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  1. Would love to see some more advanced classes for characters to move into. Would have loved to see something like what Only war did where they had a more then half a dozen advanced classes that your characters could become. The Inquisitor and Battle Sister class are both really nice looking but not everyone wants their character to become an Inquisitor and none of my players play a female NPC. Some more options on par with what we have now would really be great.
  2. Also in Toronto and looking for a place to play, have some access to car for trips just outside of the city. Only played a few games so far, looking forward to playing many more.
  3. My copy of Dark Heresy is having similar issues, all the page sections seem to have come unglued from the spine of the book in after less then a week of reading it.
  4. It seems that none of the character generation steps give out the Low Gothic specialization of the Linguistics skill as they have in the other games. Is this just a oversight or intended?
  5. A non-psyker could use the Psyker aptitude with the Willpower aptitude to buy Willpower characteristic advances for their character at the cheapest cost as they had both aptitude, if the player was looking for the character that would be much less prone to run from fear tests a high willpower helps with that.
  6. Third question... yeah, sorry, wasn't specific since there are quite a few things. For example, the Gun Lugger. Guiding fire says it's a Full Round action. But the words are, your companion puts down a line of bullets. Until the end of the turn, the Gun Lugger doubles his degrees of success on any BS skill test he makes to hit the target the companion marked. The way it is mechanically now, the companion does nothing with his turn and the Gun Lugger can't attack during his turn, spending it setting this up, wasting the whole thing. For Comrade Orders like Guiding Fire for Gun Lugger and other like it the Comrade is the one taking the full action listed in the comrade order. For example for Guiding Fire the Comrade has to to a full action to help the character, so no half move or anything like that. The comrade spends his full action laying down the guiding fire that gives the player character the bonus when he makes his same attack that round.
  7. Going to give it a shot and try and see what I can answer here. First off: Bi-pods and tri-pods (core rulebook, pg. 190) for basic weapons...... is there any point for them at all? For heavy weapons, it allows for bracing, but for basic, it seems to do nothing other than limit fire radius. Mechanics seem to say they're worthless (aforementioned firing radius restriction), though the fluff says 'improves accuracy'. Looking a the Brace Heavy weapon action on page 243 it says the while bracing the weapon you can traverse it freely up to 45 degrees without having to take a half action again to brace, the best over all advantage for bi-pods or tri-pods seem to be they allow a 90 to 180 degree traverse. In combat not having to take another half action to re-brace your weapon as the next target is out of your fire arc is helpful. Second: Lasgun Volley (Hammer of the Emperor talent, pg. 100). Problem I have is in the wording: For each Comrade who is part of any Ranged Volley Order this character issues, this character deals +1 additional Damage (to a maximum of +3 Damage) But the way the rules on multiple companions seems to read, I can only tell one of my companions to have a Ranged Volley. Words from the book: A Player Character who has multiple Comrades can issue Orders to each one, but can only give the Ranged Volley Order and Close Quarters Order (see page 270–271 of the Only War Core Rulebook) to one Comrade each Turn. What am I missing? What they seem to be going with this one is that you can only give one Range Volley Order to one Comrade each turn so that for example a Commander (advanced class page 63 HotE) would not get a +20% to ballistic skill if he had 4 Comrades, he would only get the base 5 as per the order rules. But that very same Commander with the Lasgun Volley talent would get a +3 Damage as he does have 4 comrades with him at the time (Max damage talent can cause is +3). It sounds like they want to let people with multiple comrades get a small damage bonus to ranged attacks but not a bonus to their percentage chance to hit, this is the way it looks to me at least. Third, many of the Advanced Specalities in the Shield seem to have companion orders (by the way they're worded) as something the actual character does.... and in many cases, takes a full round to do and can only trigger before that character's next action. Shall I assume misprint? I have see some of the talents for Tech-Priest that do seem to have them taking over their servitor companion and firing their weapons using the Tech-Priest skills, some of these orders in conjunction with the new types of servitors just seem to be a way to give Tech-Priest a greater range of weapons without them having to hold them all. The trick with these is that if they have the Attack Sub-Type action listed on the order it is the only attack the player character can do that round as each player only gets one attack sub-type action each turn. If you have some more specific example orders you want to know about post them up. I hope this helps.
  8. When you make a regiment from a Ogryn or Rattling home world they say in the last paragraph of the home world section that player characters can only be picked from the Guardsmen sub type. That means you could have a Ogryn Sergeant, Weapon Spec, Medic, Heavy Weapon and other Guardsmen character classes. You can't pick from any of the support classes, so no Storm Troopers, Commissars or Ogryns for example. For Lathe world characters they do the same with the exception you can play a Tech Priest from a Lethe world, just no Priest, Ogryn, Rattling, Commissar, Stormtrooper or Psyker.
