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  1. My girlfriend and I didn't mail until sometime in mid to late january, are we just out of luck and not going to see any ???
  2. What the card means when it says "Cannot be used more than once this turn" is that you cannot trigger the same effect by playing another copy of Yuffie. See, when you play the first Yuffie, the effect triggers. If you then battle and use Yuffie, or simply replay her and discard the original, her power that normally discards a card randomly from your opponent's hand doesn't trigger a second time. So, to surmize, Yuffie's power from BoD activates when she is played, as denoted by the put into play symbol preceding her text. It ONLY activates when she is played, meaning it does NOT repeat on subsequent turns. Lastly, replaying Yuffie on the same turn you activated her power will NOT allow you to trigger the power again. Same thing goes for similarly worded cards, like Pot Spider from BoD
  3. This effect would also work for Dr. Finkelstein's power, which has both players put up to 3 friends into play. They can also be of any level regardless of your friend build.
  4. Thank you Mr. Dawn, I have actually been paying very close attention to the site. I was very excited about the Monocrome's Stealth Sneak killability, and the Gullwing keeping Valor out. Most of all though, I regret the loss of an Americanized version of the wonder that is the Way to the Dawn. My Riku FF Aggro mourns its loss.
  5. So, in Break of Dawn there are NO characters with the hundred acre wood symbol, using the new symbol archtype thing... So its officially the worst rare ever for being worth nothing more than a level 1 world card at dark limit 3??? Please tell me some ruling corrected this idiocy.
  6. I've read alot of posts recently where the Wishing Lamp equipment card apparantly creates an infinite Draw loop everytime an Agrabah Card is played (Aladdin, Iago, Jafar, etc.) But it has the word Agrabah in quotes... not Bold Print, which as I understood it meant that you draw a card each time you play an Agrabah World Card, not any Agrabah oriented card. For example, the Lamp Equipment card in BoD says only Agrabah friend cards can equip this card, but Agrabah referring to the friends was in bold print. Thus, the way Wishing Lamp is worded, you can really only draw one card a turn, when you play an agrabah WORLD card. Is this incorrect?
  7. So, at the risk of sounding like a noob, how do I edit my posts. The edit option used to be in the top right hand corner of any post I have made, and now it isn't there. Why?
  8. I will trade 4-5 of anything on my haves list. I would post an offer but you really don't have any wants listed :/
  9. Hey all, I am not sure what ref system we have here per se' (Only started using the boards about two months ago for rulings verifications, haven't been on much.) If it adds and Credibility at all, I am SupahVegeta on TopTierGaming (http://toptiergaming.com/forums/index.php?showuser=1717), and Vinceff7 on Ebay. Anyway, novice on these boards with no refs on these forums (if we have a ref system). So I will give consideration to those with a high end of refs. We can Middle Man if necessary. No inter-continental trades either please (takes FOREVER), sorry. On to the TRADES!!! WANTS: Axel x1 Spear x3 Rings x3 Roxas x3 (Low end want, may not even end up decked) Destiny Islands LVL 2 (Break of Dawn) Soul Eater x3 Sora Promo (Attack 5, Magic 2) foilness not required (it IS prefered), just need a copy. The King x2 (One for FF themed Deck, one for Wisdom Form) Valor Form Sora x1 (Meh, I have 2, it is a good trade sweetener, not too high, a set would just be hip) RARE/ SR HAVES: (Ask if looking for a particular common/uncommon, but