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  1. Llanwyre said:

    Congzilla said:


    I see a misery filled day at the mall and / or Ikea in your future.




    Hey! My husband loves to go both of those places because

    the mall = the Apple Store, Best Buy, the LEGO store, the Nike store, food

    IKEA = new furniture for gaming and/or storing games


    What in the world else would you do at either of those places?! :)

    Llanwyre said:

    Congzilla said:


    I see a misery filled day at the mall and / or Ikea in your future.




    Hey! My husband loves to go both of those places because

    the mall = the Apple Store, Best Buy, the LEGO store, the Nike store, food

    IKEA = new furniture for gaming and/or storing games


    What in the world else would you do at either of those places?! :)

    The mall I can deal with (mmmm Schnickelfritz).

    All Ikeas can burn to the ground.  My wife dragged me there once.  I felt like I had just been dropped into the consumer maze from hell.  From the second I got to the top of the escalator (which is one way I might add, this I am sure is done on purpose to counter the exact reaction I had which was "get me out of here NOW!" but nooo they make you walk threw all two stories before herding you into a food court) all I wanted to do was get out. 

  2. I play to many different games to hate on anyone for their preference.  If you like Dark Heresy you should check out Eclipse Phase (completely amazing game and its free! robboyle.wordpress.com/eclipse-phase-pdfs/). 

    Personally I've been having a lot of fun with WFRP 3e.  We play on a 24"d x 48"w coffee table (tiny) and still have no issues with space.  The components help be remember whats going on with everything while I am trying to do five things at once.  The flexible rules allow me to instantly adjust the dice pools based on character choices which give everything a much more fluid "alive" feel.  There is really a lot to like about it.  I feel most people who don't like it simply have an issue getting over themselves and what their cookie cutter concept of an rpg is.  Someone mentioned DragonLance Saga edition.  It is ironic that Saga and this system stay the truest to the name of the hobby - "roleplaying".  No other systems have been designed to aid roleplaying and minimize book flipping better than Saga or WFRP 3e. 

    Side note: I'm not going to tell anyone what roleplaying is or isn't supposed to be except this one tidbit.  If you think LFR is roleplaying your doing it wrong gui%C3%B1o.gif.

    The release schedule is slow and it would be nice if the listed future products like Wizards. Also, what has been included in the sets so far has been lacking.  Over half a year in and still waiting on basic stuff like a beastiary, religion supplement.  And don't get me started on how it seem like their plan for setting info is to randomly pepper it through each set instead of putting out a setting set.

  3. Darrett said:


    Amazon usually gets FFG products later in order to give smaller outlets a chance to make some sales before Amazon undercuts them.


    That said, Amazon really doesn't have cheaper prices on the supplements, only the Core set, making FFG's delay through Amazon largely unnecessary in my opinion.



    Not when no game shops near you carry WFRP and you have Amazon's Prime shipping.

  4. Don't ask why I bothered looking but on Amazon Winds is listed a 4lbs.  For comparison the GM Toolkit is 2.1 and The Gathering storm is 1.5.  For further reference the core set is 6.4lbs. So looks like lots of nice shiny stuff is going to be packed in there.  I also noticed the the GM Toolkit and TGS are blue boxes and as we saw that seems to = cheap thin cardboard end opening boxes, and Winds is the same color as the Aventurers Toolkit and the core set.  Proper heavy duty box hopefully?

  5. For me reading the adventure threw once with some minor notes of how I want to tie things together is usually enough.  This random adventure concept the way I use it is more to fill the gaps of when the PCs go off and do something totally unplanned.  Say it is the trip from the manor in Eye for an Eye to Stormdorf, and they decide that they want to go check out some random set piece I just added into my description of the scenery as flavor.  Well now it needs to be more than flavor it needs to be explorable.  This random system allows me to throw together a location and encounter in minutes instead of trying to railroad them into just continuing forward.

  6. chrull said:

    A "good" GM in the WFRP world should have interest and knownledge in european history and it helps that some of the PCs walking that way too.

    I feel that the WFRP 3rd ed. is abit like the LOTR movies. You need to have some knowledge of the MIddle Earth universe and medieval europe, to fully enjoy the whole world and it's inhabitants. Having the 2nd ed books and a good sized bookshelf of 11th - 16th century goes along way.

    The 3rd ed. books, so far, are not of the best construction wise. But all good aventures takes a few reading throughs, just like a script has to be read and understood by and the director and the cast.

    Alot of the comments on this forum feels very much like boardgaming feedback. Roleplaying is not a quick dice role and combat fix. It is improvised theatre for the PCs and prepared directing from the GM.

    Well it isn't board game feedback.  It is players with careers, wives, and kids feedback.  You have time to read the book three times and study European history, super, I don't.  This thread was about people like me having a quick workable system to throw things together on the fly.

    A "good" GM is one that is fair, and puts on a game people want to keep coming back to play. 

  7. pumpkin said:


    ..but attendees will also get the chance to play through a full adventure that serves as a prelude for an upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay product, as well as walk away with an advance copy of a new career!