  9. The Kasrkin standard regimental kit really does not match up with the gear gained from the regiment type. Grenadiers should have 1 auxiliary grenade launcher weapon upgrade per player character, 1 addition krak and frag grenade per player character, 1 suit of light carapace armour per player, 1 deadspace earpiece per player and 2 grenade launchers per squad. In the standard regimental kit they dont list the auxiliary grenade lanucher at all. They get 3 krak and frag grenades each, with only 1 from the regiment thats 2 each left to buy with points thats going to eat up most of the 30 points. They get a environmentaly sealed suit of carapace armour not a suit of light charapace armour. They don't give them the deadpace earpiece or 2 grenade launchers per squad. I don't think you can give them the gear they have listed and only spend the standard 30 points per regiment. I have also seen a few other pieces of gear listed in this book that I can't find the rules for anywhere, I know for example they made the Scintillan Fusiliers Armoured Regiment and for the standard squad issued Leman Russ it comes with a track guard. Just no rules on how these work in combat if you take any hits or critial damage to the movment system of the tank.
  10. When creating your regiments standard kit you could use 10 of the standard 30 points to buy each person in the regiment a standard Imperial Guard Flak Armour suit as rated scarce, that would give you 4 AP to all location. You could also get a Chameleoline Cloak for each person at it makes any enemy shooting at you suffer a -30 to Ballistic Skill, I know you can get it from a few of the regiment options in the new book.
  11. Found the entry for Deadspace Earpiece in the Core book on page 197.
  12. While reading the new Hammer of the Emperor book I have seen a few pieces of equipment that have been mentioned at some point in the book, for each of these items I can't seem to find a set of rules to say how they would work in play. I don't know if I have just missed the one place they are explained or if they are used in one of the other 40K themed games. 1. On page 21 for the Kasrkin it says they have Enviromentally-Sealed carapace armour. I can't seem to find rules for this amour upgrade. 2. On page 24 for the Scintillan Fusiliers it says they get a Leman Russ battle tank with track guards. Can't seem to find it mentioned anywhere else or how they wanted track guards to work. 3. On page 40 for the Grenadiers Regiment type it states they get 1 deadspace earpiece per player character. Is this just like a micro bead or is it something new? 4. On page 43 for the Vanguard special equipment doctrine it says the Chimera gets a dozer blade. Another upgrade I can't seem to find the rules for. If I find any more I will be sure to add to this post, if anyone knows where I can find rules for any of these items that would be great.
  13. To help speed up the rolling if the target is hit many different flame and spray attacks you could have them make one test to avoid catching fire but add a - 5% to -10% chance to the roll for each extra flamer attack past the first one, this could work as a way of saying how hard it is to avoid the flames with so much of it in the local area.
  14. Running a game right now with players in an armoured company I do like the way the combat works at this time. In battles we have played tanks got over 12 rounds of use for the main battle cannon before the load has to desperately hurry over the 3 round as they put the next clip in. I think the idea of having the 12 shots then have 3 turns for reloading works well and shows off the style of how the Leman Russ would work in combat over the Basilisk, which seems to function more like breech loaded artillery piece where the crew have to empty spent shell and reload by hand the next one. That makes sense with the game rule of having 1 clip and 1 full turn to reload so you fire only every other turn. Also looking at some of the more ramshackle Ork tanks they also don’t have a clip system which I also think works with the fluff on how Ork tech works. For the total ammo size also read that the Leman Russ would carry a total of 40 rounds for its main cannon, leaving 3 clips of 12 to be 36 with another 4 that where stated could be used for special rounds (Anti-Tank, Flare, Smoke, etc) that a tank may need to use during the battle. If the players knows the encounter could be a long one this promotes some ammo conservation or tactical thinking in when the best time to fire the cannon is and if the tank can get back to a resupply point to reload on ammo. The players in my group now have mostly been fighting Orks, which they have found out for their lighter units is great to take out. Even if they don't take it out in one shot the open topped nature of the ork units means that every unit is hit by an area of effect weapon. So even if the War Truck survives the tank shot the damage from the battle cannon should be enough to kill every Ork riding that War Truck. They have also started to see that if they are facing tanks with armor more closely equal to their own level then they need to change their tactics or use different weapons to allow them to take out, one easy way is to try and get side or rear shots on the enemy unit so they hit lower level armour. They have also seen that the Battle Cannon is not the best anti-tank weapon, while it is great vs infantry and lighter tanks it does have issues with tanks as armoured as a Leman Russ. For those kinds of targets they have already started coming up with ideas to try and get some anti-tank shells they could have or placing a Lascannon on the hull of the tank. Other things that could help them is the use of a Vanquisher Tank, with its higher pen and accurate rules it really is a much more anti-tank weapon then the Battle Cannon is.
  15. It does look like my first though about being able to use a standard las gun clip in a hot-shot las gun is wrong. Even though they say on page 192 that a charge pack can be use on any las weapon of the same class (Pistol, Basic or Heavy) the entry for Hot-Shot Lasgun does say it has its own special ammo setup. And this does make sense as I do remeber seeing Storm Trooper models with a great big backpack and a wire contecting to the gun they had, also make sense with how much more powerful the hot-shot las gun is over the normal las gun. Looking at the what it says for the Standard Regimental Guardsmen kit it states it does start off with that list fromt he Universal Standard Kit and then will be modified by any Equipment from Doctrines your regiment gets, like getting a M36 and full Guard Armor for a Line Regiment, and you get to further modifiy the kit with the 30 points you spend from the additional standard kit iteam list on page 69. But I can see no mention that any of the gear you get from any Specialist Equipment you get becoming part of the Standard Regimental Guardsmen Kit.
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