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  1. For my current RT campaign (starting friday) it can be summed up by this Me: You guys liked Dark Heresy didn't you Players: Yeah....... Me: Well remeber when we tried to play Rogue Trader Players: We try not to but yeah......... Me: Would you guys fancy another go? Players: Nah I'll give it a miss..... Me: X and Y won't be playing..... Players: Well maybe...... Me: Oh and I'm banning PC navigators due to the..... "incident" Players: What time and where? Pretty much the same discussion with every player in my group
  2. um well there is the fact that most chartist captains if I'm remembering it correctly don't have navigators and so can only make blind jumps of about 2-4 light years
  3. I've always done it as (for warships at least) that they had boarding systems that would shoot out and physically pierce the enemy hull holding the two ships together and allowing hundreds/thousands of boarders to swarm over, this means that the crew wouldn't need the expensive and prone to damage voidsuits. However I'm influenced by napolionic naval fiction like the Aubrey Maturin, Hornblower, Ramage, midshipmen Quin and even Fox series mashed up with things my dad has told me about being trained for boarding actions and training for fighting on land when he was in the navy post war (I don't know why he was trained in these as he was a biologist but meh) so my boarding actions are a mix of the two, close combat melee and close in gun play maybe the odd grenade. But its up to you really, how boarding or even hit and run missions will vary across the imperium as technology and doctrine about everything does. However the above mentioned sources make good inspiration as imperial ships are based on the napolionic and post napolionic periods in naval warfare.
  4. So far 3 characters have died in my DH campaign, all at the hands of the player party and all played by the same guy.... A scum who got crushed when the voidborn assasain landed a drop ship on him (and lots of enemies, and their hostage that the party was trying to rescue and a wing of the imperial governor's palace). A techpriest who's reaction to necrons was "I bow down to my robotic overlords" which didn't go well, then when he got out he went too far the other way and tried to grab the shuttle which would have left the party at the mercy of the necrons so he was gunned down by the sister of battle (it hadn't helped that he'd earlier acted like private hudsen when they were taking on some ambull's (though to be fair they wern't sure initially if they were genestealers so it could have been a reference)) A psyker who tried to take over the local underworld with mind control, when this annoyed people (people with many guns) the party decided that the thing to do would be as none of them were known to the people who were coming for them that they'd kill the psyker making it look like a hit and then get on with things.........
  5. Well if you delve into cannon you find that time gets a bit tricky. The imperial system for noting dates even has a coding system for how accurate the date is thought to be by imperial authorities (based on the likerlyhood that the message would have got to terra without this being scrambled by the chinese whisper of huge chains of astropaths through the warp (which adds additional problems as well)). Add warp travel which normally causes time dilation but possibly causes actual time travel (one bit of fluff once said that due to time being odd in the warp a imperial fleet went to save a world from an unknown fleet that was attacking, got there and due to problems with time in the warp turned out to be the fleet that they were saving the world from........ which of cause means that events caused themselves which is a bit of a paradox). This basically means that the date is somewhat maliable and could vary across the imperium (not to mention segmartem, sectors, sub-sectors, etc). This has actually led my characters to begin logging personnel time experienced rather then anything else, as due to the fact they travel in the warp a lot its regarded by them as being the only way they can be sure what events have followed one another. I am contemplating at somepoint having something happen to them due to something they haven't done yet in their personnel chronology but has happened where they are......
  6. I gave a rogue trader a piece of archeotech as his total reward for a mission, he was initially a bit put out. He initially thought it was a mere curiosity, the device (a brass orb with many crystal lenses on a mount a bit like a old fashioned globe but its held by a suspensor field so it doesn't actually touch) being able to project strange and fanciful scenes. Then he found that with careful adjustments he could use it to project what is happening in the present (arduous (-40) tech use, if passed gives +10 to navigation and +10 to detection for the current endeavour). He has also started to get glimpses of the future and of events he can identify from the past, as a result he's started hunting for some specific items and has become somewhat obsessed (he's one step away from calling it his precious)........ I'm tempted to eventually give him Forbidden Lore (Imperial History) for the fun that could cause......
