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  1. The Nationals are only two weeks away and we need to see the tickets snapped up! If you are holding off to see where you come in a Regional please do note that events that have sold up will be allocated tickets from those that haven't. That means us. The event is on May 31st (Saturday) and is surrounded on either side by the Expo. Well worth the trip. We also have had word that there will be a NATIONAL only Alternate Art Card that will be issued both the OPEN and the Final. Note that these are LIMITED in number and we cannot guarantee what the distribution will be yet. Come along and be part of the first even UK AGOT National Event!
  2. Yup, all things Lovecraft are open season for licensing thanks to copyright from the 1930's not being what it is today. It could be suggested that part of the success of the H.P.L brand has been because fans both amateur and professional can add to the mythos however they please without the fear of an army of laweyers appearing out of the woodwork.
  3. All things come to an end and its sad to see a game I hoped would begin to pick up with the release of the neutral box bite the dust. FFG appear to have run out of steam with what they feel they can do with it given their boast of the number of Deluxe sets and Chapter Packs. However that said what does this mean for Game Of Thrones and Cthulhu? Its almost certain that CoC will get a multiplayer expansion. Will this sound the death knell of the game in 2014? Game of Thrones is now the old man of LCG's, this year has seen scant production of 'new' ideas (no new deluxe box since Lions), is the only thing that will keep FFG's interest in the game the prospect on capitalising on the TV Series? Will the game suffer from this? The Draft Packs are just a trivial distraction at best. Of course the removal of one title that is not performing well leaves space for another that might do better (Jyhad perhaps). Time will tell.
  4. The cakes are ordered (yes we even have Martell) and we are just ensuring that we will have table and chair space for everyone. We estimate between 30-40 players but are primed for 50 (we had 52 for the Regional). Note that if you have not confirmed your attendance we don't think you are coming. We really don't want to have people travel and miss out because we can't seat them so please do let us know as guysthatgame@live.co.uk if you are coming or of course mention it on our FACEBOOK Event. @Daenarys post your request on our Facebook page too also as you may have some folks on there who don't follow these forums.
  5. Its only four weeks to the GTG Winter Is Coming event. Our main prize, the incredible Hound of The Helm from Valyrian Steel has completed its journey across the seas to us and is now sits in our store scaring young children. We have promo cards, playmats and tokens to give away but more importantly we have a DAY filled with the best the UK has to offer in Game of Thrones LCG play.
  6. FFG are only just coming around to the idea that Organised Play needs a little more than throwing a 'Kit' at people. Imagine how we feel in the UK and Europe, we get no Arkham Nights, no Event Centre of course I appreciate that the USA is a big place and that some of you folks might actually be further away from these things than we are, however you don't have to cross the Atlantic. We have been pushing Game of Thrones for three years now and have a yearly event where we give away around $800 of prizes on the day (first prize is the Hound's Helm this year) but we get nothing in the way of help or support from FFG for doing it. If we put that kind of money into MTG or Yugioh we would be looking at a turnout of 300 rather than 50. We don't do that because as gamers at heart we REALLY LIKE the idea of a level playing field and also really like the game itself. I think that 2014 may well be the turning point for FFG and it's OP support. If they see good attendance and lets face facts here an increase in sales directly related to the exposure that OP can give, much more may be coming our way in 2015.
  7. I'm late to this party but my top five choices of game reboot/licence as an LCG would be Jyhad (VTES) Doomtrooper Raw Deal Lord of the Rings (not co-operative) Legend of the 5 Rings (as AEG just switched to yearly rotation, the scum bags)
  8. Note that this event is a grinder. 2 Rounds of Melee, 3 rounds of Joust and then a TOP 8 to decide the champion. We get the very best out of the game on this day and we hope to get the best out of our players! Entry is £10.00 Restricted list will apply. Note that MELEE scoring is NOT based on the FFG rules due to the combination of the two formats on the day.
  9. 2011 went well, our first ever AGOT Tournament on a 'grand scale'. We were not sure we could top it until Winter is Coming 2012 brought players in from all over the region for a chance to win 'NEEDLE'. We thought that was amazing until we then hosted the biggest Regional Event in UK...and now WINTER IS COMING 2013 October 27th GTG Games and Hobbies 301 City Road Stoke on Trent England ST4 2QA First Prize THE HOUND'S HELM - A limited edition replica from VALRYIAN STEEL We also have a fantastic array of prizes for those that fail to take the Iron Throne (none of them involve losing limbs) We hope you will join us for the biggest AGOT LCG Event of the year. https://www.facebook.com/events/1395242190693319/
  10. Check out the details for the next Joust Event at GTG Games and Hobbies (UK) http://dicerobot.co.uk/RoboBlog/game-of-thrones-lcg-tournament-at-gtg-games/
  11. NOTE: We are currently debating the 'No Cut Off' statment as we would really like to do one. We will advise if there is any change by next week at the latest.
  12. The time is at hand to muster your bannermen, to cross the seas and to breach the wall. Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons, Greyjoy, Targaryen and Martell lift up your swords and claim your place on the Iron Throne. In 2012 GTG held the FIRST UK AGOT REGIONAL and this year we offer you a final chance to take part in 2013. This is a fantastic opportunity for both veterans and new players to experience competitive play amongst some of the best players in the country. Steve Alock who you may know from various boards and forums as ARRDET is a MASTER of the rulings and will preside over the event, offering confidence and an expectation of fair play. Master of Ceromonies is Eddie Skelson who is well known for his gentle and meek nature. His even handed fairness and kind words for those who offer the greatest threat. Battles Commences at 11am PROMPT Format is JOUST Match Length 60 mins Packs are legal UP to and INCLUDING Captains Command (should a pack be freely available in the UK the week before the event it will be added to the legal list) The OFFICIAL RESTRICTED LIST as per FFG is in force. We currently have NO 'in-house' restrictions added to this but reserve the right to amend this should it be deemed necessary. We will be running a STRAIGHT SWISS event of 5 Rounds. There is no play off as we need to accomodate players who are taking trains into the City and will need to ensure being able to get back home (no one wants to stay in Stoke). PRIZE POOL 1 Regional Champion 2013 trophy 1 World Championship Weekend ticket 2 Engraved granite house cards (1st and 2nd Place) 8 Full-color A Game of Thrones: The Card Game playmats (Top 8) 16 sets of 6 double-sided Regionals exclusive House cards 1 “Sansa prize” - A Deck Box from the FFG archives for the We will also be adding a few of our own prizes from the mysterious Vaults of the Stokeros Realm.
  13. http://dicerobot.co.uk/RoboBlog/game-of-thrones-lcg-uk-regional/ Some bumf about our store and the upcoming AGOT Regionals -Full info can be found on our Facebook page (you may need to 'friend' GTG Games and then join or ask to join the Game of Thrones group, we don't know why). Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/621066221240724/
  14. Hi all. We will be hosting a Regional Event at GTG Games and Hobbies on Sunday June 2nd. Details can be found on our Facebook page and at www.dicerobot.co.uk I'll add more information and links later today!
  15. Hi folks. Once again we are hosting a Regional for Game of Thrones LCG at GTG Games in Stoke on Trent. This will be the LAST Regional in the UK for 2013. You can find details on the GTG Facebook page and at www.dicerobot.co.uk I'll add some links later on! Hope to see you all in June
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