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  1. I would move down whatever marker was currently acting.
  2. I believe the Chaos Star would count as a failure if there is not action for it to trigger just as Sigmar's Comets are converted to successes.
  3. The adventurer's toolkit needed a character keeper and it would have filled the role, it was a mistake to not include that imo.
  4. Ken on Cape said: I second the thought the the priest suplement is next. I needs to be that's for sure.
  5. I would love to see that as well. Even just a podcast of the game in action would be nice.
  6. Lars Gnomish said: FFG will keep putting out new cards with new powers, and players and GMs will feel compelled to keep buying them. Eventually, this will become unsustainable and frustrating for GMs and the system will die out (a phenomenon that also killed AD&D 2nd Edition, by the way). AD&D 2e died because TSR was bought by Wizards. And you never needed more than three books to play it from the day it launched to today.
  7. I found the same issues with every single Dark Heresy book I have found so far in five stores. I am a perfectionist so maybe my standards are a bit high, but I haven't see that wide spead of an issue with any of the Catalyst Game Labs, Piazo, or WotC books, so I am guessing it comes down to the printer. That said, I did buy the least messed up of all the books I looked at, but for $60 I would expect a higher quality.
  8. I was looking to buy Dark Heresy today but every book in two stores seemed to have serious binding issues. The spine wasn't connected to the cardboard cover at all and the first few section of the front and back of each book were so loose they felt like they were about to just fall out. Is this a common problem or maybe just an issue with a certain batch?
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