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  1. So how do I describe the appearance of being within the screaming vortex? It appears opaque from the outside. Are the stars obscured from within? Is it essentially a giant nebula covering many many light years? How would you describe the scene to your players as they orbit a star system (inside the vortex) and look through the viewports of their ship?
  2. Well that settles it in my mind. The nerf must have been an oops if we compare ALL of the vehicles against each other.
  3. The Land Raider in RoB had 95 structural integrity and was then nerfed to 42 after the errata. In the Only War beta, a Basilisk has 45, a Leman Russ has 70 and a Baneblade has a whopping 120! Is it right for Only War vehicles to have such high S.I. when a Land Raider is considered to be one of the most powerful tanks in the 40K canon?
  4. I hear you! I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw Prometheus today. Those dudes were ripped!
  5. So what IS a Void Kraken? How does the book handle the beast? Is it treated like a ship? What kind of stats are we looking forward to?
  6. Hello! In order to gain a better understanding of the scope of 40K weaponry, I thought it might be fun to simulate a detailed weapons testing on different every-day objects we're familiar with. Maybe those from around the forums who are talented writers and also more familiar with the 40k mythology could contribute? If you all wouldn't mind, what if we stuck to the following: Weapon Test Object Range Impact Effect/Damage Report: I'll start with the Tau Pulse Rifle. Feel free to write your own versions too! Weapon: Tau Pulse Rifle Test Object: 2006 Hummer H2 Range: 50 meters Impact Effect/ Damage Report: A single blue plasma pulse round impacts on the driver's side door with a bright blue flash and a loud thud followed by the hiss of melting steel and clattering debris. Residual plasma dissipation takes .25 seconds causing secondary scorching within a diameter of 12 inches of the impact site. All the vehicle's windows are shattered. The driver's side door smolders while the vehicle interior catches fire. Primary damage is focused on the driver's side door which bears a glowing three-inch hole, structural heat warping and thermal shock fracture. Moments later the door dislodges entirely. Secondary thermal damage is located on the interior of the passenger side door demonstrating minor penetration capabilities..
  7. I'd argue that the reason we don't hear about distress calls after a gellar field failure is because the Astropaths are removed from the equation altogether....permanently. When the field fails and the raw warp comes pouring through the spaces between atoms, aren't the psykers' heads the first to go POP? Also, would anyone mind addressing the effects warp-caused time dilation has on Astropathic messaging between realms?
  8. Yes, special abilities ignore facing UNLESS the card specifically says otherwise (Source: FAQ pdf).
  9. I finally nabbed the Tyranid expansion and a buddy and I only got to try one game out with it in addition to the Space Marine squad expansion. Within the FIRST round our entire formation was torn to pieces and reduced to 50%. We managed to mow down a swarm of Warriors with the chain gun and obliterate a Lictor with rockets, but in the end we only lasted 3 turns....... Talk about a meat grinder. What killed us was the Lictor's spawn ability to immediately flank upon deployment.
  10. A simple test to determine who the 'Bad Guy' is: 1. Get a picture of an ultramarine and a chaos lord. 2. Find a two year old. Ask him/ her to point out which one is the bad guy. 3. Chances are, the one with severed hands/heads hanging from him armor, glowing eyes, horns, and is covered in human blood and flesh runes will be named the 'bad guy.' Seriously, why do people even argue this point? There are no good guys in 40k according to the mythology's setting and the archetype of "Hero" can shift back and forth between Chaos, the Imperium, and all the other factions. But how can someone EVER claim that the Warp/Chaos can apply to what is "Good?" Within the setting, this point of view can vary, but from the perspective of the real world (you, me, everyone) Chaos represents what is blatently evil. The Warp is anathema to matter. It corrupts the flesh, it destroys, *****, brings about mutation, madness, death, suffering, fanged beasts, eternal torment, vile perversions, selfish decadence. The Warp is space hell. It is the darkest of all evils in the 40k universe. There are only various degrees of evil one can select in 40k (and even lower depths in Black Crusade).
  11. Sounds like fun! I'd be more concerned about the Ork PC's loyalties being tested by the invaders' WWAAGGHH! on a cellular level.
  12. Well I do think that 10 times is a but much, but double sounds feasible to me from a fluff standpoint. However you're right; the results yielded should reflect the magnitude of difference. I've never read anything directly about this besides a forum member attributing the concept to Sam. With the single-digit nature of the tabletop game, it seems to make even more sense since the abstraction is greater. Over all if this interpretation proved to be accurate and an additional explanation/comparison was given for attribute bonuses and weapon damage, it would really frame the numerical portion of the rule set better for me.
  13. Dang, where's the edit button? The title should say "exponential."
  14. I've heard it said that Sam had mentioned at one time that if you compare a character with 40 strength to a character with 50 strength, the 50 strength character is actually TWICE as strong as the guy with 40 strength. That means that every 10% up the scale is exponential. A guy with 40 Intelligence would be twice as smart as a guy with 30 intelligence and so on. What this doesn't account for is a measurement of strength bonus.....or would it still apply? If so, it sort of helps the universe make more sense to me in terms of the scale of power in 40k when compared to your average joe. A Bloodthirster with a strength in the 90's goes from super strong to epic-strong and seems more capable of challenging an army properly! What do you all think? Is this confirmed anywhere in the books?
  15. While the hulk is in the warp, is there any Gellar field active? If not, you may want to consider including whatever common effects are responsible for fusing the hulk into such a twisted mass; "reality quakes" and the like. It could make for a great "Get out now!" moment when the hulk's innards begin twisting and turning, forcing them to flee to the safety of a jury-rigged Gellar device.
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