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  1. I am not sold on the stat allocation. Yes +10 toughness is a lot but you are then penalized 5 to your agility, overall you are getting only bonus of 5 to your stats and others are getting 10. I would personally go with +5 toughness and +5 willpower.
  2. Thanks for the input folks. I was thinking of making a chapter with the specialty of boarding actions/Space Hulk investigations. I seem to remember a story in one of the novels where a chapter had squads searching space hulks frequently, especially if they caught a still active beacon. Unfortunately I have one player who seems to think that if I am going to mix classes in squads why not just run a Deathwatch game, seems that he can't get past the codex/TT setup where you have regimented squads and no deviation. I tried to explain that the novels sometimes have mixed squads depending on missions. The most recent Blood Angel novels coming to mind. I finally gave up, told him he was right and decided to make it a Rogue Trader campaign or wait for the Grey Knight rules to be released. Of course now I can't read the Grey Knight Omnibus because if the novels don't follow the codex to a T they are wrong. We have had other games over the years that didn't follow standard rules but that too was a wasted argument. I am sorry to vent/rant but I do feel better. Thanks for the input again, maybe I'll try again another time, or just find a new group.
  3. I was wondering if anyone decided to do a standard chapter game instead of Deathwatch? I had an idea to let the players pick a standard chapter (Space Wolves, Dark Angels etc.) and we would play a squad from there. Now I was wondering what excuse to use to gather different classes together in a squad, of course squad leadership becomes an issue as well since a chaplain or librarian would need to be in charge. Just wondering on your thoughts. Thanks.
  4. Thanks folks, appreciate the help.
  5. Zin

    Black Shields

    oops forgot the space Israfill was the name in the core book.
  6. Zin

    Black Shields

    The black shield is namedIsrafill while the Dark Angel from the Fallen Angels novel is Israfael and he was a Librarian. Now the fact that they mention a Dark Angel force coming to his aid may mean he is one in the same. What we don't know is what happened to him after the battle at Caliban and whether he is indeed a Fallen. It might be an easter egg though, matter of speculation I guess
  7. This may sound like a silly topic but I am curious on thoughts from other players. What are your general thoughts/house rules on helmets in conjunction with psychic hoods? I have seen pictures in various books (some models and some drawn) where librarians have helmets and hoods, while some only have the hoods. Unless of course it is the typical "distinguish the rank of the model by wearing a helmet or not having one". I would think they wear helmets along with them for the obvious benefit of not having there head blown off as well as the sensory benefits. Also the weight listed is 15 in the core book and by the looks of some of the pictures it is attached directly to the armor, "wired in" so to speak. Seems a bit cumbersome to me. I am reading the Horus Heresy series now. In the Dark Angel books Zahriel and Isfrael have helmets and the hood from the description are simply puled over as need, sort of like a robe hood from what I gather, any thoughts?
  8. I would think Blood Ravens is a good possibility. Q1 is when the next expansion is due for DoW 2, might be a tie in of sorts. Drum up business with the expansion and Rites.
  9. Zin


    Here is a link to a thread I started on this a few weeks past: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=179&efcid=3&efidt=366573&efpag=0#367081 One thing to consider is Deathwatch is a chapter and thus has rites and oathes specific to it, this is where a chaplain comes into play. It is my understanding that tthey also served as morale officers for their home chapters dating back to before the heresy and before the Emperor was thought of as a God (Word Bearers being an exception). Now most chapters don't believe from what I read that the Emperor is a God but there is still a sense their beliefs come close to that very deification . My guess is an advanced scheme with chapter specific abilities akin to solo-mode type things as well as Deathwatch talents and such.
  10. darkrose50 said: CCG Armory has the "Deathwatch RPG: Core Rule Book" listed as instock, and ready to ship for $39.99! http://www.ccgarmory.com/derpcorubo.html CCG Armory 7037 Wake Crest Court Haymarket, VA 20169 UNITED STATES service@ccgarmory.com (484) 545-2825 I just phoned them, and left a message. I want to double check if they have it in stock. I have an order on Amazon, but they think they will ship on 10/04/2010! My issue is the mixed reviews, from what I have read shipping is a big issue as well as customer service when trying to resolve the problem. They may have improved since then as some of the reviews are from last year, but ymmv. http://www.resellerratings.com/store/CCG_Armory http://www99.epinions.com/pr-Online_Stores_Services-CCG_Armory http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/447957/opinions-wanted-on-ccg-armory-are-they-reliable
  11. Ahh very true, seems I thought the worst. Thank you.
  12. Kaiohx said: Or you could just wait till December when they release 'Rites of Battle'. I wanted to try and put one together and not wait the year ofr the book, unless Winter 2011 is wrong. I think once the book is released I'll have a better idea, just wanted to get some thoughts before that.
  13. I had not thought about just avoiding it altogether until later levels, maybe awardeding it at the same level or roughly close to the psychic hood, thanks for that one. The true faith is what I figured on using, litany of hate works too. I can probably put together talents from various sources, there was a set of unofficial astartes rules done for dark heresy, there might be a good talent list in there for ideas. It was really mainly stats and the overpowered factor I was worried about with regards to the rosarius. Thanks for the help, very good suggestions.
  14. I am curious if anyone has thought of or developed house rules for chaplains for Deathwatch? Assault marine for the xp tree and advancement, I also thought of some sort of inspirational talent from Dark Heresy, something in the faith chapters perhaps.I have not read through the books in a while as my group is somewhat of a pain with regards to any game, but that story is off topic and need not be told. Gear is where it gets dicey, the two specialized items are hte rosarius and crozius, crozius is easy, use stats for a power maul/hammer and tou should be good. The rosarius on the other hand, you're already ignoring 8 points of damage for power armor, and then another 6-10 for Unnatural Toughness. Tack on another 2d10 of damage reduction and what's the point of even having combat? The Gm would have to use 20-40 magnitude hordes toting Las-Cannon or melta weapons just to hurt this one character - and those same hordes will decimate the other PC's. (Assuming the rosarius from the previousl 2 titles) I thought about putting a time limit on it or a certain amount of damage it can absorb before shutting down to recharge, perhaps only being effective against certain damage/attack types. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated, also please do not turn this into a thread on whether chaplains are allowed or should be in deathwatch or not, I have seen "fluff" with regards to them being in to the point of one being killed by a hive tyrant, I have yet to see anything specifically stating they are not allowed, unless it is in the book itself. I have inquired to FFG about this and was told that future supplements will have them in not so many words, but I would like to play one before next year. Thanks folks.
  15. Yes how Northern is Northern? I am in NY myself.
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