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  1. I'm really tempted to take my three day weekend and book a flight to Roseville for Arkham Nights. But I'd be flying from California, and I have never been to the state of Minnesota. In fact, I don't even know where in the state Roseville is. Is it close to the state capital? Is it some small town in the middle of the sticks where zombies and nightgaunts prowl after hours? What major airport do I take. I'm an avid traveler, so I'll figure out the correct flight and airport. But once I arrive at the airport, then I'd get lost trying to figure out HOW to get transportation to FFG headquarters or my hotel. And then I'd be afraid I would book the WRONG hotel, possibly some overpriced hotel that is several blocks walking distance to FFG headquarters…. thus making my trip to Arkham Nights a tiring and miserable experience. Any trips for a first time traveler? Or is this info posted in the forums somewhere? (P.S. I love to travel to gaming 'cons' such as GenCon etc. Booking flights and paying a few hundred dollars for an expensive 3-day gaming weekend is no problem. After all, my employer is generous and I've racked up plenty of Paid-Time-Off (paid vacation days). My main concern is the hassle of flying into some town I've never heard of, in a state I've never been to. I hope they speak English there! ) thanks in advance for any tips
  2. I'll be happy if it comes out just before Christmas. This game looks..... too good to be true. Don't it?
  3. Best idea would be if FFG can buy out the rights to an out-of-print Napoleonic game called Napoleon in Europe. www.boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/3518/napoleon-in-europe It's one of those games with a huge colorful mapboard, color-coded plastic army pieces (infantry, cavalry, artillery canons, ships, etc). And then FFG simply has to update the rules, and maybe add some nice FFG quality values, and you have a winning game for wargame lovers.
  4. Wow, the new series is getting me excited. Several Austro-Hungarian planes, yes? Altho from the painting schemes alone sometimes I cannot tell which planes were preferred by Austrians and which ones are German designs borrowed by Austrians. Both Kaiser Empires (Austro-Hungarian Empire, German Empire) used the same dang cross of iron symbol, so it is difficult to distinguish nationality of plane.
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