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  1. From my reading ~ I would certainly Not expect Squares to support each other. They were intentionally isolated units with a primary focus on internal cohesion. Columns, I would also not expect to provide support, since the formation is primarily for movement.
  2. Is it just me or do Fragmaster and Toddrew sound more and more like a married couple, each thread that they join?
  3. diaper said: But more seriously, I have contacted FFG through the contact form (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_atencion.asp) with questions about why there has been so little information about upcoming BL stuff a few times, and while I haven´t gotten the answers I wanted, they have always answered. hmmm - they're probably going to end up putting a Spam filter on their inbox for BL queries. I've asked/suggested they use the Bearded release to let us know where they're going with BL or AT LEAST that they are noting our comments, queries and suggestions. Certainly the comments I have read are overwhelmingly positive and constructive, it would be criminal not to have them considered. The business principle of keeping existing customers happy, usually with a simple effort at communication has been around since the days of the 'promised' paperless office, but given the amount of trees that commerce still consumes, I guess we, as a race, still have some way to go in following our own best advice
  4. My wife asked me the other day, 'Why do peeple have to always acquire new stuff?'. I explained that it is neurologically built into us. It's caused by the wiring that stops clothes from irritating us constantly and (particularly for the men), being able to quickly detect threats or prey from the existing background noise that our nervous system 'tunes out'. Our nervous system is tuned to detect newness and allow extant items to dwindle into the background. It appears to happen a lot with gamers, but I don't think we need lotsa new stuff to maintain the enjoyment of a game. Contraiwise, a reprinted/new Base Game release is, I think, a prerequisite of moving forward, elsewise new players are excluded and expansions cannot be viably produced for the existing (and possibly thereafter dwindling) owners. In which case FFG should not look back, but forward. With a number of expansions already available, they should simply state that the Original Base Game will not be reprinted. Instead they will print a minimal base game; Board, Terrain, Command/Lore decks, Rule/Senario book, and enough figures for two armies. This will allow new players into the game and thereafter they can expand their armies as they wish ~ yes, I know this will logically then require a human medieval set, but mayhap an expanded 100 years war set would cover that.
  5. BoW appears to be On The Boat and At the Printers at the same time according to the Upcoming Section. Is this a new concept in getting games out quicker - printing at sea or is it a ploy to reduce Corporate Tax, by working in International Waters
  6. more specifically - the scenarios specify the nuber of units and figures available, but the actual figures are placed into the bases in groups of 2/3 or 4 and the mix of machine gunners, soldiers, officiers, etc is up to you. The figure mix makes a difference to the abilities of the unit as a whole. This customisation is one of the better parts of a good game, but the downside is a long set-up time, particularly if you don't take the time to either pre-sort the components or better yet create a subset for the scenario you intend to fight. Enjoy
  7. We are working on several expansions. The plan is still subject to change but this is what we're preparing. One is a very simple one, which essentially allows you to purchase a second set of figures (with different color bases) and gameboards, at the same time introducing more extensive scenarios. In this way anybody interested in playing larger battles is not forced to purchase a 2nd box of the game. The next expansion is focused around Elite units, both for the French and British army, with new figures, cards and scenarios. After that, we will have two expansions introducing the Prussian army and the Austrian army (most likely in this order) - again new figures, new cards and new scenarios. As this is a boardgame, not a miniature game, the expansions will come in at a reasonable pace- we expect one new expansion to release about every 4-6 months, unless the customers force us to change our plans - for better or worse The above is Cut'n'Pasted from a response by the Designer on BGG: boardgamegeek.com/thread/500095/expansions I think it looks like a good plan
  8. El Mikel

