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  1. Maxim C. Gatling said: I would think they'd be like a high-quality, no-expense spared Combat Servitor programmed to function like an Arco-Flagellant. Or one of those Assassins..the ones all glanded up for a one-use killing spree? The question my players pose is "How many do we have? Will we run out?" I just make the assumption that the damaged ones would be meticulously refurbished. But seeing as there will be times when they fail in their function and the target ship gets away making them irretrievable...? Do it on a case-by-case basic- and handle it via an upkeep roll, which is a good mechanic for this.
  2. Bad Birch said: To clarify, I merely wanted to know if anyone had an idea when RT was available as a PDF to download from, for example, drivethrurpg. They have a 'coming soon' message for RT. I expect it will cost as much as the DH core rules, which to me represents good value. Any comment Sam? Its a shame FFG don't do it like they do on the pathfinder website, that works really well.
  3. FFG_Sam Stewart said: While such illegal activities may exist, we would prefer you did not discuss them here. And i'd prefer to have the goods I pay for the moment I pay for them but it's not a perfect world. I'm not the kind of downloader you need to worry about because I will buy the books regardless of any .pdf. But I will stop discussing it here as per your request.
  4. To be honest piracy on gaming books isn't really a problem- most people will download the .pdf while waiting for delivery or to investigate a game, then buy it to actually run it because its just far easier and nicer to have the physical copy. I am in the UK so had to wait weeks for mine to arrive and had campaign prep to do- as I had already bought the data I was looking at I had no qualms about it.
  5. You can already get pdfs of the core rulebook...
  6. Errant said: Mine just shipped from scifigenre.com yesterday, so I assume now would be a good time to go pester your FLGS about whether it's arrived. What country? Im in the UK
  7. calibur1 said: My players finally created their own characters, and they haven’t really taken advantage of the “stuff” in the game. Other than the best quality clothing and concealed laspistols, they don’t carry much of anything. There are at least a dozen bodyguards on the bridge at any time, and they send heavily armed and well-trained contingents to handle any “problems” The PCs only get involved for diplomatic missions and business transactions, so there is no need carry anything more. ..... Your not playing Rogue Trader are you...
  8. Anyone actually received it yet? Thought it had left the printers?
  9. I was... utterly disgusted by this reviewer's lack of imagination. I shudder for his player's... And if you don't trust your players to handle the dynamics of a rogue trader leader role why should that make you have to off-screen one?!?! Use imagination, I have 4 players and not one is a RT, so I devised a way for the warrant to fall into the hands of the group (the RT died under suspicious circumstances)
  10. Judging from the extreme popularity and huge sales of this game I'd say it will be well supported (I had to wait an extra month or so to get a copy as the US had sold so many the first UK shipment of the book went there rather than here )
  11. wolph42 said: I agree and I think you need to go even a step further, if you roll on a 5d10 1,4,10,10,5 I think the RF should allow you to roll 1 extra 1d10 not 2 Any opinions on that? Thats how i'd like to run it. But in this case I can see people arguing for every 10 to qualify, and players get funny about it. The compromise I have is that any 10 qualifies for the extra d10- but without the extra base damage- so just a flat d10.
  12. Your interpretation is correct. The craftsmanship will always prexif the equipment. Tell the little munchkin to stop trying to get better start gear
  13. Atheosis said: This remains one of my biggest complaints with RT. It gets better but it takes a while. Thats my complaint with DH- its even worse for it.
  14. Yup, but perceptions not a cheap stat for them, nor is it usually one of the Astropath's higher ones.
  15. ^^ I'm well aware of all that and indeed 75% of my first rank xp was probably spent on stat advances. But rank 2 is fail for talents
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