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  1. Zero lvl 1 says that you can place a jack Skelington in your discard pile into play, without using his comes into play effect, and that the action DOES NOT count as a play. Does this mean you could play a Jack lvl 4 even though you have no lvl 3 friends in play? See, it doesn't count as a play according to Zero's text, so I don't believe the normal friend level up play restrictions apply. Is this incorrect?
  2. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and I have cleaned out almost all the Targets in the area. It was the only place to find cards other than online. All they had were Break of Dawn started decks, but I recall they had booster pack a long time ago. I started learning to play a few months ago, and I bought 3 started decks. Since then they were quickly cleaned out and having restocked. It sadly I only discovered the game was it was dieing.
  3. I wanted that Belle so badly. She is my favorite princess. I had hear a rumor that she existed, and was searching long before this contest. I guess I know why I couldn't find he now (but maybe I'll get her later somehow?). I tired for this contest, but I never could get number 6. Since it is all over now, can anyone tell me what it is?
  4. Misty2

    Set 5?

    Since the date has passed I guess it is fair to say this was all false hope. Still, I wonder why they had it listed...
  5. Additional Question, sorry! 5: Wonderland level 3 states no friend, magic/friend, or Dark cards can be played here. It also has a Dark limit of 3. What does this mean. Does it mean friend cards and magic/friend cards cannot use support values in battles here? Does it mean they cannot be played at all while you are at this world card on the top of your world stack? Does it discard the friend cards you already have in play when you move to this world card? Can any Dark/Heartless/Villian cards be played here at all? If not, why the dark limit?
  6. Hey all, your help will be muchly appreciated for a couple of new players in my area. 1: Many attack cards from the first set state that they get attack bonuses for cumulatively playing more than one on them together. (Pumpkinhead, et al.) This implies that they are not unique when being played. Does this mean one could constantly play three Metal Chocobo Attack cards for +6, and return each to hand each turn as per their power? 1a: Does playing an Oblivion attack card interfere with the Oblivion Equipment's uniqueness rule? As in playing the attack would discard the equipment? Can they be played in the same deck due to the attack card being limit 1 per deck, or does it merely count against Oblivion equipment card's three deck limit, making it two? 2: Can someone boost with support values in a challenge and then immediately play stop before an opponent can respond? Or does Stop work like any other spell, requiring you to take up a turn on the turn rotation during a challenge? (Magic players here, used to playing instant speed spells, wondering essentially if stop works at instant speed.) 3: Some friend cards state that they have powers when discarded from your friend area, Vivi's equipment kill power for example. Does this allow you to discard the friend card for its discard power, or can it only be triggered if used to support in a battle/challenge. 4: Do damage dealing magic spells boost your support value in challenges? Thanks for any help on these matters!!!
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