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  1. There are 2 co-op stories in Call of the Wild expansion.
  2. Veet said: I also once got the encounter where you find a journal and after reading it feel like the person who wrote it is traveling with you which results in drawing an ally card and keeping them for a few turns. I drew Duke. So I had found a journal written by a dog. It wasn't Duke, it was probably Trixie Koontz!
  3. grim_reaper_zig said: 2) Balance. In almost none of the games I've played, the overlord has gotten a solid victory. It's always by the skin of his teeth and a huge struggle. where the heroes can stroll through dungeons like it's no big deal. It's like the overlord isn't even there to win, but to make sure the hero players have a good time, and thats not fun for the overlord. How many scenarios have you played from the expansions? Have you played Quests 4 or 6 from Well of Darkness? Or any quests from Altar of Despair? If the heroes in your games easily win in these quests, there is only one answer to that: your overlord is a really poor player! I've played Descent 32 times up 'till now, and the score is: Heroes 16 wins - Overlord 16 wins. A perfect tie! Generally, I find the voices that say that Descent has some major flaws, vastly exaggerated.
  4. Scottwick said: I only found out about 2e today and already I'm tired of hearing long-time fans complain about having to buy a new game. Useless? Is Final Fantasy 7 useless because you had to buy Final Fantasy 8-14? After a new game comes out you never play the old one again? There is one thing that nobody has noticed. The announcement of Descent 2nd edition announces also that there won't be any more expansions for 1st ed! Expansions for Descent have always gone in footsteps of expansions for Runebound: Road to Legend - journey across Terrinoth Tomb of Ice - elements from Frozen Wastes Sea of Blood - journey across Torue Albes and Cerridor Sea I hoped there would be more campaign expansion that allow players to journey across Al-Kalim, Isheim and Zanaga (that would be great!) but now we know that it's not the case. FFG can of course publish expansions that will take place in those lands but it's at least 5-7 years before reaching that point! This is my biggest dissapointment.
  5. Steve-O said: I've been running my own D&D game using this info as a setting for the past few months and it's been coming along nicely. Steve-O, you never cease to amaze me! How do you find the time to play all those games AND run a D&D campaign? What do you do for a living? :-)
  6. Toqtamish said: Personally I would like see some more fluff for the setting, like novels maybe. The most interesting thing for me would be a Mennara compendium, a book about the world, with a large map, like for a RPG game.
  7. I would like to know how to incorporate Doom Trqack variant in a scenario other than Rise of the Dragon Lords. I'm expecially interested in Endgame phase, e.g. if you play The Frozen Wastes do the players fight with red challenges or Arshan? I would love to see the list of endgame conditions for all expansions, not only the big box expansions.
  8. Elbi said: Regarding Evade checkswhat happens when the investigator fails: The action happens just as the investigator wanted to, but he takes damage from every monster he failed his check against. It is worth to notice that taking damage from monsters after failing evade check is not obligatory. The Keeper decides if he wants to damage youprefere to leave you, so he can later use some useful trauma cards...buahahaha...
  9. Kazi said: I really don't have any other issues with them that I can think of right now Unfortunatelly, I do. You can play Trauma card when the investigator's sanity or health has to or below the number depicted on the card, but some Trauma cards don't have numbers. Does it mean that I can play them any time the investigator takes damage or horror? Or should I treat it as a card with number 1 (There are no Trauma cards with number 1 and there is one health or sanity symbol depicted on the card)?
  10. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought that the Keeper can use a specific Keeper Action card only once per turn unless specifically stated, like in the case of "Command Minion" which the Keeper can use multiple times during the turn but only once per monster. That's how I understood this fragment: "p.10: During this step, the keeper may resolve any number of these Keeper Action cards that he wishes (threat permitting)". Any number of cards (for example 3 cards out of 5 that the Keeper has in Story # 1), and not "any number of times of any card".
  11. JCHendee said: Hopefully you're still out there. I haved IoD but haven't broken any seals on it until now. 4 Green 4 Yellow 2 Blue/Purple 2 Red Yeah, I'm still out here. I'm very thankful that you check it for me. Thanks!
  12. Could anyone tell me how many adventure counters ship with The Island of Dread expansion? Please, list how many of each color there are. Thanks
  13. Rogue30 said: Régis Moulun is one among those I don't like (I hate his style). Really? He's got a great palette of colors, his works remind me pre-rafaelites.
  14. Just a simple question at the beginning of a new year. Who are your favourite artists of A Game of Thrones and who of them would you like to see the most on future cards? Please, present your top 5 lists below. My list: 1. Tomasz Jedruszek 2. Regis Moulun 3. Ryan Barger 4. Franz Miklis 5. Jason Caffoe
  15. First of all, I want to express that I am really in love with this game. It certainly retains the 'just one more turn' feel of the computer game. I love every detail and every little element of this wonderful design. Congratulations and many thanks to Kevin Wilson! However, there is one thing that doesn't seem right. Mao Tse Tung as the leader of the Chinese. Why they took this communist murderer who is responsible for deaths of countless citizens for the leader? There are many people in Chinese history that trully developed China, Shi Huang Di, Kong Fu Tzi to name a few. The other nations in the game have leaders who have done something good, or at least were neutral. If Mao is the leader of the Chines than, to be consequent, why not make Hitler the leader of Germans or Stalin the leader of Russians? Does it bother anyone else?
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