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  1. There are companies offering subscription services for there products so I don't see any reason (apart from logistics) why FFG couldn't do this too
  2. It's correct, that FFG doesn't do much about the log but your statement is imo absolutly false
  3. Hmm while I see this as critical as you I must mention that in turn 7/8 you should have finished most scenarios anyway
  4. There are several custom quests on BGG for Download and most of them are very good.
  5. They are there on purpose. It doesn't look great, but when you fan out the cards in your hand, you can see only the left edge and with card types on the left you can see the card type at a glance. That doesn't work for left-handed people like me but that's just a minimal problem. Beside this I really like this layout.
  6. So, does anybody where the news article did go?
  7. Though I don't like speculating that much but in this case I really hope we will something like this in the future and for me it's quite certain that this might really happen. Cross your fingers guys!!!
  8. The german publisher stated, that this Aragorn-image is an old one and definitely wrong. He has the same Threattreshold of 12 as the original Leadergorn
  9. hmm, the third post is already again nothing but complaining, how very surprising *sigh* it's great news, so we get this year two new POD Quests which is absolutely great. And the cherry on top of it, they fit within the BR-Campaign which is awesome but we then need new campaign-log (wanted to say this first before the next guy starts crying 'bout this...) I'm very happy to see, that this game is getting better and better and the increasing amount of support by the company. There's a bright future for LOTR LCG
  10. It's assumed that when a company makes a claim they are aiming for that claim. If we were supposed to just add an unknown number onto the end of any claim then why make it? January? Oh so you mean, feb or march? Lets all guess! New players wouldn't know this for one and those of us who do would expect the unmet promise would be a mistake. You would think that a company who didn't keep their deadline would, like you said, make it less strict or not say one at all.We are paying customers, and to be more specific, possible paying customers, I'm sure some people have quit on the idea due to being stuffed around. It's just bad business etiquette. Why are you so happy to be stuffed around and defend bad etiquette? I'm not happy, I take things as they are. Look, there are two options: You can live with the way they handle these things or you could just stop being a customer. Maybe it's some kind of arrogance that FFG doesn't care about these things cause there are many people like me that buy their stuff anyway. So why should they change? Because some people complaining in this forum? I don't think and if you're honest you know that I'm right about this. But if a miracle happens and they change things, what could happen? Maybe they don't tell us any release dates like "Look, here is the preview for the next expansion but we don't tell you when it will be released so you can't complain when it's not on time." or "Look on this, it will be released somewhere between March and November." Is that something you wanna read? Then we will again have threads like this one with people who dislike the way they handle the release schedules
  11. I don't know, why I read the word "lying" here so often. The point is, these things are schduled to be released. No one ever gave a guaranty that this will happen as scheduled. There are so many things to consider that can happen on the transport from China to the US. The thing is (as far as I understand): They make a plan, the commiúnicate this plan to the customer, things don't go as it was planned. You could argue that this happens very regularly so why don't they calculate this in and make a less tight schedule but on the other hand, we know that this happens very regular and so I don't understand why anyone is still relying on this schedule since we are used to these delays
  12. You don't know salesmen, do you? I am one, and I tell you, don't believe a single word they say - except mine Edit: Typo (as usual...)
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