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  1. When the Lord of the Undead is engaged with a player, all printed text on characters is ignored. Is Derufin's text ignored as well? For example if its Dusk/Midnight does he still receive -1/-2 Willpower or does it remain at 3?
  2. schmoo34 said: It would be a reach and a struggle to find a way to produce game elements for different factions of dwarves. That's my new favorite line. First of all, we're not borrowing from some 12 year-olds D&D homebrew of "New Dwarfistan", this is Tolkien: there's plenty of material. Second of all, I'm confident that the developers at FFG can rise to the scholastic challenge of googling a little background and creating plausible content. The whole point of seperating them into factions is that it creates a new targetable and it prevents the potentially unbalancing effect of each new Dwarf card.
  3. Rapier said: Dwarf proliferation was inevitable in this game as soon as the core set was out. The core set told us that Elves were splint into at least 2 (Nolder and SIlvan) probably not the grey elves though (otherwise Legolas would be grey) Humans are split into at least, Dale, Rohan, Gondor and Beorning - as well as the Dunidane. (And there's no reason to assume we won't see other groups in the future). Dwarfs the 3rd core race - they're split into… Dwarfs. Fantasy Flight set themselves up to fail with this distribution. Dwarfs should have been split between at least two of the core areas they come from (or else why don't we just have Elves?). Because they're not, Dwarfs will almost certainly always be the strongest faction in the game. Good point. Probably should have been split between Erebor and Iron Hill. Hobbits can stay Hobbit. Also, I really don't care about some "quota" of racial heroes. If this were a Gondor Cycle, I wouldn't be asking- "You know what this cycle needs? More Woses! You know, so we represent all the races in equal measure. I demand harmony in this racist distribution!" The region and quests take place predominately Misty Mountains & Moria. It boggles my mind that people find it that unreasonable to ask for just one dwarf hero out of the chapter packs.
  4. I enjoyed this cycle as well. I thought FoS had some of the most interesting quest mechanics in the game and I look forward to the Hobbit expansion as well. I like how the assumption is I want all dwarf heroes in this cycle. No sir, I would have just liked at least one new one in the last 6 months. But I guess that's ludicrous in a cycle named Dwarrowdelf that starts with an expansion named Khazad-Dum. Elrond leaving Rivendell and Glorfindel riding Asfaloth into Moria, yeah that makes more sense..
  5. No new dwarf heroes in any of the chapter releases. For a dwarf cycle, it just seems odd that 4 Noldor heroes are released but not a single new dwarf hero in the chapter packs. Dwalin and Bifur are great, but since then they could have renamed this the Rivendell cycle. Our 4p group is synergized around dwarves and it just would have been nice to have a few more choices.
  6. I agree that her base willpower is less impressive given that its easier to field several heroes with base 2-3 wp ( especially with dain.) Eowyn's ability still shines in multiplayer games with higher card draw (beravor/uc, bilbo, mathom/second breakfast, etc)because she makes a useful "card dump" for the group. dont feel that the Rohan keyword is a huge advantage either (im just not impressed with Rohan strategies). My sense is that she can reclaim some of her thunder if there are better synergies for the Rohan keyword.
  7. i played a solo game of osgiliath earlier this week and i've been using a tri-sphere deck lately with boromir-frodo-bilbo for both solo and multi-player. to my surprise i actually was able to defeat it with a final threat of 36 including the death of the witch king. wasnt keeping track of the turns, but i had to shuffle the encounter deck once. this is the first time i defeated osgiliath solo. i used tons of spirit cancels, northern trackers, galadrim's greetings (no surprise there), and fast hitches for the hobbits. im interested to know how have other ppl defeated this difficult scenario, solo or otherwise?
