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  1. Ok, so I'm running a game at the moment. The PCs are all acolytes in good standing of one Inquisitor Drake who has just got himself dead. His interrogator, a chap called Lucius is put in charge of tidying up the dead inquisitors affairs and he has organised all the acolytes into teams. The PCs have been put in a team together and told that they will be running missions without official sanction. They will have no ID, no authority and no backup. If captured they are expected to chant their suicide catechisms rather than face interrogation. The early missions will see them recovering evidence that the inquisitor left lying around, "retiring" acolytes who didn't make the cut, closing down the dead inquisitors operations and generally tidying up after him. After that I have a good idea of where its going to go with a stronger meta plot but presented in a set of discreet missions. What I am after here is some good missions for a team of un-sanctioned inquisitorial agents to be given that would involve tidying up the inquisitors affairs. I have seven already, but I really don't like one of my own ideas and damned if I can think of another. Things I have so far (any of my players, please look away now) 1. retire some acolytes deemed "unreliable" 2. recover evidence and kill the police that have seen it (train heist!) 3. Silence the leak without killing him 4. Escort the high value agent back off Malfi, while she is pursued by assassins 5. Raid an orbital facility and mothball it 6. Don't have a number 6 yet 7. Visit safe houses and clear them of evidence Most of these have twists and other exciting developments that I don't really want to go into here just in case my sneaky players are reading. Its number 6 that lacks something. It was previously taking over a planetary campaign against a cult on an agri-world but I couldn't think of a way to make it work so I'm dropping it. We have played through mission 1 so far, where my PCs showed an apptitude for explosives and throwing people out of flying valkyries, we are now halfway through the train heist where they have used poison gas to slaughter a carriage full of people on a massive land train. Any ideas?
  2. The Eisenhorn books describes his guncutter as 80m long and 450 tons. By comparison thats as long as a coastguard cutter and as heavy as 5 main battle tanks. These are bigger than thunderhawks, over two and a half times as long as a Hercules air transport. Its longer than a Boeing 747, but lighter than a full loaded one. Gun cutters, or at least Eisenhorn's one are BIG. They should be appropriately expensive. A naval cutter costs about $50 million. So thats a good ballpark figure. Note that at that size and comparative low weight, guncutters aren't practical military vehicles. The armour would be too low to be able to stand up to much abuse and its a big target. Therefore its a rich mans yacht, perfectly able to hose anyone wishing to give it problems, but not sufficient for military campaigns and liable to have real problems as soon as the heavy weapons get rolled out.
  3. If you look at the very rare cybernetics and the number of picks you have its really not that bad. Also it let's them take mechadendrites which are wonderful.
  4. Excellent take on the machine cult. The one change I would make is that as a mystery cult it has ranks and levels of initiation and what is believed and practice's at one level may be different at another. I see low ranking techpriests as quite superstitious and mystical, because they don't have great access to the cults secrets. As far as knowledge goes they are closer to the lay technicians than the arch-mages. As they progress through the ranks they learn more. Greater secrets are revealed and they begin to understand the purpose and reasoning behind the rites and rituals. An arch magos is a being of logic and knowledge, able to build a plasma rifle from basic principles. He communicates in a language of metaphor and mysticism because a) it took him centuries of pain, graft and study to understand how that plasma gun works and he isn't going to give that knowledge away for free b) people who give away secrets without suitable initiation don't make it to archmagos and so all archmagos are inherently secretive people c) no one but another arch magos would understand if he didn't use "baby talk", try explaining the mechanisms of nuclear fission to an 8 year old in terms that they can understand it. That's the state of knowledge in the imperium. d) Joe Imperial doesn't want to have his world view ripped apart. The language and constancy of science is that of magic and that is comforting to many. If you told an imperial citizen that there really isn't a machine spirit in you gun but you should perform most of the rites anyway to keep it functional you will have ripped his world view apart making him very unhappy. Better to keep the proles content than having them think for themselves and get funny ideas.
  5. Hello all What craft skill would a techpriest or other person with access to appropriate templates, use for creating augurs, cogitators, cybernetics, etc. I've got a character concept that focuses less on the combat-y side of techpriest-dom and more on the mysterious and spiritual dimensions of electron and circuit board. I've ruled out technomat (which is using machines without necessarily having the knowledge), armourer (as its not weaponry or armour based), wright (as thats masonry, architecture and large stuff like vehicles and spaceships), smith (as that's metal working and forging). Which doesn't leave much. I could use tech use, but that only broadens the skills use and is inconsistent with needing craft skills to make stuff.
  6. When I ran this for my players, they found their own flagship, terribly damaged and clearly centuries older than it currently was. They boarded the vessel only to find signs of a terrible battle and diary logs from their characters lamenting the terrible decision they made and how something particularly terrible had happened to the arch-militant. Something to do with being "stung by a bee". They later found what remained of a few of their characters, all very horribly dead. The arch-militant was the only one they found alive if you can call it that. He had been infected by a Yu'vath construct (the bee) and had grown foul yu'vath warp cybernetics including a nasty warp cannon that replaced his arm. He was mindless and attacked on sight. It was a nasty battle and they lost quite a few troops. Needless to say the whole thing was creepy as hell and after escaping they resolved not to go back to the processional, despite all the potential scavenging opportunities.
