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  1. jvdvalk

    Embers of Dread

  2. jvdvalk

    Let's Talk Strategy

    I'm running through the scenario's with Daniela and Marie. There's some good synergy there, with Marie's Witch Blood in play. I lost the first scenario though, and am moving on to the second.
  3. jvdvalk

    Marie Lambeau - "Witch Blood"

    Oh wow, I've been playing that wrong. Important clarification, as I was timing turns in such a way that Marie's duplicated Action would be useful to the other Investigator...
  4. jvdvalk

    Ranking the Scenario's

    It's been a while, but I've played two more scenario's: Dark Reflections and Gates to Silverwood Manor. I liked the first, and loved the second. Gates to Silverwood Manor has different endings, and a loop in those endings. It reminds me more of how the card game works: surviving is an option, somewhere between losing and winning. Want to win? Try again. I wonder how different each playthrough is, but I may find out soon. Note that I haven't bought the expansions after Beyond the Threshold, so I haven't added those scenario's yet to the list.
  5. Well my suspicions were correct: Arkham Horror Third Edition Interestingly, Nikki Valens is on the cover as designer. Also, and that's why I'm pretty hopeful and excited about the game, it looks different enough from Eldritch Horror for me to warrant a place in my collection. Plus, I already own Mansions of Madness (some of 1st and 2nd), Arkham Horror the Card Game (2 cycles), The Investigators book... My collection disorder for all that is Arkham (well, most...) is kicking in here.
  6. jvdvalk

    Need more content

    It's really just my own gripe, I don't blame FFG for taking a direction. I've wanted new app content for a while now, but I am not willing to invest more in the expansions themselves. My loss. ?
  7. jvdvalk

    Need more content

    Wrong big-box expansion for me. ?
  8. jvdvalk

    Paint and Play Project

    Reynhart the Worthy:
  9. jvdvalk

    Paint and Play Project

    Here is Rendiel:
  10. jvdvalk

    Paint and Play Project

    Here is Ravaella Lightfoot:
  11. jvdvalk

    Paint and Play Project

    Summoning Stones These "Shifting Stones" miniatures by Privateer Press are incredibly cool proxies for the Geomancer's Summoning Stones:
  12. I own 118 Descent miniatures (including 3 proxies for the Geomancer's Summoning Stones). A daunting task to paint, for sure, especially because I enjoy the result more than the process. However, my enjoyment of the game will increase immensely if I get this work done, I am sure. I bought Descent 2e and various expansions solely for the Road to Legend app, to play solitaire. And it is one of my favorite gaming experiences in the modern era, if not of all time. To help me get started, I came up with the idea to paint as I play, so to speak. Because the app saves a game regularly, I can see which Monsters are to be added, paint those Monsters first, and then play that quest. I am not 100% sure how this will work out, but it makes the overall task of painting 118 miniatures a lot more manageable. I thought I would share this process (and the results!) with you fine folk. This first post will contain the master list of my progress, including links to individual posts of miniatures I have painted. Heroes Ravaella Lightfoot Rendiel Reynhart the Worthy Proxies Summoning Stones Monsters Villains
  13. I suspect they will close this line and reboot Arkham Horror, mixing in what they learnt from the Eldritch Horror while keeping the "small scale" (i.e. Arkham and environs vs the whole globe) feel of Arkham Horror. I have a feeling they will announce it this year, no later than GenCon but my guess would be earlier.
  14. jvdvalk

    App needs an UNDO button

    I can't quite find it now, but I believe FFG responded to this question when it came up with the Road to Legends app. It's apparently not as easy as it seems. Regardless, though I rarely make mistakes, if I do, it's usually easily fixed. For example, you can call up enemy info at any time, so if I missed an activation, I would do that and activate the group per normal.
  15. jvdvalk

    for the experts in this game

    This question comes up a lot, and honestly it sort of befuddles me. To reiterate what other have said. What you get when you buy the IA core set: a 2 player skirmish game, with it's own maps, no campaign a 2 - 5 player campaign game, with it's own story and maps, 1 player versus the others with the app a 1 - 4 player pure cooperative game, with a tutorial mission and a 5 mission campaign, with their own story and maps (all in the app) Now I already owned the game and some expansions, so it's a no-brainer for me. I've been dying to play this way! However, I bought Descent (heavily) just for the Road to Legends app, and just for solo play, and have not regretted a single purchase. To me this is the best modern board gaming has to offer, and reminds of the 80s when narrative campaign play was only possible with reams of texts, booklets, cards, etcetera.