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  1. So it's been bugging me. For one reason or another, I recall thinking that a spatchcock was a sort of shovel. That made sense. Hands like shovels, big heavy and flat. A spatchcock is a chicken or other game bird prepared for roasting or grilling by removing the spine. "Hands like Spatchcocks"? Any ideas?
  2. I’ve been looking at non-human (inhuman?) antagonists for my Rogue Trader game, and particularly ones where talking your way out isn’t an option (curse the crew of the Blessed Eventide and their ability to solve 60% of plots by throwing a party or formal dinner, and another 20% by calling in contacts made or solidified at a previous party or formal dinner). Not wanting to descend into importing ‘Nids, and being bored with Orks, I looked into the bestiaries and source books of the 40K RPGs. There’s three stand-outs, and I was wondering what the assemblage of the forum have done with them in the past. The Rak’Gol are nasty blighters in a fight. Savage and brutal looters like Orks, but even more murderous. They’re also downright inscrutable in motivation, save for some manner of interest in or link to... The Yu’Vath, dead (and possibly dreaming) sorcerous entities with a habit of creating or recreating construct entities and minions. Hunting through he ruins of their fallen empire is nothing compared to the threat that they might not be as dead as everyone thinks. The Slaugth are another bucket of worms all together. Infiltrators and beast masters, encounters are far more likely to include tracking through an increasingly gribbly maze of deceit and cut-outs. So, how have you used these in your games, or what plots have you hatched that have failed to materialise?
  3. So, it appears that my Rogue Trader game will be restarting. A combination of real life and game kludge left it floundering, but it seems we will be restarting next week. I'm planning on cauterising where it left off (half way through a sprawling endeavour that wasn't flowing well and that most of the details of will have been forgotten) and starting with a new arc (though I intend to check with players on whether this is acceptable or not first, obviously). I thought I'd see if any suggestions accrue here Crew of the Blessed Eventide, if you happen to be reading this, clear off. So, the crew has ties to Malfi. The Senechal in particular, who spent years practicing law there and who is married to a former member of house Belasco's sniper recon cadre as one of several of the Dynasty's ties to that house. She's also under a death warrant from the Blood Guild bounty hunters, under a flimsy pretext invoked by her personal rivals (Noble background, scion of a fallen planetary house in the Ixaniad sector). There is motivation to head back to Malfi and clear her name, and given this crew it's either going no be done in the courtroom or in the dining room. Throw in some intrigue and a conspiracy or two and boom. Next up, they have a rival in the form of fellow Rogue Trader Hadrak Fel. I modified the rule book endeavour so that they have found a ship of the lost fleet rather than the flag, and recovering the remainder has become an ongoing element. Fel is bitter over this, and has be working on his own plans. Point the players (especially The Lord Captain) at either his stronghold or his current operation and they will chase after him. Here I'm a bit fuzzy on what will happen, but I'm inclined to do some on-foot (or at least dirtside) exploration. Xenos artefact in the jungles of a deathworld? Skirmishes with a rival Dynasty in the halls of a Space Hulk? Third act is the culmination their hunt for the Righteous Path, an Angevin Crusade era lost ship filled with the treasure of a long-dead world. It hurtled in to the Processional of the Damned, and there lies amongst innumerable half-real hulks and ghosts. Tracking it down would be impossible without the skill of their Navigator (who is worryingly good at this) and the Dohicky of Plot they acquired from Out of Fel's clutches in the above. Very little actual combat, but a lot of weirdness. Screaming pleas for help transmitted live from the shattered hulls of ships with no survivors, the Hollow Men crawling over their hull taking apart the ship pannel by pannel, waves of psychic force and so-on. The whole system is a Place You Should Not Be, but the prize makes it worth it. Now, I want to flesh this out a bit. In particular, I need ideas for encounters amongst the backstabbing gifts that are the Malfian nobility and where the showdown with their rival takes place.
  4. I've got myself the Navis Primer, and one of my favourate bits from it is the Disciple of Abraxas alternate rank. For those who don't know, they're a Mechanicus sub-cult who integrate psy-active xeno tech into themselves in order to gain an esoteric set of abilities (up to three over the alternate rank). So, I'm looking for some suggestions on interesting powers to use, either as a PC in general terms, or as an oponent. Personally, I'm liking the Rak'Gol powers Telikinetic Sledge and Reap the Flesh or the Eldar Destructor and Enhance from the same book for antagonist powers.