  7. Multiple mechadentrites allows you to have a variety of loadouts. Las for the annoying civilian, plasma for the annoying space marine, melta for the annoy hive tyrant, chainblade for the parry bonus and no-hands fencing, web pistol for non-lethal takedowns, needle pistol for sneaky stuff, etc, etc, etc.
  8. Second the meta endeavour call. Your players could work towards reclaiming the entire sector for the Emperor, making a tasty profit enroute of course. Break it down 1) forment disloyalty 2) weaken the Barons hold via piracy, religion, etc 3) remove certain powerful allies of the Baron 4) seek allies to bring into the dispute 5) military strikes on the Barons forces 6) political/economic attacks on the Barons holdings 7) invasion/war! 8)....... 9) Profit!
  9. My players also accumulated a fleet by capturing other vessels, most heavily damaged in combat. They had a small space station where they repaired their vessels but it took literally years of in game time to bring some of the ships up to scratch. They got their crews by recruiting on hive worlds but had to enter into an arrangement with the Imperial Navy (with whom they are closely allied) to help train their officer cadre. They get their tech priests from the Cult of Sollex with whom they share extremely good relations after selling them an STC schematic. So, think about these things. 1) how do they get a hulked or damaged ship to a shipyard 2) where do they get the resources to repair the ship from, my guys had to buy MANY new components to replace destroyed ones 3) where do they get the crew from and how do they get them from where they are to where the ship is? 4) where do they get experienced shipsmen and officers from? 5) How do they support these cities in space? Every time my players got a new ship I chopped 5 points off their PF to simulate the cost of keeping another starship running.
  10. Further to the local variation theme is the social class theme. What might be horribly illegal on the world of Nogay for the peasantry might be ignored or even the norm amongst the nobility. Or vice versa. 40K has, by means of its huge variation the ability to have nearly any kind of human society one could imagine. You can look further into polyamorous societies, men with many wives, women with many husbands, webs of men and women all in committed relationship bonds with multiple partners in the same web. Varying degrees of marriage from sex bonds all the way to absolute monogamy. Really you can come up with some really interesting societal situations. Watch Caprica (the TV series) and look at Sister Clarice's family for an example of a well written polygamous family of multiple men and women. Also, without being anvilicious, don't be afraid to go there. Obviously work with what your group is capable of handling, but don't be afraid of throwing in the planet of the polyamorous gay people who only reproduce via cloning. RP is fun and is a game but it doesn't mean it can't be used as a means of thought experiement.
  11. Done correctly, a movie or TV series about the inquisition that featured an assault by a bunch of space marines could be epic. Your regular cast, the inquisitor and his party witness the terrifyng fury of the astartes as the marines go through a fortified enemy position like chilli through a cowboy. You'd play it up, have the fortress spoken of as heavily defended, describe in detail the well armed veterans that guard it, then show the religious awe that the good guys show the marines as literal angels of death, less a military group and more the divine wrath of the emperor in physical form. It could be very epic. Totally agree that a show or movie about marines would suck. Oh, hello Ultramarines movie, didn't see you there....
  12. Depends on the game you want to run. If you want politics, assassinations and a shadow war, genestealers are great. As the players learn more the stakes get higher until its apparent the sheer scale of the genestealer infiltration. If you want straight horror or a bug-hunt game, lictors work well. They operate alone, are really, really dangerous and are incredibly stealthy. Great for ambushes, henchmen going missing in the night, that kind of mounting horror. Or if its a good war you want, how about a terribly crippled tyranid ship coming into the system and crashlanding upon the planet. The beasties within are disrupted, many are destroyed and the ship is slowly beginning to heal itself. The RT and whatever allies he can muster must destroy the ship and the beasties within before they can get their act together and swarm the planet.
  13. I modified Lure of the Expanse wuite a bit. Added some Eldar aspect warriors here and there, upped the crew rating of all thebad guys ships, etc. Victory is so much nicer when it was hard to achieve.
  14. I bought BFG miniatures off ebay for this. If you keep your eye out you can get some really good bargains here and there.
  15. I like plasmafest's idea that a fortress world might not exist for a current purpose but for a historical purpose. How about a war world set up to fight the Yu'Vath? Established some 5,000 years ago on a populous planet, it provided hordes of troops for the crusade that conquered the Calixis Sector. Now however the Yu'Vath are gone and there is little war. But the people still have a very martial tendency and the Imperial authorities can still use this. Maybe the navy have extensive facilities in orbit. The planet still plays its tithe in imperial guard regiments and such is the martial fervour of these troops that they are exported across the imperium in the same way cadians are. Also don't forget that there are still wars, rebellions and so on going on within the Calixis sector and given the choice between recruiting a guard regiment from a fortress world and a guard regiment from a hive world, the discipline and training of fortress worlders might make their continued existence more attractive. Of course, this makes the world less of a fortess and more of a military recruitment and response point. But thats pretty much academic for the player character concerned. As far as the worlds citizens are concerned, they are born and raised as warriors for the god of man. The imperial authorities might even make it a point of shipping back imp guard regiments from that world back to that world if it isn't too time consuming (i.e. if hey are used in sector) thus guaranteing that the world has a ready supply of veterans returning to raise and train the next generation of warriors.
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