  7. Hmmm it could depend on how they get the weapons in the first place, if they buy them from a manufacturer in full accordance with local laws then it should be okay (though I'd often have bribes/customs duties/licensing fees to bump up the cost a little) but if they decide they don't want to pay any fees (and so have to smuggle it off planet and out of the system maybe dodging system ships or even the adaptus arbites or imperial navy) or decide paying anything is for chumps and say hijack a load of weapons meant to arm imperial guardsmen as part of the planet's tithe (cue super fun times) then it would definitely be a criminal activity. On the other end you could have a group who have managed to wrangle it so they are the customs authority (as has already been mentioned), or maybe a particular group/rogue trader has set themselves up as THE arms dealer and is making a fortune keeping prices artificially high and so doesn't like the competition or maybe if you are just selling to one group their enemies are trying to stop supplies getting there and so you have to run a blockade....
  8. I personnally take corpse starch literally, partially for the grim dark and partially as I remember something about it being spun out of corpses. This leads me to two things, one I imagine that the corpses are being broken down to below the protein level (as otherwise as people have mentioned you get problems with prions) and then reformatted in some way, the second is as its described as being spun I can't help but imagine it as candyfloss.......... As per the whole is canibalism bad in the imperium, yes and no, yes as it leads to chaos, no as quite a lot of imperial guard regiments and space marines have it in their fluff that they have canibalistic tendencies (though it often means they are watched just that bit more closely). GW does seem to have over the years reduced the fluff a bit both in quantity and in tone, the tonal issues don't annoy me as much as the fact that the fluff you get with the main books (rulebook and army books) is less and often repeated (it annoys me to buy a new book to find the fluff hasn't added anything, shows you the rough turnover rate among players now, most seem to play for a few years and then give it up).
  9. the I is a symbol of the Inquisition rather then the Imperium as a whole. An Aquilla is generally the cross equivelent (with people even making the aquilla symbol over their breast as a sign of piety (if you want to do it just take your hands spread your thumb away from your fingers, then push your hands together so that the medial aspect of your 1st metacarples are touching and your thumbs cross over at roughly the interphalangeal joint)). With regards to what a temple looks like basically take any real world place of worship and replace the holy symbols with the aquilla and your good to go. Religious conformity is virtually impossible to enforce especially out on the fringes so modes of worship are variable from planet to planet (or even accross the same planet).
  10. To be honest my solution would be to have the slings/triggers get caught on things slowing him down (or if he's running knocking him off his feet), have the weapons get damaged (as they bash into things) and if he ever fails a jump test have him be tangled up in ammo belts and slings taking him longer to sort himself out. After he's almost died because of these things happening when the big bad is chaseing them I think they'd eventually give up.
  11. Dalnor Surloc's idea is quite a good one, though not the one I'd go for in this case. I'd go with having someone pretend to be (or actually be) either the dead brother or maybe a child of his or half-brother/sister to the existing rogue trader. Then you can have the crew have to take sides, do they go with the callus current rogue trader or the new/old guy? Harder for the non-pc officers as they will have met the people involved (the brother or both the RT's father/mother) and so will probably have more of an idea of if it's a lie or not, if it is a lie it could be a group of senior officers who dislike the new order plotting together to oust the current RT. It could range from sabotage and general ill feeling to outright warfare, maybe one of the ships choses the pretender and suddenly opens fire on the other, maybe the crew mutinies in part at least and the senior pc officers must try to put it down. You may want to look at Lambert Simnel http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lambert_Simnel who was involved in something similar.
  12. In that second paragraph that should be ships, the got left off for some reason......
  13. You see my idea was that while normal traders would probably have minimal secondary craft relying on local craft to shift freight about the whole point of rogue traders is that they are out on the edge where it might be vital to be able to do it themselves. I've ruled that their fighters and bombers can be converted by them to work in atmo, but as they wern't designed for it they arn't very good at it (the fighters are supposed to be 747 size after all!) and so would probably have problems with atmospheric craft (basically you don't want to do it unless you have to) also it takes a long time to convert them back and forth (and can horribly break the craft) so they can, but could take very heavy losses and they wouldn't have them available for space combat while doing this. I've also got a module for ships in my game that is basically "so you want to land on a planet and hurt people" which allows them to have ships (for better ability at landing troops) and atmospheric fighter/bomber craft. They also have to think about it as being far out into the void they will have dificulty getting replacement craft (Arvus lighters excepted as in the past there has been bumph about shipboard artisans making small secondary craft and the Arvus seems to fit the bill) and so if they expend their secondary craft they may not have them when they need them or at least not of the quality. So far they have used them sparingly using the bombers to finish off damaged enemy ships so that they can move onto the next threat with their ship and using the fighters for escort and CAP missions.
