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  1. It's just Lightsaber, Warfare & Lore isn't it? Technically Cybernetics but that's as a throwaway suggestion in a sidebar somewhere.
  2. Basically Sil. 4 is the breakpoint for 'Hero ships', where the hotshot pilot can dramatically influence the ship's performance. If you have someone who wants to play a pilot, probably stick with Sil. 4 to start- they'll have a lot more options. Sil. 5 is fine if you don't have a pilot, because repair/boosting shields etc. becomes a bigger part of combat.
  3. Ranged (Heavy) has the Heavy Blaster Rifle in core, still one of the most powerful weapons in the entire game, unrestricted- 1.5k/rarity 6 for 10 base damage, long range, 4 HP, and autofire. If you're happy to splash Gadgeteer for Jury-Rigged, Jury-Rig autofire to 1A. Take an Augmented Spin Barrel, Laser Sight, and Superior Modification for 14 damage/pierce 1, accurate 1, 2 free Advantage on all attacks, and +1 hit per Advantage. Even on an attack roll with a single success and nothing else, you're dealing 3 ≈16 damage hits. Bear in mind your GM will almost certainly have to talk to you about this after a few sessions as an even halfway competent character using autofire can reliably delete 2 rivals or a Nemesis in a single action from long range, and combat descends into rocket tag. There is a reason none of the splat Ranged (Heavy) weapons are stand-outs; because FFG still live in fear of the monster they created in the CRB. (Okay, Bantha's Eye Sight isn't from the CRB, it's from the Hired Gun splat, the very first one they put out...)
  4. I don't think you were, there's definitely a turret on top (to the right of the sensor dish): To me that's three Twin Light Laser Cannons (Aft/Port/Fore, Port/Fore/Starboard, Aft/Starboard/Fore) + one Twin Medium Laser Cannon. Very heavily armed for a Sil. 4 freighter, but like you say, it's dangerous out there. Plus it helps it live up to the name 'Acklay'. A dangerous vessel with clamping limbs that operates out in the wild seems like a perfect fit.
  5. Yeah, you could already get the 2 from the shield from a combat shield from the Colonist sourcebook. I guess the plasma shield is a bit smaller, but still...
  6. Nobody put that much thought into these ships when they were making them. The weapon load outs are based almost entirely on what was needed in the narrative at the time, or what the writer thought would be impressive, or how many turrets the artist thought would look good. Plus, the actual weapon selection tends to vary from one occurrence to another as most writers/artists don't bother doing much research (because, well, consistency is not that big a deal, Star Wars isn't serious military fiction). FFG have done a fairly good job of calibrating the ships they've statted to a roughly consistent power level. Rescale the ships to match the power level you expect. It has 6 'medium turbo laser batteries' - that could be 6 quad medium turbo lasers. Everything listed on the page is a battery, so just whack up the linked rating to 3 and add an Accurate on as with quad laser cannons. 6 quad medium TL, 6 quad lasers and 6 quad heavy ion cannons still won't be much of a competition to an ISD, but you can always add enough proton torpedo launchers to make it worthwhile. Consider the assault concussion missile launchers on the Victory Star Destroyer, maybe add assault PT launchers that're stronger.
  7. I think those are just 'Plot Damage' like the Death Star's Turbolaser. We know they can wipe out a reinforced planet-side base in a single salvo and are 'fleet killers'. If anything, I'd have them make an attack with extra difficulty = target's speed. If they hit, the target is dead. So that way they can't easily hit small/fast ships, but will wipe a cruiser every 2-3 rounds (depending on how long you want them to have as a recharge).
  8. Genesys rules are basically: As an action, you can make an opposed Social check using the regular rules. On a success, deal 1 Strain per S. On a failure, suffer 2 Strain. Once the target is at >50% Strain, they're willing to compromise. Once the target is at >100% Strain, they capitulate entirely. The bit that makes it interesting is the way boost/setback dice are allocated by how the PCs skills and arguments play off the NPC Strengths/Flaws/Ambitions/Fears.
  9. Dear lord photobucket makes it impossible to actually download that. And it inexplicably uses Flash for its download buttons? Do you have a link to the original on Deviantart? E: Er, how did this end up on the first page when it's from 2016?
  10. Could be Archivist, Temple Guard or Consular? But then it seems a bit odd that Padawan and Knight are, presumably, specialisations on an equal footing. Unless Padawan is the only one that gives a Force rating so you have to go through Padawan before you take one of the others.
  11. This is one of my favourite analog computers: A weird attempt to create a simulation of the economy using the flow of water between various chambers according to economic 'laws'. E: Oh wow it converted that link into a COLOSSAL inline video.
  12. On Star Destroyers etc., the advice for multiple weapons is to treat them like minion groups; if you have 5 turbolasers, the gunners fire one shot with skill rating 4. So I think it depends on how you're running the ship. If it's run by NPCs, then I'd use the rules for minion gunners and just make one attack upgraded once. If it's being run by PCs... technically, each weapon would have to be fired as a separate action. I'd probably just add a boost die for the second weapon though, approximating it as one weapon assisting the other on the attack check. If this isn't satisfying, then maybe give an upgrade instead.
  13. No, because Defence affects the attack, not the hits. You make one attack check, applying Defence and any bonuses from items like shields, and then score 1 or more hits from it. Defence doesn't affect damage. Soak, however, does.
  14. Yeah, it's important these are taken as 2 separate hits, not one hit for combined damage of the weapons. Aside from the fact that it doubles the soak: You can score 1 critical injury per hit on a target, so if you land a second hit with a dual-wielding attack, you can score a second critical. The Parry & Reflect talents allow you to reduce the damage of a hit, so if you land a second hit with a dual-wielding attack, they get to trigger it and reduce the damage of each hit individually- reducing the damage by more, but at the cost of more strain. Some armours (e.g. Koromondain Half Vest) degrade in quality when they suffer a hit. So more hits = more degradation.
  15. Each hit of an attack deals base damage + successes. This includes hits from off-hand weapons, and the linked and auto-fire qualities.
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