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  1. Well, to be fair, GW has been super keen on board games of late. It's released at least five in the past twelve months or so. The problem is that it all of the board games have been Warhammer-related, so I suspect FoD is going to disappear into obscurity again unless it gets a heavy Vampire Counts reskin.
  2. How easy would it be to run the campaign with previous editions of the game? My group is keen to play it, but we're not fans of third edition. That's not to say we don't like it, just that we found nothing compelling to make us switch.
  3. I've never been much of a card game player -- I could never get my head around stuff like Magic for example -- but I always had a lot of time for Netrunner and I'm sad that I've long since lost that original purple and green box. So I'm looking forward to this new edition.
  4. I have seen a very similar -- if not identical -- font called Casablanca Antique. That may be what you're looking for.
  5. Janks said: I'm especially happy that the new TEW will be "inspired" by the old version.Because I have some friends that have started TEW but never completed it, other friends that never have played it at all. Now, they most likely can play the new version together, not having to worry about some knowing stuff from the old campaign. This is exactly my situation too, so I'm keen to get playing the new version!
  6. This is the bit I like the best: While writing for this new Enemy Within campaign, I took particular care to ensure that the adventures would be easy for an experienced GM to adapt to the first or second edition rules. I have nothing against the third edition -- in fact I've still not played it -- but I do like the second edition a lot. My group has been wanting to play The Enemy Within for a long time, but since a number of us have played or run parts of it before it always seemed a bit awkward. This remake looks like it will allow us to sidestep that issue.
  7. Eldar Corsair/Outcast will be one, and some kind of Stryxis will be the other. That's just a guess, by the way. I have a feeling that xenos will be race-as-class, although basing it on homeworlds would be an elegant way of doing it.
  8. Perhaps not in your game, but I'm not playing in your game. Anyway, I said nothing about "randomly stumbling"; a crew would have to know the portal is there to even begin searching for it. The portal in Lure of the Expanse is found automatically, so I'm being less generous than that.
  9. I have decided that, in my campaign, the warp-plotter is a device which allows Eldar craft to find and use Webway portals without having to make Scrutiny + Detection rolls to locate them, and Pilot (Space Craft) + Manoeuvrability tests to pass through them. If the device is inactive, damaged or destroyed, the vessel must make these tests just as hapless Mon-Keigh vessels do.
  10. From Sam Stewart: "The warp plotter is a strange and inscrutable piece of Eldar technology. In game terms, it does not do anything, it's just part of making the Eldar ship run. If you need it to be something specific, it could potentially be something to help the Eldar navigate the webway." So there you go! Thanks Sam!
  11. I see that one of the included ships in Lure of the Expanse is equipped with a "warp-plotter" as a component. That's nice. What's a warp-plotter?
  12. Thank you, MILLANDSON. There is a reason I asked such an obvious question, but it is long and boring, so I shall spare you. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the review; it hasn't made me jump to buy the book (not that it's out yet here anyway), but it's certainly helped me with my decision. One question though, if I may; do the Eldar psychic powers detailed in the book use the astropath rules from Rogue Trader, or do they go back to the WFRP/Dark Heresy system?
  14. For what it's worth, I don't think of it as a portal, but more along the lines of the ship pushing through the "surface" of space, almost like a submarine coming up out of the ocean, only in four dimensions. Whether or not a "splash" is made, and the scale of it if so, depends on how the trip through the Warp went.
  15. My view is that since it's the Warp, where Chaos holds sway, no two translations are the same. Sometimes it's easy, and the ship pops out like a bar of soap in a wet hand, sometimes it's so hard that the crew have to wrench the ship back into real space, leaving a tear in reality. So I'd say that it's completely up to you.
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