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  1. While I have found in general what you say is true, it sounds to me that you are underutilizing Thunderhawk Dropships. The are incredably fast, transport your troops, can fly in for support in assaults, and while they are involved in assaulting a fortification, count it as breached. Whenever I use Drop Pods, I usually one of these allong with the marines because they are so strong.
  2. My first game when niether of us knew the rules was 2.5 hours long. My second game was 1.5, and that includes 2 short breaks. I am sure hour long games are possible, if there is no screwing around.
  3. If there are no investigators in the street when flying monster's move, they stay in the sky.
  4. If he gains an ally through an encounter, he may take it even if it has been returned to the box. He does not get to just gain allies when they are returened to the box. Essentially, if he would gain an ally, he may take it even if it's not in the deck. I do believe they needed to be in the deck at the start of the game though. Not sure if my explanation makes sense or not.
  5. magnumopera said: One of the highlights is the full set of 18 Gate markers that are designed to replace those from the Arkham Horror core set, as well as those from The Dunwich Horrorand The Kingsport Horror. They are treated exactly the same as the previous Gate markers, except that each Gate now has an additional characteristic. For example, the "Gate of Madness" will cause an investigator to lose one Sanity when they fail to close the Gate, and a "Moving Gate" that can move along with monsters during the Mythos phase. Unless I'm reading it wrong, the new tokens are replacements for the old ones... maybe the reprinting will include these new style gate tokens? I doubt it. The new gates are a variant, and they have other world locations on them that don't exist in the base game.
  6. Is Joe supposed to fail his personal story when he shops at the Curiosity Shop?
  7. Dam said: For the Greater Good Mission requires specific OWs to be visited in a specific order . If you are going for the For the Greater Good, wouldn't it be a lot easier and saver ot just become Captain of the White Ship?
  8. I generally play in Flint, with a group of 1 or 2 friends.
  9. vermillian said: Perhaps a Skaven hero that was more splashable in other decks than just a skaven one (as, you would not put that hero in a deck by itself with no other skaven support, and at the time of SB BP's release it was not incredibly fluid for one to include all the Skaven options in a Destro deck).I have him as a 2 of in my Aggro Orc Deck with no other Scaven. He is incredable by himself, as he allows me to build up my resources or draw more cards without sacrificing my aggro strategy.
  10. The new card 'Warp Lightning Cannon' says "Attach to a target unit. Corrupt that unit" as t's targeting condition. Can I play this card on an opponent's unit to corrupt it?
  11. That is an awesome box. I wish I had one. To answer the question, I just use a Crown Royale drawstring bag.
  12. I would like to see two more products from Arkham Horror. First, an At the Mountains of Madness Expansion. Mutant Penguin monster chits FTW. After this, a "medium box" expansion that ties all the expansions together. More Exhibit Items and events to get them, more cult encounters, a few more next act cards, more events in the other cities, and more cards that spawn gates in other cities. I always play with all the expansions as I am too lazy to seperate the cards all the time, and the dilution effect is quite noticable, but games are still fun as you don't know what is going to happen. It would just be cooler if the act was a legitimate threat or id the Dunwitch Horror had a chance to spawn at all.
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