  14. While my players have yet to use them yet their cruiser has 40 shuttles (each capable of carrying 160 men or a mixture of men and vehicles), 4 lighters (designed for freight but could be converted to land men and vehicles, these are supposed to be very big), 2 tankers (on the same scale as the lighters but for liquid transport), 100 Arvus lighters and 5 Aquila landers. They also have around 50 bombers and the same again of fighters along with some assault boats. That may seem like a lot but they are in a cruiser with flight bays and also the shuttles, lighters and tankers would die horribly in an opposed landing by any opponent with equivelent technology of the 50's onwards, the arvus lighters and aquila landers are the only things vaguely capable of a combat and the arvus lighters would be easy prey to ground fire and aircraft.
  15. I used this once to open a session where the players were comming up against the forces of a terrible alien scourge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RFv5i8LTek&feature=related it freaked them out somewhat They have since come to dread an unexpected musical change from their normal opening theme....
  16. I have so far run two games of Rogue Trader and the Rogue Trader Character has acted differently in each. My first group (gothic madness aspect) The rogue trader in this group was a creepy noble verging on the sociopathic however she was also disturbingly cheerfull, she would lead from the front getting the group into most of the trouble but also out of it with profit. She left most actual decisions up to the senechale (i.e. the I don't care how it happens just make it happen) and would often lead the party into combat, the player asked if she could replace shooting skills with more close combat as she wanted her character to feel that guns wern't honerable. She also acquired an armoured void suit for her horse so she could ride into battle even in the cold depths of space. My second group (dark epic space opera/two fisted adventuring (well as it goes along it should be)) The Rogue trader in this group is last heir off a once powerful but now sadly diminished family, he is a bookworm (he traded his combat skills for knowledge) who used to serve in the administratum, his half (well more like three quarters brother/unkle/cousin/aunt (hey they are nobles after all)) brother is the senechal however he is acting more as the dodgy spy master then an administrator so the RT is the administrative heart of the group but leaves combat, spying, tech, etc up to the relevant people.
  17. In the group I was a player in there were: -Insanely tough guardsman (my character, when rolling I had the highest toughness and wounds possible and the emperor's tarot gave additional wounds, add guard flak to that and I could amble through most gunfights without ducking (in the starter mission in the DH rule book I took 1 wound I believe in total) -A resonably useless arbitrator (not because of bad playing or bad stats but poor rolls mainly) -A psyker who used no psykic powers in the course of the campaign (but was actually one of the most effective characters anyway -A Techpriest who was highly irritating (as the player didn't know the background well enough to play one effectively) -A scummer who was incredibly heroic at the demon resulting in both his death and the death of the demon The main campaign I've run has the following characters: -Sister of battle, basically the medic but also the secondary combat character, often the leader of the group but also instigator of many of their problems -Arbitrator of doom, ridiculusly tough and in power armour (I believe he has something like -11 to pen - attacks) who has proceded to kill so many people with just a power sword (or matching powerfists care of RT lately) that it's scary. -Assain from a rogue trader house (a servant rather then a RT house member) who is also the groups pilot, he's great at being the assain as long as the sister of battle and arbitrator haven't killed everyone first but he seems to have dificulty with piloting (due to bad rolls he has so far crashed 2 landers, 1 flitter and 2 shuttles). -A techpriest who was a jackass to everyone and almost got everyone killed via necrons, also engaged in several gunfights with the sister of battle (deceased) -A psyker who has so far botched every pyskic test and derailed every plan and has currently run away leaving the other three in a whole heap of trouble, has an unhealthy obsession with cake.
  18. I've given them the ability to be thown (range 10m) and also given the player the ability to either brace (+2 damage if charged) or to have reach (+2 to initiative on the first round you attack) you can't use both it's either or.
