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  1. PMAvers said: Now, if only we'd see some previews. I'd also like to see some, but only of the cards they already "described" in the BP's articles, or they will spoiler too much..still waiting for it anyway
  2. Thanks for the tips, they're really useful I'm tryin' the deck and it's working better now, i'll post the updated list soon =)
  3. ChaosChild said: The "Edit" function is only available for about 5 minutes after you post, then it disappears. Cool, i tought about the limited time for the "edit" function but i never saw a forum with it, so i didn't think about that option that well. What is the limited edit time useful for?
  4. Duke_of_the_Blood_Keep said: I think they got a little ahead of themselves... you know excited children get with new toys! Lol i think i'm more excited than they are, so i hope to recieve my Core Set asap xD
  5. I absolutely agree with you, i also wanted Teclis to be part of the game..i just have a question: why did they plan to print an High Elf hero card(which is missing in the game since both Elves races are not "released" yet) and not a Dark Elf one if the detruction "wins" ?
  6. Same, i'm just curious about the packs but i will have fun only with the Core Set anyway. I just can't understand why they wrote articles to the third Battle Pack revealing some cards effects if we won't get the first one befor a month.
  7. Yeah i quote Cooper, i think those are really nice "house rules" since we don't get official rules about those situations..and the first part is just common sense as he said, so as long as you want to play the hero you just can't. Things changes if you have to move him, but i still think that you can't actually do the action. Example: Player A has Thyrus Gorman in his Battlefield and another in his Kingdom Zone. He uses Forced March to move the one in the Kingdom Zone into the Battlefield Zone. He can't do the action. In fact, Hero cards has the text "Limit one Hero per zone", not "don't play more then one hero in a zone" . It just says you cannot ABSOLUTELY have two heroes in the same zone..so i think that this player can't just do that action, because if he moves his Hero it will have two OR, as Cooper said, he has to choose to destroy one. That's because it says it's a limit of Hero cards, but no-one says you can't just PUT two Heroes in the same zone; you just can't HAVE two. That's a little reeeeeally big issue, hope to see some official FAQs about it =) .
  8. Oh ok, i misunderstood that >.< . Anyway i saw the edit function, don't know why it's not there now o.O
  9. Thanks for the answer =) ! Well, in the last playtesting games i lowered the number of the heros at 2x each. I also changed the neutral cards pool(as you suggested), but i still haven't tried the orc quest. I'll try to put it in the deck and see how it works . I'll try the new cards soon, thanks for your help^^
  10. Darthvegeta800 said: Well I ordered the core set a 2nd time to be certain that I have a good basis of cards to work with. Can't wait for the expansions to come out. Same here, too bad the first one has already been delayed =/
  11. It's not wheenie, that should be normal deal
  12. Answering my self feels sad but ehy, who cares? I actually tried it in some games(not much, just three) against one of the Orc decks posted here, and mine suffers too much the lack of "destroy supports" cards. That Orc player(my brother) had three Contested Fortress in play so it was really hard to deal "permanent" damage to his capital. I put all the useful cards in 3x but i'll try to lower down some of them and the "destroy support" cards. I still hope to recieve some feedback about this Deck, i want to improve it =) . Plus, i'm working on a Dwarfs-only deck(which will be the one i'm gonna play), but that's another story
  13. jaycsin said: Huh, we are in winter!!! It has snowed in Nebraska already! Lol'ed at it Anyway, The Skavenblight Threat as just been delayed, so i think we won't see the Companion pack soon(soon means before 2 months). They already made a spotlight on the other two Battle Packs(Path of the Zealot and Tooth and Claw), which will contain some new Elven cards..hope they won't be delayed too much due to Skavenblight's delay
  14. Ok so i guess the "limited card pool" means that, in the future, it will be restricted to Core Sets right? There's only the Core Set out now so that wouldn't make sense for now.. Anyway, if i understood well, you'll record the games and send datas at FFG at the end of your local League Play so they'll decide which one of the two cards print watching which one of the two factions won most games..right? Last thing, if my Local Game Shop won't support the game(there's only Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh players there so far >.< ) is it possible to me to order the pack as "private player" and organize a League Play with friends? I have like 10 people only between my friends who would like to do it..but if our store won't support the game what should we do? P.s. It's not i want to order the pack and keep the prizes for me, because they already red the page and know what's inside..i just want to support and promote the game, and also play League events and such.
  15. Well, quests has nice rewards so it's obvious that triggering their effects shouldn't be that easy. Anyway, i played my first games yesterday with my brother and he played a quest. He destroyed all my supports but he had to defend it well, because i almost destroyed it.
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