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  1. Hi Andrew, thanks for doing this! Can we expect Marvel board games from FFG in the future? And are you happy with the balance between own IP and licensed products? Thanks! Jeroen (Netherlands)
  2. Sorry about that, it should work now. I was struggling with how Google Photos works with sharing (public viewing), but I think I worked it out. Edit: Also explains why it showed up for me before in Chrome, because I was logged in to my Google account. I tested now incognito and on my phone, it shows up.
  3. Odd, it shows up for me in Chrome on the PC, but not on my phone browser...
  4. In the Nerekhall campaign there is a typo in the quest In a Manor of Speaking, regarding tiles to be laid down after the second door is opened (third area is revealed). The dialogue box mentions 59B, where it should be 51B. This is evidenced on the graphics themselves: Edit: Important! I missed another thing (and so did FFG): There's an Extender that needs to be added, immediately where the door was (in the image, immediately below the red token):
  5. Yes, got mine too! A pictorial review, with one important caveat: I have not (obviously) played the game yet with the insert. That is to say, how does it operate when setting up, tearing down, and so forth. I often organize and store games based on a rules reading and the component overview, then notice after a first (few) play(s) that stuff could be sorted differently. With that out of the way (and wernerkellens above has a great overview of it already), here is how I did things! The insert. 3 pieces of foam, the deeper one on the left, the miniature tray on the right, and a topper, which is a very nice (and to my mind necessary) touch. First the deeper tray goes into the box (I might add here, superfluously perhaps, that the original cardboard insert is of no use). The largest tile is a bit of a tight fit. I had to rotate a few times to find the best way to put it into the largest well, but I got it in. It's snug, but not so tight that I believe it will damage. The other map tiles fit nicely, and there is actually about a third, volume wise, of the well left unused. This is good for the terrain tiles in the baggy, plus the hero sheets. Later I also add some tokens in the gap top right in the well (Inspiration and Threat). The Enemy Group / Elite tokens go in two wells at top left. These are the beautiful, but just a bit too large for the insert, card boxes for mini cards. I used them for now, as you can see below, but especially the cards are a set of components that I may want to organize differently. As an example, Basic and Hero Skill cards are split in two once a campaign is started: Some are stored with the Hero sheets (at least that's how I would do it), and others are not used at all. This is how the bottom "component" tray looks with everything. A few extra baggies for Hero sheets and cards once the campaign is underway. Tokens added to the map tiles well. Some tokens below the Enemy Group / Elite standees. You see the deckboxes are a bit too large, but the foam is of course flexible and can take it. I tried putting cards directly in the well, but didn't find that satisfactory either. I'll try this for the time being, and as noted above, see what works better once a campaign gets underway. The mini's fit perfectly. One or two Goblin swords stick out very slightly, but the foam topper takes care of that. Because I got all the components in the bottom tray, I have some space left for the mini expansion mini's. At least I hope they fit, that would be great to have them in the box too. Note, I haven't painted all of the mini's yet, to my shame and chagrin. 11 to go... Here are the trays side by side, so you can see the height difference. The miniatures tray is great, because most mini's can be stored standing. Topper... on top. Battle Boards and rule books. Extra protection for the mini's. A perfect fit. One rulebook spine is rising slightly above the rim, but with the box lid on top this is no issue. I must say that this is one of the insert's strengths: in total it has perfect height (depth) for the game box. With the Battle Boards and rules on top, it closes perfectly and keeps everything in its place. So much so, that I have no reservations about storing the game on its side! And there it is, my pictorial overview / review of the Feldherr insert. All-in-all, I think it's functional, economic, mostly efficient (the odd shaped map tiles are difficult to design an insert for as it is), a perfect fit, safe storage for mini's, and I expect the insert to help in setup and teardown time as well. For what it's worth, I recommend it.
  6. I just received a shipping notice for the Feldherr insert. Not sure when it will arrive, Saturday at the earliest I'd imagine. Once I have it and organize everything, I will take some pictures and post them here.
  7. I haven't, delivery time is now 20-30 days, and I have no idea when I will receive it... gives me some time to finish painting the mini's. Once I have it, I will post pics of the insert and my use of it.
  8. Bilbo and Elena I was a bit happier with how these two came out, compared to the first two Heroes. Though I still don't take enough time to put them on image better, which they certainly deserve. I had an idea to put Bilbo next to a cropfield of some sort, and that kind of worked out. Elena's harp is also better in real life, with an undercoat of the bright green thatt I also used for the bases, then a layer of white which just not completely covers the green. I actually came quite close to the "glow" her card image shows.
  9. Orc Hunters Though I was initially a bit worried about parsing these miniatures, they were quite alright. I really like the tunic and armour "divide". For the armour I went for a sort of leathery metallic look, and I think it came out well.
  10. Yes I have 10 deckboxes on order for mini cards: https://ultimateguard.com/en/mini-card-case/mini-card-case-60-mystic-space-edition Not sure if and how I will get them in the box, and how to sort them. Also, when in a campaign, I'll have to find a way to organize the Hero cards together, which will take up more space. Once I have the insert, deckboxes, and figured it all out, I'll share some pictures.
  11. I also ordered the Feldherr insert. It's already sold out, delivery in a few weeks.
  12. I should pay more attention to photographing the mini's, but the main purpose is to share ideas and color schemes with others. Sorastro's guide is wonderful, and I've seen some astonishing results by first-time painters. By sharing I hope to add some other possible approaches to the mix. In due time, I'll take some in-game pictures with better photography, so others can see how painted mini's look on the tabletop. These smartphone close up pictures don't always show them in their best light, so to speak. 😏
  13. Wights I love Undead miniatures. My favorite project so far is the Sepulchral Guard warband from Warhammer Underworlds. The corroded metal look on the swords is achieved by using Citadel's Typhoid Corrosion and Ryza Rust. Then a few highligt specs with silver/metal. These are fine sculpts as well, with small bits of bone visible in gaps of clothing.
  14. Beravor and Aragorn I think I felt a bit rushed painting these, they're a bit messier than I would've liked. And I'm terrible with faces. Still, they look alright on the tabletop.
  15. Goblin Scouts I didn't much enjoy painting these. In many other examples I have seen bare hands and upper arms, but I couldn't tell where skin started and clothing ended. So I went for a quicker route, and I think it fits these mini's. Generally speaking this is one gripe I have about the miniatures as a whole, that they have quite some detail, but too often there's no distinct demarcation between one thing and the other. Anyway, the simple approach on these Goblins worked out well, I feel.
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