the only stuff I really have a huge stock in is Light And Darkness.) PLAYER CARDS: Riku Lvl 3 Ansem lvl 10 (LIGHT AND DARKNESS) Dark Riku Lvl 3 FOIL Dark Riku Lvl 3 x6 Sora Lvl 3 (BREAK OF DAWN SR) Sora (VALOR FORM) x2 PROMOS: (ALL IN JAPANESE TEXT) Kairi Lvl 0 Cid Lvl 1 Cinderella Lvl 1 x2 NAME: (Insert Player Card Name) FRIENDS: Aladdin Lvl 3 (Break of Dawn) x3 Aladdin Lvl 4 FOIL x4 (Light and Darkness) Aladdin Lvl 4 x5 (Light and Darkness) Alice Lvl 0 x8 (Light and Darkness) Alice Lvl 0 x2 (BREAK OF DAWN) Ariel LVL 2 Beast Lvl 3 (Darkness Awakened) Captain Pete x3 Donald Duck Lvl 1 FOIL x2 (Base Set) Donald Duck Lvl 4 (Break of Dawn) Fairy Godmother Lvl 2 FOIL (Light and Darkness) Fairy Godmother Lvl 2 x6 (Light and Darkness) Goofy Lvl 4 x2 (BREAK OF DAWN) Hercules Lvl 1 FOIL (Darkness Awakened) Hercules Lvl 3 x2 (Darkness Awakened) Hercules Lvl 3 (BREAK OF DAWN) Jack Sparrow LVL 3 Jasmine Lvl 0 FOIL (Light and Darkness) Jasmine Lvl 0 x7 (Light and Darkness) Jasmine LVl 0 x3 (BREAK OF DAWN) Kairi Lvl 0 FOIL (Light and Darkness) Kairi Lvl 0 x6 (LIGHT AND DARKNESS) Leon Lvl 4 x2 (BREAK OF DAWN) Mickey Mouse Lvl 1 Owl Lvl 0 (Light and Darkness) x 9 Peter Pan Lvl 1 FOIL (Darkness Awakened) Peter Pan Lvl 3 (Darkness Awakened) Pinocchio Lvl 1 FOIL x2 (Light and Darkness) Pinocchio Lvl 1 x5 (Light and Darkness) The Cheshire Cat LVL 2 x1 FOIL (L AND D) The Cheshire Cat LVL 2 x6 (L and D) Wendy LVL 0 FOIL x2 (L and D) Wendy LVL 0 x5 (L and D) Winnie The Pooh Lvl 0 (Darkness Awakened) Winnie the Pooh LVL 1 FOIL x3 (L and D) Winnie the Pooh Lvl 1 x6 (L and D) MAGIC FRIENDS: Genie LVL 1 FOIL (L and D) Genie LVL 4 (B of D) Mushu Lvl 4 (Darkness Awakened) Simba LVL 3 (B of D) Simba LVL 4 (Base Set) Tinker Bell LVL 0 FOIL x2 (L and D) Tinker Bell LVL 0 x4 (L and D) Tinker Bell LVL 3 FOIL (Darkness Awakened) Tinker Bell LVL 3 Tinker Bell LVL 4 FOIL (Darkness Awakened) Tinker Bell LVL 4 DARK CARDS/ HEARTLESS: Pot Spider LVL 2 x6 (B of D) Aquatank LVL 5 (Darkness Awakened) Crescendo LVL 5 x3 (L and D) Pot Centipede LVL 5 x2 (B of D) Behemoth LVL 6 (B of D) Parasite Cage Lvl 7 x3 (Darkness Awakened) Trickmaster FOIL LVL 7 x3 (L and D) Trickmaster LVL 7 x6 (L and D) Wyvern LVL 8 x3 (B of D) DARK CARDS/ VILLAINS: Hades LVL 8 x2 (B of D) Jafar FOIL LVL 8 (Darkness Awakened) Jafar-Genie FOIL LVL 8 (L and D) Jafar-Genie LVL 8 (B of D) Maleficent LVL 8 (Darkness Awakened) EQUIPMENT: Lord Fortune FOIL (L and D) Lord Fortune x6 (L and D) Kingdom Key x3 MAGIC: Aeroga LVL 5 FOIL (L and D) Aeroga LVL 5 x5 (L and D) Blizzaga LVL 4 (Base Set) Blizzaga LVL 4 x2 (B of D) Curaga LVL 4 x2 (Darkness Awakened) Firaga LVL 4 (BASE SET) Firaga LVL 4 x2 (B of D) Stopga LVL 6 x2 (Darkness Awakened) Thundaga LVL 4 (Base Set) WORLD CARDS: Agrabah LVL 1 FOIL (L and D) Agrabah LVL 1 x7 (L and D) Agrabah LVL 1 x2 (B of D) Agrabah LVL 3 x5 (L and D) Agrabah LVL 3 x3 (B of D) Hundred Acre Wood LVL 0 FOIL (Darkness Awakened) Hundred Acre Wood LVL 1 x2 (B of D) Monstro LVL 2 FOIL (L and D) Monstro LVL 2 x 5 (L and D) Neverland LVL 2 FOIL x3 (L and D) Neverland LVL 2 x 5 (L and D) Olympus Coliseum Lvl 2 (Darkness Awakened) Twilight Town LVL 3 x3 (B of D) HAPPY TRADING ALL AND I LOOK FORWARD TO SOME DEALING!!!
  10. If it says "when the clock strikes 24" it probably means 2400 hours, military time, or MIDNIGHT. I don't know Japanese, but I do know military stuff. Hope it helps, and thank you for any further assistance you can provide
  11. Does anyone know where I can find a list of the Japanese cards translated to English? Or a Picture Encyclopedia?
  12. http://i36.tinypic.com/2wqqt77.jpg http://i38.tinypic.com/24ch5ao.jpg Thank you
  13. Ignore this reply, correct links edited to above topic op
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