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  1. or the books with the Ultramarine 4th company. Love the one where their are fighting Nids.
  2. Mine is dispatched from UK and I am eagerly awaiting it here in Denmark. a few days and it will be here.......
  3. From my point of view you are correct.
  4. Hi all and happy Easter... I have just bought the basic game and I am loving it, I am currently considering to get some of the expansions. But I am not sure what to buy.. Should I go the the release time? (Pharaoh, Dunwich etc) The card expansions first? or (Pharaoh, Black Goat etc) The Map expansions first? (Dunwich, Kingsport etc)
  5. Hornaru said: So need this game to get released... The wait will be so long in the UK though... 30/04-2010 and it is already pre-ordered.
  6. Veldrin said: As an expansion they could focus on other fields of battler and just inorporate the minis from the base game. Maybe the battles fought at Istvaan or Calth. Istvaan would be gooooood
  7. Sorry for the late reply. Episode 72
  8. Mechanicum is fracking awesome, just love the novels by Graham McNeill. Reading Tales og Heresy and there is a lot of nice short stories there. can't wait for A Thousand Sons
  9. There was talk with FFG on 40KRadio and form that they expect an avg playing time to be 1 - 1.5 h.
  10. Agree the HH books are awesome and I would reccomend you should read them if you like the W40K universe. I love the stories from Abnett and McNiell and looking forward to read Prospero Burns
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