read through, and/or played the beginner box. How complex are the rules? Do you think he could just jump in with my wife and my help with rules and what kinds of things he could do in an RPG? I myself have been itching to get something Star Wars RPG related to see how well the system plays as I'm a long-time fan of FFG and their products. Thanks!
  3. That's a great idea which did somehow not occur to me, thanks!
  4. I've been working on my own homemade mini expansion for this game for a while now. I wanted to see how we could play full-blown armies in a game primarily designed around questing. To do so, I've created a new card type - the Army. At this point I have is a seven page word doc with two pages of rules to explain how Armies are put into play and how they difer from Characters (a.k.a. Heroes and Allies) and then five pages worth of cards for the four spheres and neutral cards. All in all, the expansion has 18 total cards designed for it - four for each sphere and two neutral cards. These cards (and the rules for that matter) are still in early development, but the rough structure is there. I'm looking for some help to do some rough mock-ups of the cards and more importantly players willing to playtest the cards in both solo and multiplayer formats. Anyone who helps will have their name added to the final pdf of the expansion which I will be putting up over at The Hopeless Gamer. I plan on keeping a design blog over there as well for those interested in following along. If you're interested in helping out in any capacity or just want to see what I've got, feel free to post a reply here or you can send an email to TheHopelessGamer@gmail.com. I've copied the introduction for the document below to give you a better idea of the purpose and function of the expansion. Introduction Armies are a new card type for the LotR LCG from Fantasy Flight Games. This mini expansion is very much a work of a fan of the game and not meant to be considered as condoned by or really having any connection at all with Fantasy Flight Games or the Tolkien estate. Through out the epic stories told by J.R.R. Tolkien, the heroes and champions of the free peoples feature heavily, and yet armies play a strong role as well. Without the mustering of Rohan, King Theoden could not have rode across the fields of Pelennor to defeat the king of the Haradrim in single combat. Aragorn alone could not have turned the tide of that same battle without the rangers of the Dunedain and armies from Southern Gondor. While Sam and Frodo courageously trekked across Mordor, King Elessar's army drew the gaze of Sauron away from the tiny hobbits and toward the threat at his front gate. To this extent, Armies are not designed to replace the heroes and allies we know and love in our decks. Armies are distinctly not considered a character for example in the rules when it comes to ways the players can affect them. Also, you'll notice that Armies are useless when it comes to questing – exploration of the lands and pursuit of a quest will always be the work of bold individuals and small companies of heroes. Armies are expensive in a number of ways, and whenever a hero has gathered such a sizable force to aid him, he lights a bright beacon that attracts Sauron to a potential rival that much quicker. Still, an Army can only be brought together under the leadership of the heroes. Will you lead the Armies of Middle Earth against hopeless odds and the limitless swarms of the Enemy?
  5. Cooperative absolutely. Love lord of the rings because it feels like a puzzle and am desperately hoping we don't get yet another, boring pvp star wars game.
  6. pwvogt

    Solo play

    I've only played a partial solo game once to learn the rules and teach to my group. I'm looking forward to trying it again, but my first impression is that it's not as fun solo-wise as Lord of the Rings LCG is, but playing with bigger groups is better and quicker than LotR LCG can be. We played a six player game, and it felt tense and quick. I'd love to see a single player focused expansion for the game that makes it a little more dynamic for solo play.
  7. Not really much else to say other than that I snapped some photos of the copy of Wiz-War on display (along with Twilight Imperium Rex) at Gencon. You can find them here: http://thehopelessgamer.blogspot.com/2011/08/fantasy-flight-games-is-bringing-new.html
  8. Finally was able to take a couple of minutes to upload my close-ups of the cards to The Hopeless Gamer. You can find them here: http://thehopelessgamer.blogspot.com/2011/08/new-from-gencon-star-wars-card-game.html
  9. Taking a break from running around the convention hall, I took a couple of minutes to upload some pictures from the demo set at FFG's booth. I did an interview as well about the game and will be posting more at the blog in the coming days both about this game and the LCG. You can find the image post here: http://thehopelessgamer.blogspot.com/2011/08/just-in-from-gencon-x-wing-and-star.html
  10. It's very difficult to say considering how unreliable Amazon is for both having gaming products on the release date and for guessing about release dates in general.
  11. Finally some good news regarding the release schedule front! Found over at Tabletop Gaming News, FFG has announced that Conflict at Carrock (the second adventure pack to be released) is slated for late July. I'm quite excited that FFG is doing their best to get back on track for their release schedule since the long, long Hunt for Gollum delay. Here's the link although it doesn't have anything more than what I just said.
  12. I think it will be viable, but right now, not so much. The key to making this deck work is controlling your threat, which to me means you're going to need a solo Spirit deck. You're right that a three sphere deck is too difficult to build right now, but the other big problem of your three heroes is their very high initial threat rating. You've gotta control that so you can sprint though and keep monsters in the staging area. This, I think, is already a very viable strategy. Next you need to just pick tons of abilities that target things in the staging area, both locations and monsters, so you can clear them out as quickly as possible.
  13. May I suggest that you arrange us U.S. folk by state alphabetically rather than user name? It will likely be useful if this thread picks up traction.
  14. The Orc Forest Camp location is a really nice way to mechanically represent a bad guy hideout. Looks pretty cool!
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