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  1. NickeyCole said: Are there any starter campaigns, modules, adventures or do I have to come up with a story all my own. I'm afraid there's none. There's no official supplement, and currently no adventures on the web either. Maybe some members of this forum will post theirs sooner or later, but right now you have to write your own stuff if you want to play Grimm.
  2. darkkami said: Oh creape I just realised Holloween is coming up. I need to get to work on a halloween adventure to post here. I think that would be awesome. Not sure if I have the space here. If not I will link to a rapidshare pdf file. That would be awesome. I really think the one thing Grimm really needs to get the attention it deserves from the roleplaying community is some great adventures. I'd like to put my own stuff on the web, but since my english isn't good enough to allow me to translate it myself, i will have to find someone willing to do it first. I'll try, i promise. Any other suggestions for our Grimm's sessions soundtrack ?
  3. darkkami said: Call Manson and have him and Spooky Kids redo all of Disneys classics soundtracks unless that is too dark for you Trent Reznor does some great weird stuff too for clock works and creepy music. But I have to agree that Elfman is perhaps the best realistic odd music composer. Edward scissor hands for example. I know Manson made the soundtrack for the 3D adaptation of Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, which could be used for Grimm, but i don't know what it's worth. I don't know the Trent Razor's stuff either, but i will look for it. I have made some researchs and found some other classical pieces which (i think) will be wonderful for Grimm : Charles Valentin Alkan : Aesop's Feast Edward Krieg : In The Hall of the Mountain King Modest Mussorgsky : Night on Bald Mountain, Gnomus and Baba Yaga's Hut on Fowl's Legs Camille St Saëns : The Carnival of the Animals Richard Wagner : Siegfried Funeral March We're nowhere near Manson or Trent Razor here, but it's beautiful, dark and epic, and i think it will work great with Grimm.
  4. Wow ! Those graphics novels seem like the perfect inspitration source for Grimm. I will look at it asap. As for the deviantArt artist, i'm stunned by the quality of his work. Thanks a lot !
  5. I've always loved to have some background music during my gaming sessions and i was wondering what i will use for Grimm. Here are the ideas i got so far : Most of the music Danny Elfman composed for the Tim Burton's films Some classical pieces, like the 'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy' from the Nutcracker ballet The Coraline OST Not much, really. What are your ideas ?
  6. Hi ! I'm new to this forum and to this game, but Pan's Labyrinth, Mirrormask and Return to Oz really embody the atmosphere i want to create with Grimm. I think we can add Sleepy Hollow (along with all the other Tim Burton's films already mentioned). PS : Please excuse my syntaxical errors, i'm french
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