  8. i thought about that too. my opinion that having a permanent fourth hero for resource generation could be broken. i figured an event would be temporary so it require some coordination to gain the benefits, or maybe even limiting it to just dunedain, gondor, or hobbits. I also thought thematically it would also make sense, maybe showing our allies "stepping up" or making a sacrifice during a needed occasion but not necessarily becoming leaders. however i do like the idea of more songs, and I would like to eventually see minstrels or musicians in each sphere.
  9. not sure if there is a card like this out, but had an idea for a spirit card today courage in unlikely places, cost: 1, effect: target ally counts as a hero until the end of the round. basically it would allow an ally to benefit from effects that target heroes only (daughter of nimrodel, common cause, etc.) or soak damage from undefended enemies. because of the time limitation it would make attaching items wasteful in general. let me know what u think.
  10. i had a question regarding vassal of the windlord's forced ability (discard after its attack resolves) and the use of either born aloft or meneldors flight, both of which can return the card to its owners hand as an action. can u trigger those cards after attacking but before forcing the discard? im guessing no, but wanted to be sure.
  11. We play 4-player almost exclusively. We plan our deck strategies around multiplayer and specializing in various roles (primary attacker/ranged, sentinel defender, threat mitgation & cancels, healing/card draw, etc.) Usually the first couple times through a scenario we don't do stellar, and will fall short of our expectation. However, with the exception of osgiliath, we've eventually done well with every scenario including marshes which we just played yesterday. Probably more importantly we enjoy the game regardless of whether we win/lose. Its fun just to play but it can also be rewarding discussing ways to address challenges or coming up with interesting ideas/combos especially after losing a scenario or falling short in an unexpected way. Rather than jumping on this bandwagon of 'if you aren't winning every scenario right out of the packaging, there's something wrong with you and your genes', I'd look at it more- does your group enjoy the game in general? Everyone has their share of bad games (last night we pulled two goblin snipers in a row on the 2nd turn of our first run through dead marshes- not fun) but its more important to look at the overall game- do you and your group like the cooperative aspect, the deckbuilding, the new challenges, and the general background/immersion of a lord of the rings game? Our gaming group consists of about 7-8 enthusiastic/weekly players and about 2-3 irregulars. We play a solid mixture of boardgames and paper/pencil rpgs. We've tried out this game with nearly everyone and it only appeals to less than half of us. Some people like it but don't like some specific things like the cooperative aspect, the cost of monthly packs, the time investment, or simply have middle-earth fatigue. Even within our 4-player lotr group we have some variability in enthusiasm and expectation. But we taylor the game to match what we want as a gaming experience. If we get our asses handed to us by osgiliath a few times in a row, we'll go back to the carrock for a quick morale boost. My advice is to stick with it for now or just take a break and maybe revisit the game with the khazad-dum/dwarrowdelf cycle.
  12. Though there are several cards with the Rohan keyword, the only cards that have an effect on that keyword (to my knowledge) are Mustering the Rohirrim and Eomund. Musterings are useful, but they only allow you to draw one card (unlike the Eagle search) and Eomund is decent but is unfortunately unique and I dont think his cost:benefit ratio justifies having a full three copies. I think the advantages to the Dwarf, Gondor, and Eagle keywords are generally better and I think the Dwarrowdelf cycle will likely make all-Dwarf themes more playable.
  13. I'm inclined to believe that it triggers like Legolas' ability, but my understanding is that a Ranged character can be used to either declare an independent attack or participate in an attack against an enemy engaged with another player. After what I'd argue is a strict interpretation regarding Stand and Fight, I don't take interpretations for granted. I predominately play multi-player, and our tactics/leadership player would likely benefit from this hero. However if his ability only triggers when Brand attacks and kills independently, then he's much more limited unless his base attack is increased further with attachments.
  14. I had a question about his ability. The phrasing of his Response: "After Brand son of Bain attacks and defeats an enemy engaged with another player..." differs from Legolas's Response: "After Legolas participates in an attack that destroys an enemy..." Does Brand's Response only trigger if he single-handedly destroys the enemy or does it not matter if other characters participate?
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