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  1. Ah, thanks! I'll upload a fixed version soon. Thanks for the typo! So my original plan was to include those ships, but then Starships & Speeders came out (I was working on this for, er, too long). It is tempting to still have a section for each navy with example sil 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 ships, but I don't want to reproduce too much content, as I'm already being a bit iffy by reusing lots of FFG art. Wasn't really sure whether a rebel captain was needed- I guess I was assuming the PCs would be the ones commanding ships, and only need an admiral to take overall orders from. When I've run ship combats with NPC allies in other systems (e.g. FFGs Rogue Trader) they've ended up being drawn-out affairs where the GM spends a lot of time rolling dice against themselves as ships always have a lot of weapons and actions to handle, so I haven't even tried in this system. Equally, I should probably actually write that somewhere in the document! Plus it would be useful to have a Rebel Captain profile for PCs to 'borrow' to temporarily play in those situations anyway, so I'll work on a profile with a few different special abilities so there's enough for multiple different players to have unique captains.
  2. Read this as "The Sith'ari will be free of limbs..." to begin with. Anakin definitely hits that one.
  3. Update: I was trying to produce a template but thankfully The Dearth has rendered that unnecessary. Please use his fancy templates! So instead I can just post the finished version, with typos and errors fixed and a new modular encounter: A Lost Delivery, where the party are sent by a wealthy Baron to chase a contractor who has refused to hand over an item from a lost temple he sent them to acquire. Unfortunately, the temple fell into a black hole centuries ago...
  4. Er, no, you wouldn't. If a PC rolls a Despair on a check whilst using a Force power whilst there's bystanders around, then oh no! Someone reports them to the Inquisitorius. Or if they roll a bunch of Advantage, maybe a player wants to spend them to have a friendly NPC tell them a shortcut away from the pursuing Stormtroopers. It just feels like you're adding mechanics because you don't like the open-ended nature of the narrative dice system, which is pretty much the whole point of this system.
  5. Why not use Triumph/Despair/Advantage/Disadvantage for this? This sort of thing is exactly what they're for.
  6. Didn't read very far as I'm sorry but these are really, really out of place. The split between advantage and success is what drives creativity in this system. Letting players ditch advantage (especially in interesting 'failed with huge advantage' rolls) is a really bad idea, and removes the No, but... and Yes, and... from the game. Triple triumph is so uncommon you don't even really need to have a specific rule for it, and giving one PC free XP for it that the others don't get is also a bad idea because it breaks party parity. The idea of a complicated loot table with its own special loot rules is completely at odds with the rest of the system as well. That's for OSR systems, not more fast-paced rules-lighter modern systems. Like, getting random items from Triumphs etc. is great- I love my Sci-Fi Searches deck from LoreSmyth. But a heavyweight mechanical system encouraging PCs to loot the bodies after every encounter is just completely out of place. More power to you if your players like this kind of super-crunchy old-school gameplay with lots of edge-cases but if they do you should probably be playing Traveller.
  7. This is a SUPER GOOD RESOURCE, and I am so hyped for the NPC functionality. Thinking about that... does Star Wars: Adversaries offer an API? It would be amazing if we could just one-click import NPCs from there to our table.
  8. Right, but against most adversaries (those without Vicious) that means you need to have suffered at least five crits in order to even have a slight risk of death. You're well aware of the fact you're at risk, and for your character to die you have to choose to still put yourself out there despite that. It's not like, say, D&D where you could die in a normal combat without any warning just because your GM got lucky. Even disruptors or starship-scale weapons & explosives (if you're doing the 'roll a crit at +50' suggested rules) only have a small chance of killing an unwounded character.
  9. Given how forgiving this system is, in general, you only die if you want to- if you push your luck doing something heroic or OTT. Not giving full XP ends up punishing players for creating fun stories.
  10. One way I've handled this is adding 'counters': Letting the PCs know they have the time to do 4 'things' each today before some event will happen. It adds a bit more structure.
  11. Mine's finally arrived. The Assault Frigate has... some odd weapon arcs. It has 'five forward, five port and five starboard medium turbolaser batteries' with a listed arc 'forward, port and starboard'. Is that reasonable? Like, I can imagine 'forward or port or starboard' or 'forward and port and starboard or forward and port or forward and starboard', but port turbolasers firing starboard seems odd.
  12. How compatible is Affinity Publisher with fancy modern InDesign files? I've wanted to try using @drainsmith's brilliant Genesys templates, but my old version of InDesign can't open them.
  13. It's definitely a solid argument. I liked her introduction as it emphasised some of the same things as Rogue One- no, the Rebellion/Resistance is not just half a dozen heroes who do everything, there's a proper military with experienced commanders and everything behind the scenes. But yeah, as @Daeglan says, killing her off early and having Poe be completely out of his depth would've done the same thing. Then Leia could've dragged herself out of sick bay to pull the Holdo Maneuver, which would've been a great send-off for the character.
  14. Great, thanks for the catch! I'll fix that. I did most of it last year whilst writing my PhD thesis- my brain was incapable of doing anything other than writing huge documents, and after a day of LaTeX, InDesign comes as a pleasant relief. Definitely! Ideally I'd set up a small site for all the resources and a guide for how to use them. Do people have any suggestions for good, easy-to-use places to host a site and files? I'd normally put resources on GitHub and create a GitHub Pages site, but the copyright status of this is 'Very illegal but it's all just fun and games' and I'm not sure GitHub is the right venue for stuff like that.