    The info calls it a full adventure, so I think it might be a little bit more involved than "A Day Late..".


    I guess it still needs to be something that fits nicely into a few hours play though, no more.



    'A Day Late' is full size for demo lvl play.  but it would obviously be great if it was a tad longer.

  8. LeBlanc13 said:

    I'm still not a fan of this edition.

    In fact, I finally made the leap out of WFRP 3 last week by selling all of my stuff off for a fraction of the price I paid.

    I will not be harping on any of my issues with WFRP 3. There are just too many people on this website that like to browbeat anyone who has a negative opinion of WFRP3.

    Props to those out there still able to speak their minds about their issues with WFRP 3. I'm tired...very very tired.

    ...still going to lurk a bit thougth! gran_risa.gif



    I don't think anyone is interested in browbeating anyone.  The only people I have seen get flamed are the ones ranting about what is wrong with it without having even played it.  All this happened two years ago when D&D 4e came out as well.  A new edition brings out a lot of he said she said style drama.  Myself having never played 1e or 2e but having played a lot of D&D4e love this system.  It made GMing exciting again.  I used to know 4e frontwards and backwards but even having only played WFRP 3e a few times I feel so much more comfortable and in command of the system.  And that lets me spend more time playing the NPCs and keeping the story flowing.  Just all in all a better gaming experience than other games I have played in the last 20 years of rollin' dice.  For settings nothing will ever beat Shadowrun for me but for systems this is my favorite so far.

  9. Using that example Ill give another example about good role play.  They got lucky using the hallway.  Had they been smart they would have dropped further back in the hallway so only 2 NPCs could engage the 2 blocking instead of 4 and one at range.  Had they been smart and role played, they could have said something like ( I back up far enough going up the steps of the hallway that the guy shooting magic pain and misery at me can no longer see me),  that would have dropped them down from 5 hostiles at once per round to two.

    Some people may say that's good tactics not role play.  But actually visualizing your surroundings and being smart enough to realize that "this roof curves up  since we are on stairs" to me is good role play, after that the tactics are common sense.

  10. Munchkin said:


     That's the point though -there was no smart thinking, no good planning, no description, no roleplaying. It was simply "we disengage and chase the Boss."

    Maybe you're right, maybe I'm overreacting.

    Having experienced combat through martial arts and fencing I know how difficult it is to try to disengage from someone who's wanting to continue the fight. Maybe I'm letting this colour my thinking... maybe I'm leaning to far towards realism rather than playability...




    Honestly I don't think it is any of that. Sounds like a good GM just trying to get a grasp on the system.  I have had stuff similar to this happen in my game as well.  Last adventure they got the BBEG and 6 of his boys (full hostiles not henchmen) cornered in a small room and took turns blocking a narrow path and dropping back and slaughtered the hostiles.  That was a really really tough fight and one PC did get knocked out but it should have been a TPK.  Now don't get me wrong I like my party surviving and didn't want a TPK but had they not had that narrow hallway it would have been.

  11. Honestly it sounds like your trying to penalize your players smart thinking.  Let them have their win and just plan your NPC better next time.  Especially the way your describing the mob as a big dumb good, sounds like they handled it perfectly.

  12. Munchkin said:

     In a game a few weeks ago the disengage 'rule' caused me a few head aches.

    Two PCs entered a room where the boss was with one of his goons... so they of course attacked. Well, the boss legged it while the goon, sacrificed himself by engaging the characters and delaying them long enough so Boss could get away.

    Except, come the players turn, they simply disengaged from the Goon and gave chase, running the boss down - leaving the goon standing and scratching his head wondering why his heroic gesture failed.

    I know they had to pay fatigue etc to catch the Boss, but as the rules are written there is no way of doing a  fighting retreat, or a making sacrifice like this  to save others. The foe just thumb their noses at you and off they go....

    So, I am considering a few options - the front runner at the moment being that if someone 'plays' guarded stance then they can not be moved around in the above manner...

    I'm open to other suggestions.

    I actually like that the players can pay the fatigue to do stuff like this.  One rule I hated in D&D 4e was the rules for trying to disengage from a fighter and the AO's that came with it.  If as a GM making sure the players couldn't bypass that NPC was important to the story I would have had him pulling bookcases over or something like that to block their path, make them pass an agility test to scamper over the debris.

  13. Peacekeeper_b said:

    dvang said:


    It was funny, though. happy.gif

    I might not agree with Peacekeeper's views on WFRP, but he can be funny. gran_risa.gif



    Thanks dvang.

    Now lets put that all behind us and get back to topic.

    What was the topic again?

    I believe it was about flaming people for criticizing 3e without having played 3e.

  14. At this point in 3e's life cycle my biggest complaint would be lack of information released on future products.  Right now they are announcing stuff two months out at most, whereas Wizards has posted what D&D products will be out all the way to 2011.  I think some people who are holding off to see if their favorite stuff from previous editions will come out for it where if it was at least announced they may be more likely to adopt the new version knowing that in 8 months or whatever the thing they are waiting for will be out.

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