    Battle Savvy

    FragMaster said: I'll just copy-paste my self from another relevant post: Copy-Paste Richard's previous answer from another thread: "All units for both camps are veteran fighters, when Battle Savvy rules are in effect. . . . IMHO Battle Savvy should be explicitly mentioned as the standard way of playing BattleLore ... hmmm - I did search for Battle Savvy before questioning the rules, but missed that little 'All Units...' gem . I'm also fairly sure it's not in the rules, which is a pity, 'cos that's a) where it belongs and b) would have helped reduce my pre-game prozac dependancy! I can accept that ruling from the man hisself, although my RPG background would prefer a rationalisation rather than a blatent gaming assumption ho-hum, mayhap I shall simply have to quote Henry V or Aragorn before each battle btw: I'm not sure of the validity of the H
  9. Ahhh BigDogg - one does not truly begin to learn until one acknowledges ones ignorance Welcome to the club, I think you'll a) find many answers between this forum and BGG, and b) in any event no-one minds questions from a fellow enthusiast; no matter what level and I find that it's sometimes the most obvious things that stump me simply because the rules writer knows something so well and assumes everyone else will have the same understanding.
  10. Horses for courses, you almost might have asked 'What is better ToI or Chess?' - both are wargames. You have a fair breadth of opinions to choose from already, all that I will add, gamewise, is a couple of advantages Mem'44 has; i) As an introduction to wargaming for non-game-players it is a much easier gateway than ToI - although in my experience some folk quickly question the lack of control that the Section Cards give them over the units they want to activate. This is usually an aspect of not being familiar with good hand-management and simpy wanting to attack or respond every turn. In any event ToI is then a great progression. ii) If you or your opponent are not confined to WW2, the learning curve (actually more of a gentle incline) of Mem'44 then give you the option for very very little further learning, albeit a required budgetary increase, access to; Ancient Battles, Medieval and Fantasy, ACW and soon Napoleonic. I have and enjoy both - generally against opponents with differing levels of gaming experience - although having typed that, with one of my more experienced groups, we have often enjoyed an afternoon of linked scenarios in Mem'44, where ToI would not have given us the time for more than one (max. two) game(s). hmmm mayhap that make three advantages - I think I'd better stop typing before I link Mem'44 to a fanatical devotion to the Pope
  11. El Mikel

    Battle Savvy

    FragMaster said: For me, Battle Savvy is not an optional rule, not an advanced rule, not a proposed rule, it's the only rule. I even propose to new buyers of the base game to start playing immediately with Battle Savvy and never trouble themselves with the original rules.The game has become more aggresive, Green units are not easy victory banners for the enemy, more Lore is gained=more Lore spells are cast, players really need to be sure before attacking since equal vs equal unit favors greatly the defender when using Battle Savvy, etc. So many small changes that overall create a better tactical experience IMHO. I didn't enjoy AT ALL to attack units that happened to be unsupported, never fearing a retaliation. Cavalry was too strong and Command cards that moved 1 or 2 units were hard to use because you have to think, plan and move in "triads" to be effective. I could go on all day but the bottom line is that I really enjoy the game more with Battle Savvy and the old rules are a thing of the past. Never to be used again. Just my 2 cents. I hear you FragMaster, but I still do not understand the Rules as they are written (does anyone have the ear of FFG or R. Borg?). I simply have an issue with suddenly promoting ALL my troops to Veterans, particularly as the wording of the rules very clearly avoids stating that ALL troops Battle-Back. The rules just seem incomplete, perhaps they are allowing for a future expansion to include hordes of peasant conscripts or mayhap the wording should simply not be taken literally, but just go with the flow of the implications that I only fight with veterans. Ho-hum, therein lies the problem of a software developer mindset
  12. WoW is fun! I personally prefer WW1, but I'm a sucker for older planes. The only real problem I have with WoW is that it's ofttimes easy for the cards to move when you're placing your plot, particularly when the combat get in close and personal. I wonder if FFG are considering an Air expansion for ToI
  13. El Mikel

    Battle Savvy

    The house rule works for me, but I still don't have a rationale for the way the original rule is written
  14. The Status has been updated to 'on the boat' ~ does anyone know where (and therefore how long) this boat has to travel?
  15. El Mikel

    Battle Savvy

    Hey Roo, I'm a little puzzled in the way the rules are written, but from other posts, particularly on BGG, I understand that Battle Savvy is the way to play ALL games. I just don't think all my troops should automatically be veterans. I'm considering a house rule; That units that are victorious in a battle get Battle Savvy (or units that are led by heroes), but until then they fight as with Medieval Tactics.
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