  15. InDesign! I'm happy to share the file after I've had a few more eyes on this to spot any errors I've made in the formatting. It is an old version I've got through work though, so may not quite work as expected with shiny modern versions. There's definitely an argument that it's effectively double-dipping on the silhouette penalty/bonus as maximum speed is strongly correlated with silhouette. I did actually consider a version of Tracking that meant a weapon fired as if it had a higher silhouette (so bombs on starfighters might shoot as if they were Sil. 7 so they're only effective against cap-ships), but using speed instead also allows for bombs to be effective against ships caught unawares, which seemed more appropriate.
  16. Deploy the Fleet - Download on Dropbox (v2, 19/6/20) (19/6/20 - Fixed Typos) Update: Added a back page, a new encounter, and also a spine on request! I've been working on this for a while - behold, Deploy the Fleet: an unofficial splatbook focused on starships and space encounters. The meat of this book is modular encounters centred around starship combat, presented in a practical and usable way as close to the official resources as possible! They're designed to help ease groups into starship-based encounters, provide them with ships, or trial-run larger-scale battles. It also contains a bunch of optional expanded or variant rules- including the Genesys social rules tweaked for Star Wars, an expanded version of the chase rules, and a bunch more aimed at making starship encounters (particularly multi-ship or capital scale) faster and easier to run. The chase and social rules are used in the modular encounters, but everything else is completely optional! If you're a GM looking for some encounters to drop on your players, or you'd like to test out the stealth or social rules within, give it a try! The content is focused on small-scale capital ship encounters, but each encounter provides suggestions for how to customise it to smaller or larger vessels. Each features a mix of personal-scale and starship encounters, and all contain combat but in most it can be side-stepped by stealth or social skills. They should easily fit in to most Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion games (and even Force and Destiny). A selection of example pages are shown below. Hopefully, the book should be easy to read! I'm happy to take comments and critique- particularly from people who've encountered unexpected snags in the modular encounters or variant rules. Chapter 1: Fleets of the Galaxy Rebels, Imperials & Scum: Simple single-page sets of stats for pilots, captains and admirals for each faction. Flora & Fauna: Stats for gigantic space-creatures, from the Exogorth to the Purrgil. Chapter 2: Ships of the Galaxy New Ships: A small range of fighters, corvettes and capital ships. Fighters: Droid TIE Fighters, Scurrg H-6 Bombers Corvettes: Crusader Corvette, Imperial Customs Corvette Capital Ships: Strike Cruiser, EF-97 Intelligence Cruiser Buying Used: Rules for allowing PCs to buy sub-par ships at a discount. Chapter 3: Alternative Rules Expanded Social Rules: A tweaked version of the Genesys structured social rules adapted for SWRPG! Expanded Chase Rules: A version of the core EotE chase rules, modified for multi-party chases. Expanded NPC Crews & Minions: Run large fleet battles with much less effort. Starship Stealth Rules: Rules for going dark and sneaking past blockades. Alternative Defences: Small tweaks to the shield & defence rules to make PC ships more survivable! Chapter 4: Modular Encounters A Historic Hunt: Track down a vast and ancient Purrgil to recover an old hyperspace beacon... before its nemesis catches up with it. Hostile Acquisitons: Pull off a 'routine' heist of a newly-built cruiser as it's delivered to its new owners. Proscribed Prescriptions: Smuggle a hold full of vital medicine past two Imperial blockades, whilst avoiding its original owner. The End of World's End: Help a small mining colony defend itself from a criminal syndicate out to steal the ancient wrecks they've uncovered. Unnatural Entanglements: The PCs ship is trapped in an isolated system by a horde of space jellyfish and a malfunctioning hyperspace beacon.
  17. To be fair, the K-wing is awful. I've seen some redesigns that work, but the original doesn't remotely fit into the Star Wars aesthetic. Edit: No Scurrg H-6 either IIRC
  18. If the idea is it's a reference book you'll want to keep at the table every session rather than a splat you dip into every now and then then yeah TIEs need to be there.
  19. Apparently it's not at the UK distributors yet, which is annoying- no ETA of when we'll get it at all.
  20. There's no forced movement during space battles in SWRPG- in Genesys, every vehicle has to make a manoeuvre each turn, but the combat ranges are very different so it can't really be ported to SWRPG or fighters would constantly overshoot each other.
  21. The very first Star Wars film was a diverse group of humans (including, unusually for the time, a woman) and aliens against a bunch of posh white English men coded as Space Nazis. Whatever you may think about diversity, it's pretty inarguably a bedrock of Star Wars. Yeah, just for starters the Zabrak twins look super interesting. What's their deal?
  22. Realistically, the DS1's stats are irrelevant as it's unplayably complicated to use. I doubt they put that much thought into them.
  23. I mean, there was always going to be an element of redundancy in this trilogy; why actually make it? TLJ took steps towards making something of that. It showed how Luke's attempt to re-create the Jedi order of the Republic failed, for the same reasons as the original Jedi Order failed (angsty youths feeling they have a legacy to fill), and Rose talks about how the New Republic is neglecting the Outer Rim in the same way that the original Republic did. You could definitely have made it a trilogy about how the Alliance to Restore the Republic's attempt to restore it more-or-less as-was was well-meaning but flawed nostalgia, and the Resistance needed to move beyond that, learn from it and create something new. Ironic that TROS just went for well-meaning but flawed nostalgia.
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