  19. Orks use warp drives to enter the warp, weird boyz to steer and ad-hoc shields/big scary teeth on their ships. Thats according to the to most of the fluff anyway, they have also been suggested to go randomly via space hulk and also as orks are psycic as a species at a low level which is boosted by being together and being excited so during a waagh orks might be able to psycically alter the warp so they end up where the fighting is. Eldar (and therefore presumably dark eldar) use the webway. As far as the fluff goes it seems that realspace distance and travel time doesn't have a link with systems on the otherside of the galaxy being on occasion closer via the webway then neighbouring systems. This seems to be the only way that eldar travel interstellar distance with the fluff saying that captured eldar ships have not been found to have a warp drive or geller field generator (whether this is because they don't have them or the Imperium is not capable of finding them isn't made clear). Necrons use an inertialess drive as the warp is anathema to the necrons and Ctan (it strongly being hinted that the Ctan have tried to shut realspace of from warpspace (Cadian monoliths) Chaos uses warp drives and geller fields (as while they are chaos they arn't that stupid) and chaos psykers/possessed psykers/summoned deamons to stear them about. The Tau use a drive that takes them into a sort of interface between realspace and warpspace which they travel in for a while and then fall out, tau advances in space technology allows them to glide along for a longer distance before falling out of the interface but they still cannot enter the warp successfully (probably a good thing as they cannot percieve the warp at all and so couldn't steer basically) it's slower on average but you move at a set rate regardless of the conditions in the warp (so you have two systems, under good conditions an imperial ship might take 1 week but under bad conditions 3 weeks but for the Tau it would take 2 weeks regardless). I also remember reading that it was 4 times slower on average but I can't remember where. I think the Tyranids do use the warp but how the specifics are unknown to me. They also have something called the shadow of the warp which causes difficulty with astropathic communication and travel through the warp. The Nicassar don't do FTL, they might however do NTL (near to light). The Demiurg are an unknown The Kroot use ork technology so presumably what is read for orks is read for them, though I'm not sure about Kroot psykers.
  20. I have the Demiurg floating around in my DH game world and may bring them into RT, however I've taken their BFG ships and technology and attitudes (which is pretty vague) and divorced them entirely from the squats. My Demiurg are high pressure low temperature cephalopods (specifically Vampyromorphida) with a Boron-Ammonia biochemistry. Largely because I wanted to use the ships (as I own the models from BFG), liked the name and got very drunk one night with the people I used to work with (respectively a geneticist, inverterbrate marine biologist, biochemist and an astrophysicist and I was a plant biologist so it got odd). I use the squats in my background as one of the types of high grav mutation with one paticular area having the squat culture, however they got eaten by tyranids and as the main high grav mutation is ogryns they arn't common enough to crop up yet. I've allowed DH players to play as ogryns and ratlings but they were regarded as being not good enough to play for any length of time (ogryns too stupid, ratlings too weak). My players thought they were well ballanced so I'll dig them out and put them up if people want them, they were for DH though so not sure how well they would work, in RT I wouldn't allow them as PC's as I don't think abhumans would get into those positions.
  21. I have a very useful book called "Conway's All the Worlds Fighting Ships 1922-1946" and I've taken a lot of names from there. Ship names from there: -Donostia (an old armed transport used by a pro-imperial faction during a civil war) -Bizkaya (a system mining vessel converted into a moniter used by the same group as above) -Guipozcoa (a system fast transport converted into a light raider by the same group) -Miguel De Cervantes (a system cruiser for the other side) -Escano (a light raider for the other side) -Zacatecass (a gunboat for the other side (used heavy raider as hull base but cut down the speed and gave it an extra dorsal) -Triton (an imperial navy Proteus class frigate) -Glavkos (an imperial navy Proteus class frigate) -Raqib (system defense boat, basically light raider with less speed) -Palang (system defense boat as above) -Yat Sen (system gunboat) -Admiral Voroshilov (an imperial navy cruiser) -Koln (Imperial navy light cruiser) -Kongo (imperial navy battlecruiser) -Tally Ho (merchant registry transport) -Bathurst (merchant registry armed transport) -Sir Kay (round table class free transport) -Prodigal son (chartist vessel) -Misoa (imperial navy landing ship) -Ulster Queen (imperial navy landing command ship) -Boxer (imperial navy landing ship) -Penzance (Imperial navy sloop) -Athene (Imperial navy aircraft transport) -Adamant (imperial navy depo ship) Names from other sources -Serial Peacemaker -Plaited Daisies -Tunguska -Camden Lock