  5. Bowoodstock said: …huh, never noticed that. Back in DH they only had a pen of 3. Guess they decided to make a point to using one. It seems to be, in large part, a response to the update in the Imperial Guard codex between the two, and the move from AP 5 to AP 3.
  6. Nah, the Oberon's a mug's choice. Go for the Emperor if you want a carrier battleship. The secondary power boosters aren't worth it for the space you give up, and you save ship points on the fleet carrier bridge since it's included. No, wait, the other thing…
  7. i'd be reluctant to put it at anything below Extremely Rare, given where normal power armour is placed, when acquired by an Explorator or other Tech-Priest.
  8. the Orion Star Clipper's a very nice little ship. Add the right mix of specialist components and you have either an ultra-classy luxury transport or the best smuggler ship points can buy. Put in some more generalist gear and it's an excellent ship for anything that doesn't involve actual fighting. The Secutor Monitor-Cruiser makes for a fine bruiser of a ship, though the Lathe is a better option if you don't want to go for a full scale combatant. As for the big stuff, there's a certain something to the Repulsive. Admittedly, quite a lot of that something is space to burn and both prow and dorsal weapons slots
  9. the emperor's enthnicity is confused by being born in what would later become Turkey, but doing so before the Turks arrived. Those illustrations of him that exist seem to be dark haired and with a skin colour somewhere between tanned and north African.
  10. Ah, I missed that one. Thanks. Though I am tempted to make it a +5 after the roll is made rather than a +10 before. Either that, of course, or make both available.
  11. So I've been pondering this, and for certain situations (particularly the buying of ships) it seems to make sense that a Dynasty might want/need to "burn" PF to make purchase rolls that would otherwise be out of their reach. This might be handing over such staggering amounts of currency that even a Rogue Trader dynasty is out of pocket, or might be trading in kind by handing over trade concessions; renowned artifacts or even whole colonies. The thought is, how much PF for how much of a bonus? My thought was that, after all rolls are completed, the players may improve their roll by +5 for every point of PF that they are willing to give up afterwards. This (hopefully) makes it tempting when that Best Craftsmanship Inferno Pistol is just out from what you managed to roll after the commerce checks and fate point expenditure, and also means that the +60 you would need to get the fully outfitted light cruiser is enough to hammer dynastic resources without completely ruining them. Thoughts?
  12. I ran my group through a modified version of Fall from Grace not that long as well. Closest I've come to actually following an adventure module, but I couldn't resist tweaking it. The Claiming of Grace by the Von Maccon Dynasty. This may be a long post. Negotiations with Lady Chorda were played up on Footfall, introducing her as a major NPC for the future using Edge of the Abyss. The party Senechal, in particular, taking a lot of convincing that "I'm fed up with this place and retaking it would be a distraction" was the extent of her motivation. The cargo from the adventure was replaced by four stasis arks, their nature yet to be determined by the explorers (I was distinctly surprised they didn't open them). Their contents will remain undetermined until I want to tie the party into a future development. The dynasty leveraged their already built up connections amongst the pilgrims of Grace to supplement their house troops with a pilgrim militia and colony crew. I also added renaming Port Chorda as a requirement of the Writ of Claim, because it struck me as the sort of thing that would annoy her. I cut out the idea of the Dagger of Fate being lost, set the players against a fortified and Orkified station that had been hovering in orbit. The Orks had pounded the main orbital defence laser complex, but had sustained damage in return. Point defence sites managed to hold off the sporadic attempts at boarding. The Senechal and Astropath took a small team into the underbelly to track down the cargo while the Rogue Trader and Navigator lead a large boarding action. Particularly amusing to me was the leading Ork’s response to a challenge to come forth from behind the fortified main engineering core’s great vault doors and face them, so that the orks would charge headlong into a carefully prepared ambush. He opened the doors, leaving them to move in on him and face his ambush. The Ork ship, was not present, the Orks onboard the station having had a falling out. In the end it ended up hunted down off-screen by the dynasty’s ship due to other things provoking more interest from the players. Port Chorda was portrayed as a dictatorship lead by Giallo and his army of madmen, but still a fairly large city. They bypassed most of the invasion here in one fell swoop by arriving in orbit and inviting the director up to a state dinner. With the personality I was working from (megalomaniac cannibal with delusions