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  1. Apparently the Blood Bowl license from GW requires FFG to treat their Blood Bowl fans similarly to how GW does. After a year of official silence, expect C&Ds against fans, creator drama, and black and white cards stripped of all art and fluff... Seriously, it's pretty ridiculous the lack of info about this game.
  2. Oh, and we have some pictures of the game in progress. Thank goodness there were only 3 siege guns needed for that scenario!
  3. We recorded our Final Sanction play as an episode of our podcast: Oblivion's Edge is slated for the end of this month. After that, we'll probably do more once we get our hands on the rulebook.
  4. 1. Devastators do double damage against hordes? Do I understand that right? Not necessarily given the Devastator Preview, the Devastator gets to an ability, one option of which appears to be Unrelenting Devastation. 2. At T. Manor the kt is ambushed by 8 Genestealers?? Seriously?? How are they going to survive that? You may need to fudge that number for the number of Marines in your party. 8 Genestealers can be dispatched by 4 Marines, but a couple of lucky rolls by those Genestealers could easily kill a Marine. However, the Marines do have at least 2 Fate Points to Use or Burn, and they have 2 Demeanors. 3. Around the HoE there is a Hollow Guard detachment stationed that has to be be at almost company level size. But once inside the players are ambushed by Rebels coming in through all openings. How the hell are they supposed to get past the HG like that? I wondered about that myself, but didn't even need to try to explain it as my players immediately started talking about them coming up through the sewers.
  5. Well, my Kill Team completely bypassed the governor's mansion that was okay, though we only had 8 hours for the module, so we had to cut a few things out. Anyway, my whole defense for the governor and his feasting was going to be along the lines of that these people were the leaders of this planet, without them it would be unable to contribute what the Emperor has demanded, and he knew better than the Space Marines how to keep them together and functioning. Of course, come Oblivion's Edge, we may see a furious Governor demanding to know why the Space Marines didn't rescue him, and how Xenos assaulted his mansion and slaughtered most of Avalos's ruling class!
  6. This guy just lost control of his planet. Why is he still valuable to Imperial forces? I kind of envisioned the Imperium as having a dim view of failure. Maybe we just need to keep him alive until a new Inquisitor can show up with a replacement?
  7. Why not Avalos? Do they just have a PDF? Why? Too few people?
  8. Two words demon prince. Now everybody has to roll up now characters!
  9. acowell

    FS/OE rewards

    For every 500 XP, you get a spike. For every 5,000 XP, a skull.
  10. I've been keeping a list of pre-packaged RP hooks to give my players. Here's what I have so far: Humanity. Do you see yourself as still human? Or a superior race? Home World. How does your human origins influence despite your conditioning? Loyalty. Primarily to the Emperor? Chapter? Battle brothers? Ambition. How high in the ranks do you wish to climb? What will you do to reach it? Glory. How do you want to see yourself reflected? Whose adulation do you seek? Hatred. How badly do you hate the enemies of Man? What about your allies? Worship. How often do you meditate upon the Emperor? What litanies can you recite? Chapter. Chapter rivalry with another? How closely do you follow the Codex Astartes? Piety. How pious are you in your Emperor worship? More or less than others? Goals. What do you wish to accomplish in this lifetime?
  11. My FLGS says Sept. 7, which is the same date Amazon has. Disappointing, as Rogue Trader was available on the shelves locally a couple of weeks before Amazon's date.
  12. Wow, lots of opinions. I wound up getting Legends of the Space Marines I figure a short story collection would have a lot of variety as well as the Ultramarines trilogy not my favorite chapter, but it seemed to show up a lot in the thread. Thanks for the suggestions! Already, the first story in LotSM brought up a Space Marine who believed himself a different specie than humanity, and looked down on them. That's not anything I had thought of, and sounds like great stuff to throw into a Deathwatch game to me.
  13. I wish I had seen this thread before scribbling for an hour last night...great work, guys, thanks!
  14. Took me a while the name is actually Kill Squad. Thanks, if I can't find the out of print books locally, I may order the reprint.
  15. I really enjoyed the Ravenor and Eisenhorn novels and they helped a lot running Deathwatch. I'm wondering if there's something so definitive for Space Marines? It looks like there are a ton of Space Marine novels and I really don't have the interest in reading them all-- is there any one that gives a good overview of Space Marines in general?
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