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  1. Any one knows when the game will be available in Europe/Belgium? I've pre-ordered it at my local hobby shop but he can't tell me more than 'in the near future'.
  2. Well sure you can ditch out some of them to other players. But most of the times you get a pay back with another empty system. No one ever gave a planet with let's say 2 prod to another player in my games...
  3. We played a game not long ago where 1 player had a really low planet amount in his hand (before setting up the board), the planets that he did have where all of fairly low production value too. This made for a really hard game and possibly quite unfair and unbalanced. would/do you alow to redistribute the systems if a player has this situation? Any home rules regarding this? What qualified as really low etc.
  4. Oh my god, thank you so much FFG. @Wh0isTh3D0ct0r: You can't find a system that pleases everyone, but that's not a reason to just do nothing I also like to organize myself some stuff but an empty box at the start is just a lack of finishing in my opinion. All a moot point since they are gonna do something at least Made my day.
  5. Yeah I really should get to work on a better system. But for the 4th edition who is probably goona cost about 150€ I would really like to see something 'out of the box'. I don't think that's asking to much?
  6. My major frustration with TI is a practical one. Please do something about the game box. A way to seperate the pieces of the game, the tiles etc. I had to use plastic bags and little plastic recipients to be able to get it to a doable level in 3th edition... Please fix this for the 4th edition!
  7. true, it's not fixation, but usually a boat in a port is not very usefull. you need it on the open sea where it can indeed raid lots of areas. But in order to be able to get him there you have to play the march order. Which in my experience and humble opinion is better played somewhere else (expecially later in the game). But everybody is free to disagree ofcourse
  8. As far As I'm concerned you are correct. The biggest setback with this is losing an order march which you could have used somewhere else.
  9. Joe Dizzy said: That's right. But it's usually not necessary to destroy a fleet. It's often far worse, when they are sitting in port, pushing the supply limit and forcing a player to spend a March order (and a House card) on trying to regain control of the sea zone. Nice case and well said, especially the march order is painfull. Thanks for these insights.
  10. So if I get it correctly: - A ship can't retreat to a port wich belongs to no one. But can retreat to a port if the land belongs to him? Doesn't that make it hard to destroy a fleet? since he can retreat to his own port and once there he can't be attack by sea, the only way to destroy the fleet in the port is actually taking over the land by land forces? Thanks btw for taking time for this it makes it much clearer.
  11. "A ship may retreat to port, if the connected land area is friendly. It's not entirely clear, if a ship may still retreat to a port, if the connected land area is empty. I've seen arguments for both options." - This one I know, You can't. I states clearly in the game that only the controller of the land may have a ship in the port. Which makes the destruction of a fleet quite hard, since it can retreat to a port if defeated but cannot be attacked once it's in the port since you can't enter the port... You need to take the land first....
  12. Played for the first time today, had a blast but still have some questions regarding ports: When I refer to 'land' I mean the area to which the port is connected. - Is a port an 'area' on its own right? - Can a defeated ship at sea retreat to a port? - Can you give both orders to the units on land and a different order to your ship in port? Or is it 1 order? Example: I place a march order on the land units, can my ship also move with the same order or does it need a seperate order? - Can a ship in a port defend if the land is attacked? Or does it need a seperate support order assigned to the ship? - Where can a ship in a port move too when assigned a march order? Example: I have a ship at dragonstone, I give it a march order, can is move to Blackwater Bay or must it first move to shipbreaker bay? - Can you attack a ship in a port with your own fleet or units? - If the land is taken by another player, is the ship in the port destoyed? Can it retreat?
  13. Thanks for the answer, Age of Empire sounds like a plan, gonna give it a try next game!
  14. So I've played for the first time with the SE addon. 4 experienced TI standalone players. We've played for over 5 hours, which most of the time very low score as the 8th strategy card has been replaced (so no 2 points). I was wondering if there were ideas or house rules which you guys have experience with the shorten teh game abit (playing to 7 points seem an option but a lame one imo).With shortening the game i mean to make is or a bit faster, or change a few things so it takes like 20% less time to play not much more.... I already allowed players to complete more then 1 objective at the end of every turn to speed it up a bit. Problem with that is that the new bureaucracy card is less interesting (since you can claim any numebr of objectives at the end of your turn). So I need a way to compensate that card with an extra. Open to ideas on that as well! Thank you in advance for any suggestions!
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