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  1. I suspect so, just like the other Arkham Nights exclusives have been made available later, but just making sure I won't miss out on the experience.
  2. Looking at some unboxing videos, and it looks like this will come with a respectable card organizer tray. Is this an indication of what FFG plans to continue doing with the rest of their LCGs in the future?
  3. Looking at some unboxing videos, and it looks like this will come with a respectable card organizer tray. Is this an indication of what FFG plans to continue doing with the rest of their LCGs in the future?
  4. Although expensive, alongside the organizer, Gloomhaven truly is a unique experience, especially due to the Legacy aspects. I know some see it as a negative, but it doesn't stop you from replaying scenarios you've conquered, and still improving your character that way. Sure, the main campaign is not repayable, necessarily (although you CAN buy removable stickers), but as a game, it is amazing, and could literally be the only game you and your group play for at least a year, if not longer. If that's not value in the box, I don't know what is. Think of Gloomhaven (and this Journeys of Middle Earth seems similar, but for some reason it hasn't grabbed me yet) as a computer role-playing game. You pay around $60 for that, it offers 40+ hours (if it's a good game) of SOLO enjoyment, but for $40 more, you get to enjoy ... I think there are like 900+ scenarios in Gloomhaven, if I'm not mistaken, and they all take around an hour or longer... so the math works
  5. Yes, from the get-go, I picked 1 her of each class, shuffled to pick 2 classes, then shuffled to pick heroes from those classes. Trying to do that method and run the same 2 through all 8 scenarios, then pick random ones from the other 2 classes, and do the same, ad infinitum.
  6. I wish FFG would start including storage trays with all their games. Other Asmodee games do it (for instance, T.I.M.E. Stories' is brilliant). And they look "cheap" enough to not cause a lot of issues in that department.
  7. Thank you! I laminated all the Quest cards and didn't even think to keep them in order. I want to play them as they came, since there isn't an "official" guide to it. Yes, I'm a bit OCD when it comes to this. As for Enemies, I just keep them in alphabetical order by difficulty, with the Nemeses at the end.
  8. Hello there! I know there isn’t a particular order that you have to play the Quests, but in terms of organization... can someone please tell me what the original order of the Quest cards was, as it came in the package, please?
  9. Are you sure it’s “discarding” and not “defeating”? The intent I think it’s to sort of “reset” the Man’s status except now you have to go to a new location and face the hazard from the agenda before leaving the previous location. So you have to fully “defeat” him twice, whether by investigation or combat damage.
  10. Thank you! Interesting, that the two Ultimatums listed as "new" on the Return to Dunwich Legacy article are also included in the link you posted. Perhaps because they will actually be printed for the RtTDL just like the achievements list was.
  11. Ever since I saw the Divider sets that we got for Arkham Horror Invocation this year, I've been drooling over the idea of getting a premium box like for the "Return..." series, but ones that are specific to each of the classes.
  12. I'd love to see FFG create P.O.D. of Scenario cards that correspond to each of the Novella storylines, where you get to solo-play the character. Sort of a choose-your-own-adventure-but-with-AH:LCG-mechanics.
  13. So when 2017's Arkham Nights came up, part of the events included playing with "Ultimatums". And now I see a couple of new ones mentioned in the latest Return to Dunwich Legacy article. Were these Ultimata provided as cards or are they written up somewhere akin to the Achievements in Return to The Night of the Zealot?
  14. Berethrof

    House Sanctum

    So I re-read the Glossary for Armor, and it doesn't specifically say that it restores at the end of the turn. This is what it says: ARMOR Some creatures have an armor value to the right of the card title. Armor prevents an amount of damage equal to the armor value that the creature would take each turn. For example, if a creature has two armor and is dealt one damage, that damage is absorbed by the armor, leaving the creature with one armor for the rest of the turn. If the creature is later dealt three more damage during that turn, one damage is absorbed and the other two damage are dealt to that creature. If a creature gains armor, the gains are additive and accumulate on top of the creature’s printed armor value. If a creature gains armor during a turn, the gained armor does not absorb damage already dealt that turn. If a creature loses armor during a turn, it is not retroactively dealt damage that was already absorbed by the armor. If a creature has a “~” symbol in its armor field, the creature has noarmor. Such creatures may gain armor through card effects. Do I assume that "... would take each turn" and "... for the rest of the turn" means that it refreshes after that turn? I understood it as once you lose the Armor, you lose the Armor for the rest of that card's existence in play.
  15. Why forced to? I enjoy the feel of dice in my hand and rolling, but I've also considered a tower. Does that make it easier/better/faster?
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