  22. Things my rogue trader group has bought/hired/aquired beyond weapons, armour and gear: -A band so that a PC can have theme music/mood music (he is trying to aquire personal force fields so they can accompany him into battle safetly) -A midget who follows a paticular PC around wearing a special hat that has a drink holder, ashtray and writing implements so he never has to worry about finding a table -A taxidermist so that their kills can be properly preserved -A poet so their deeds can be recorded in epic verse -A battle caddy (basically one of the PC's has a man who follows him around, carries his weapons, re-loads them for him and suggests which one would be best for the paticular target) -Snakes to rid their ship of rats -Mongoose (Mongooses? Mongoosi?) to rid their ship of snakes (at this point I stopped them as I could see it would probably go to wolves next followed by bears.....) -A void suit for a horse (so the rogue trader can ride into battle even in space)
  23. Erretnorb

    Xeno Tech

    Alasseo said: All that said, I suspect that the only 'humans' capable of using gauss weaponry are infiltrating Necron lords, so even if people could capture some, finding someone who could use it would be a Bad Thing . I just had the image of the infiltrating Necron lord and it made me laugh (largely as rather then a terminator esk infiltrator I got the mental image of a necron lord cutting off and wearing someones face like a mask rather like that guy from the Voyager epissode Faces) NL: (wearing some guy's face) "HELLO MY FELLOW HUMANS, SHALL WE GO INJEST ORGANIC MATERIAL TO SUSTAIN OUR PUNY FLESHY BODIES, AS HUMANS WE MUST DO THIS TO SUSTAIN OUR EXISTANCE AS SOFT FLESHY BAGS FULL OF MEAT AND THAT IS WHAT I AM, A HUMAN AND NOT IN ANY WAY AN EVIL ROBOT" Acolyte: "Um....." Gaus weaponss are regarded as impossible by imperial science (they've tried) and as they are physically plugged into the Necron they probably won't work if removed. And all that assumes that you can remove it and it doesn't phase out.....
  24. As I accidently set this to go and there doesn't seem to be a way to edit it I'll just do it as a second post. With regards to "How often does a dynasty need to pay its dues?" I'll say what I've done in my campaign The Rogue trader family has a quite militant past history and so they have been given the right to half the imperial guard regiments recruited from a paticular world (the world having to raise one regiment every five years with the exception of emergency situations) however they have to train, equip and transport the other half to wherever they are required. This wasn't a problem until the rogue trader family's fortune came crashing down...
  25. In the background Space Marines used to be organized into Legions prior to and during the Heresy. These varied in numbers hugely with the Space Wolves having about 3,000 while the Ultramarines had 10,000+ Space Marines. These were broken down into chapters of roughly 1,000 Marines and Space Marines were forbidden to command non-Space Marine Forces and are technically supposed to have ships only for the purposes of troop transport and planetary assault. In reality Chapters can range from a few hundred to about 1,500 depending on how well things have been going for them recently. Chapters are kept at 1000 by an agreement made by the Primarchs/those who stood in for the lost Primarchs and the precursers of the Lords of Terra, those Chapters that get overly large have a new Chapter split off from them and those chapters that dwindle below a sustainable number presumeably get reintergrated into another chapter with whom they share a Primarch progenitor. Apart from the size limit Space Marines also have to render up a portion of their geneseed periodically to be tested by the Inquisition and the Tech Priests to make sure that they arn't falling prey to Xenos or Chaos taint. These two rules are enforced largely by other Space Marines (partially as a matter of honour but also because who else could!) but apart from them they are given a fairly free hand. Space Marine Chapters are petetioned for aid, even by the highest Inquisitors, they are loyal servants of the Emperor but their relationship to the Imperium is similar to that of the Tech Priests, they are part of the Imperium but also apart from it. Space Marines can join with Rogue traders, a Rogue trader may be granted the aid of a squad of Space Marines for a paticular reason, maybe a paticulaly impressive rogue trader could have one or two as bodyguards. Space Marines may also fight alongside rogue traders as part of a large explorator fleet or as part of a Crusade but these would be a Company or two at most.
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