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  1. thanos2001

    Will there be future for Battles of Westeros?

    Hello FFG: Please end the mystery. Is there more or are you done?
  2. I have to agree with Dale on this one. Page 22 shows an example of retreating in a blue box. Both text and visuals show an unharmed unit needing to retreat due to a flag result on the dice. Three (undamaged) mounted Lannister units are shown in all three example images retreating from four Stark infantry. The rules are what they are. It is weird FFG doesn't have somebody doing the community management thing for such a new game.
  3. thanos2001

    SoCal Meta(s) - LA and San Diego

    Thanks be to all for providing this noob a great Kubla-con experience! It was great getting a chance to field my first AGOT constructed deck. It got crushed, but I had a great time learning how to play. Seeing some of the Pro's lay the smack down in a variety of different ways was inspiring. I got a glimpse of the depth the game has. I've been itching to find some time and tear apart my Greyjoy deck. @Fancy B: We should get together brother! -Chris
  4. Thanks for the help Lars! Your answer was just what I was looking for. I just won 16 expansions in an auction and didn't have a clue how to proceed. That site you listed is awesome!
  5. thanos2001

    SoCal Meta(s) - LA and San Diego

    Two things changed since my last post. I got a job, YAY, and I had a birthday. I've got a lot less free time to game but I also won a Boardgame Geek auction for a bunch ( 16 expansions) of new AGOT cards! I'm very eager to try them out. Unfortunately I'm off to Lake Havasu this weekend. After that I should have some free time to game weekday nights. I can travel to any of the greater LA areas. A trip to San Diego would have to be a weekend deal. I'm thinking of hitting Kubla-Con for the first time. I was sad to see the Kings Landing set had only single copies of House Greyjoy cards. Are we really expected to buy 3 sets to make that house playable or does it work out as is? I obviously haven't tried it yet. Halfway through book 2 and lovin it so far!
  6. thanos2001

    SoCal Meta(s) - LA and San Diego

    I'm sorry I missed the demo last weekend. I just picked up the game at Gameology yesterday. They had a demo of the core set for sale. I'm in the LA area Cornnut. If you are still playing, I'm available. I'm considering Kubla-con due to this game. Just finished the first book and I've got the fever!
  7. thanos2001

    Los Angeles, California players

    I'm interested. I'm in La Crescenta.
  8. thanos2001

    Los Angeles Players - Grown Ups Only pls

    I'm in La Crescenta and I'm hosting a playdate tomorrow. Email me at thanos2001@gmail.com if interested.