of eloquence) and a starship with planetary bombardment capability in orbit his intention was to bluff the explorers into a position where he could turn matters to their advantage. They got the idea that something was up, isolated and socially cowed the accompanying flunkies and ended up with Giallo imprisoned (and the city decapitated) before they even set foot on the planet (I was not expecting this, but rolled with it). Dynastic troops landed en masse after a staggeringly brilliant (seriously, they roll very well at times my guys) public broadcast announcing the benevolent rule of Prinz Erhardt Von Maccon. By dropping thousands of troops to key positions and immediately setting up relief stations, the population was quickly on their side and Giallo’s army was still hunkered down trying to figure out what the hell was going on. The Golden Valleys were sought out. I’ve got a list of what was found there, but the main point is that on the one occasion where they met significant resistance and a lack of communication the Rogue Trader and Navigator promptly got back on their shuttle and left, to return later with a full strike force when matters at Port Chorda were resolved. Offworld opposition took the form of the Disciples of Ravana, a Mechanicus splinter group, who arrived after the explorers (ridiculous warp navigation on their part). They managed to prevent a landing by sending a battered Mechanicus cruiser away with its tail between its legs, all the while presenting this as a loyal Imperial captain protecting his lawful interests. Great ass covering on their part. With Gallo’s troops having fortified themselves, and not willing to get involved in a bitter war, they gave them a choice: surrender to the new benevolent authority or take up in one of the abandoned enclaves where they would be free to do as they pleased. A significant number did surrender, but most were exiled. At this point the ship took a short hop out-system to Damaris, leaving the garrison and returning with supplies. Supplies that included the supply of nerve gas they would dump into the air filters of the isolated underground enclave where Gallo’s chief lieutenants and fiercest holdouts were holed up. The same supply run also provided parts needed for restoring the Dagger of Fate and starting the repair and upgrading of Port Chorda’s hydroponics farms. The Wydening Gyre’s presence was provided by Lady Fulci, along with other useful information, in exchange for an offworld estate. Somewhere with a food surplus for export, where she would have fortified walls, a vegetable garden, and a new arm. The ship was retaken, with only a little bit of daemonic incursion, and now serves as the dynasty’s second vessel. I think that’s most of it. I liberally strewed both plot hooks and assorted nifty stuff around the enclaves, while setting up Grace as a full and self-sufficient colony has been a background project for the players over the next several sessions (the game is becoming annoyingly irregular of late). Items of particular interest were the corpse and wargear of a Sons of Medusa Space Marine Chaplain in the manufactory-enclave of Archmagos Davix and considerable armour in the fortress of Omnipotent Battle Commander Gyvan the First (who, it seems, should have spent less on battletanks and more on food production, because his estate was as abandoned as most of the others). The Signal Station didn't actually get used, or indeed looked for, and that being the case I shall keep this for the list of interesting things their planetary governor will have been having to deal with while they went off galavanting around the galaxy.
  13. Those with Psynesence can sense someone else using a psychic power, but a psyker just sitting there cannot be identified as such without the use of a power or ability which specifically allows such. The Navigator power Gaze Into the Abyss or the Aura Reading for the Astropath (the basic ability from the Divination school) are the most common of these methods.
  14. Prety much all the information on them has been in Dark Heresy. Ascension, Disciples of the Dark Gods and the GM's kit, to the best of my memory.
  15. Crew of the Blessed Eventide! Be off with ye! I have me a game, and a crew with strong ties to the Imperial Navy. At this weekend's game the crew will arrive, flushed with success, at Port Wrath to carry through on a few things. In particular, the Lord Captain (a former Navy commander) is looking at the Agent of the Throne advanced package. My thought for this was to have the Navy ask him to carry out some form of task as a prelude to him taking on the role of an agent. I'm at a loss for what that task would be. They're a couple of hundred light years away from the Expanse and the trader's fleet consists of a raider and a transport, so it's going to be neither an immediate rescue mission nor a heavy reenforcement. The other players are an Astropath transfered over from the Fleet, a Navigator who went native on Fleet duties and became unpopular with his house and a noble Seneschal who appears to be pulling double duty as the Arch-Militant.
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