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  1. Could be Archivist, Temple Guard or Consular? But then it seems a bit odd that Padawan and Knight are, presumably, specialisations on an equal footing. Unless Padawan is the only one that gives a Force rating so you have to go through Padawan before you take one of the others.
  2. Talkie Toaster

    Rise of the Separatists Era Book

    This is one of my favourite analog computers: A weird attempt to create a simulation of the economy using the flow of water between various chambers according to economic 'laws'. E: Oh wow it converted that link into a COLOSSAL inline video.
  3. On Star Destroyers etc., the advice for multiple weapons is to treat them like minion groups; if you have 5 turbolasers, the gunners fire one shot with skill rating 4. So I think it depends on how you're running the ship. If it's run by NPCs, then I'd use the rules for minion gunners and just make one attack upgraded once. If it's being run by PCs... technically, each weapon would have to be fired as a separate action. I'd probably just add a boost die for the second weapon though, approximating it as one weapon assisting the other on the attack check. If this isn't satisfying, then maybe give an upgrade instead.
  4. Talkie Toaster

    Attacking with two weapons

    No, because Defence affects the attack, not the hits. You make one attack check, applying Defence and any bonuses from items like shields, and then score 1 or more hits from it. Defence doesn't affect damage. Soak, however, does.
  5. Talkie Toaster

    Attacking with two weapons

    Yeah, it's important these are taken as 2 separate hits, not one hit for combined damage of the weapons. Aside from the fact that it doubles the soak: You can score 1 critical injury per hit on a target, so if you land a second hit with a dual-wielding attack, you can score a second critical. The Parry & Reflect talents allow you to reduce the damage of a hit, so if you land a second hit with a dual-wielding attack, they get to trigger it and reduce the damage of each hit individually- reducing the damage by more, but at the cost of more strain. Some armours (e.g. Koromondain Half Vest) degrade in quality when they suffer a hit. So more hits = more degradation.
  6. Talkie Toaster

    Attacking with two weapons

    Each hit of an attack deals base damage + successes. This includes hits from off-hand weapons, and the linked and auto-fire qualities.
  7. Talkie Toaster

    XP for Missing Players?

    But... XP gain is only informed by the story. This isn't OD&D, there are no rules for how much XP you get for killing a Rancor, or looting 1000 credits. It's handed out purely on the basis of 'how much the GM wants to give'. XP are power points, and the rate at which you award them just functions to determine the speed at which the scale of encounters the players can handle changes (e.g. graduating from tussling with street thugs, to stormtroopers, to death troopers). They're not an objective measure of how much 'stuff' the PCs have experienced in-world, that's just legacy naming (and as someone who's played a lot of old systems, it's unsurprising that's what you're used to).
  8. Talkie Toaster

    Another Character Generator

    I really wish people didn't feel this way about sharing 'bad' code. There's a ton of promising projects that just die, because they were never shared because the author was embarrassed by the quality of their old code and never shared it. In academia this is a serious issue- a PhD student learns to program on the job and is ashamed of the quality of their code so never shares it, writes a few papers, then leaves and their work can never be replicated or built on without hiring someone to spend another few years re-writing the same thing from scratch. Obvs it doesn't help that some people *can* be kind of jerks about code quality but... :(.
  9. Talkie Toaster

    Manufacturing and Factories?

    He has a point. This is going to be incredibly GM-specific. Are they the type to let you wing things they think are interesting but a bit tangental to the plot (e.g. I let my players build about 50 fake-lightsaber-glowsticks in the hold their Lucrehulk with a single Mechanics check), are they going to want to make it a whole adventure in itself to set up a factory...
  10. Talkie Toaster

    XP for Missing Players?

    Yeah, I think the question is why would on earth would you want to punish absentee players? Either they have a perfectly reasonable reason, in which case punishing them is a jerk move, or they've prioritised something else over the game, and a petty 'Well you don't get 15XP' response isn't exactly encouraging them to come back. It's just a hangover from the old days of competitive GM-vs-Players RPGs where XP was a scoring mechanism.
  11. Talkie Toaster

    Clone Wars Questions

    There's some interesting parallels with Brexit in the Separatist Crisis. Both were portrayed as* populist uprisings triggered by a distant and bureaucratic government failing to protect its citizens from exploitation by big businesses and unfair trade deals (e.g. the Invasion of Naboo). But both were bankrolled by the very same exploitative businesses that triggered the dissatisfaction in the first place, hoping to free themselves from the last vestiges of ineffectual regulation. Almost all the ships and troops doing the heavy lifting for the Separatists are from the Trade Federation, InterGalactic Banking Clan, Techno-Union, Commerce Guild... it's questionable whether the Separatist crisis would even have happened without the psychopaths at the top (putting aside the whole 'Evil Sith plan' thing). *To be clear, that's how it was presented by its advocates, at least those who didn't go all nativist. I canvassed for Remain...
  12. I had a somewhat similar idea for the post-OT era. The PCs would be fixer-uppers for a junta on a mid-rim world in a buffer zone between the New Republic and Imperial Remnant. Dealing with political interference from both sides, practical interference as the Resistance/First Order begin to rise, playing both sides off for as much as they can get and stopping other non-aligned worlds from being subverted. Maybe *slightly* easier to sympathise with the Imperial Remnant than the Sith Empire, but then you still have a clear Bad Guy in the FO, and potentially have an extra layer of politics as the New Republic/Imperial Remnant ask you to try and stop their breakaway factions from antagonizing the other (e.g. the Resistance wants to capture a FO-friendly Moff on a diplomatic visit to your planet, the NR leaks their plans to you).
  13. It definitely provides a nice framework for episodic play. Each session you go to a new sector/planet/corporation and have to persuade them to pick your side, whilst dealing with whatever the local problems are and interference from the other side.
  14. Military procurement for a major project running 20 years late is probably the most realistic thing in the Star Wars universe.
  15. Talkie Toaster

    A Boost to the Shooter if no Cover

    No, cover gives a character ranged defence 1: