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  1. Marksmanship potentially procs for every one of Horton's attacks, right?
  2. What if you were to pair an Exposed Youngster Mini-swarm with S-Thread Tracers? The Inquisitor (25) Veteran Instincts (1) XX-23 S-Thread Tracers (1) Guidance Chips (0) TIE/v1 (1) "Youngster" (15) Expose (4) Black Squadron Pilot (14) Crack Shot (1) Academy Pilot (12) Academy Pilot (12) Academy Pilot (12) Total: 98 View in Yet Another Squad Builder Entire mini swarm moves in and Exposes themselves (teehee), then TAP follows up, locks, and fires tracers. Entire mini swarm now have TLs and can alpha strike 1 target really hard. After tracers are spent though, you'll lose a lot of your bite.
  3. Correct. The Ghost, with a docked Phantom, can perfrom a primary weapon attack out of its primary or special arc. Then at the end of combat, it can perform 1 attack with a turret upgrade card equipped to the Ghost. Without the Phantom docked, the Ghost can only perform a secondary attack with a torpedo upgrade out of its special firing arc.
  4. Yeah... 3 attacks is incorrect, and even worse that it came from a turret on the shuttle (also incorrect). Your opponent was wrong. Cheating in fact (although unintentionally from the sound of it). Its actually quite simple. The Ghost gets 1 attack just like any other ship. In addition, at the end of the combat phase, if the Phantom is docked, the Ghost gets one more attack with its turret (if there is an eligible target----and remember its ONE attack only, so twin laser turret, for example, can only shoot once if used at this time). And that's it. While docked, the Phantom is OUT OF PLAY. It does not get to contribute to the game in any way UNTIL you undock it. So it does not get any attacks while on the Ghost (the fact that the Ghost gets its bonus turret attack represents the docked phantom) Worth clarifying here that the attack that happens at the end of the combat phase comes from a turret upgrade equipped on the VCX-100, not the Attack Shuttle. As above, the shuttle doesn't contribute until it's undocked.
  5. 1. I do not strip them. If I wanted to completely repaint a mini, I'd hit them with Formula P3 primer first. 2. I always varnish, either matte or gloss depending on what look I'm trying to achieve. I use Army Painter clear matte varnish about 99% of the time. My "portofilio."
  6. Sorry, not contributing, but I had to:

    New FAQ up.

    Doesn't it modify Omega Leader's dice? It makes Omega Leader modify his own dice. RIght, so it doesn't need a FAQ since his card has nothing to do with his own dice. I mean, you can actually Juke Omega Leader so R7 works just fine, correct? Or am I also misreading GZ's post? I think you are misreading my post. First, unless I've gone mad, you can't Juke OL if he has you locked. You can't modify ANY dice when attacking or defending against his attacks. Second, my point is that R7 does NOT bypass Omega Leader. The defender (with R7) is only given the opportunity to trigger cards that allow HIM to modify dice, per the modify attack dice step rules. There is no step where he (the defender) can activate cards that make the attacker modify dice. So either: A) R7 is the defender modifying dice. If so, R7 can be triggered in the Modify Attack Dice step, because "The defender can resolve any card abilities that allow HIM to modify the attack dice." (Emphasis mine). Since it is the defender modifying, OL prevents it. Or B) R7 forces the attacker to modify dice. If so, R7 cannot be triggered in the Modify Attack Dice step, against any target, because it is not a "card abilitity that allows HIM to modify dice", it is now a "card ability that forces opponent to modify dice". The good news is, Omega Leader wouldn't prevent R7 if this is the case. The bad news is, there isn't a provisional n to activate such a card in the rules, so you couldn't activate it against OL or ANY target, EVER. Fantastic explanation. I'd basically copy and paste it in this related discussion, but I think I'll let that thread stew a little longer before I hit it again.
  8. Per the new FAQ. Emphasis is mine: Doesn't really address the issue with R7, but it's a game effect that originated from a ship OL has locked. Is it safe the follow the same logic as the bolded section above? If so, R7 would not activate.
  9. Recon Specialist is only activated when you perform a Focus action, so this would occur much later than your decloak. Basically, after you've execute the assigned maneuver, checked for stress, then taken a Focus action, Recon Spec will add a Focus token. Or did you mean to ask this question regarding Intelligence Agent? If so, Int Agent would trigger before you even decloak per page 1 of the FAQ, decloaking occurs after all other abilities that trigger at the start of the activation phase. So you'd be able to look at another ship's dial before you decide to decloak and where.
  10. Relax, I anticipated that interpretation too in the 2nd bullet point. In both of our interpretations of OL, Juke works for OL but for different reasons. If I'm following your logic correctly, in order for R7 to not work against OL, it would have to be worded: Obviously, it were worded this way, it wouldn't work with your interpretation of R7 vs. OL, because the defender is not allowed to modify any dice. In our interpretation, it wouldn't work either since the card/effect belong to a pilot who is locked by OL. I see merit in both and fired off an email to FFG earlier this morning.
  11. Please do not imply I agree with you when I do not. This is predicated on the fact that it doesn't matter which player picks up the dice and rolls, but the ship the to whom the card effect belongs. This is a point that you both made already. I'm honestly not sure anymore how you two diverge when you share the same premise. Because we don't share the same premise. As I've repeatedly said in this thread and others, it's irrelevant which ship has the upgrade equipped. The only thing relevant is what the upgrade says about which ship does the modification. Yeah I just ninja edited that post. In a nutshell, the main difference in your arguments is : "pilot who owns the effect/card is modifying the dice" versus "pilot who is targeted by the effect is modifying the dice." I'd have to go with the first interpretation, but indeed a FAQ would be fantastic. Pilot who owns the effect/card is modifying the dice: OL and Defender w/ R7 are locked on each other. Defender cannot use R7 because the Defender owns the card/effect, and OL+TL prevent the Defender from modifying dice. OL + Juke vs locked Defender. OL can use Juke because he owns the card/effect, therefore he can modify the Defender's dice during the Modify Defense Dice step. Pilot who is targeted by the effect/card is modifying the dice: OL and Defender w/ R7 are locked on each other. Defender can use R7 because OL is the target of the effect and therefore modifying his own Attack dice. OL + Juke vs locked Defender. OL can't use Juke because the Defender is the target of the effect and cannot modify his Defense dice when OL is locked. Or is it. OL CAN use Juke because the card stipulates "you" (OL in this case) are changing the result of the Defense dice? Is this the correct interpretation of your stances?
  12. Please do not imply I agree with you when I do not. This is predicated on the fact that it doesn't matter which player picks up the dice and rolls, but the ship the to whom the card effect belongs. This is a point that you both made already. I'm honestly not sure anymore how you two diverge when you share the same premise. (edit) Nevermind, it seems spaceinvader's premise is that it's not the upgrade and therefore its ship that modifies the dice, but the "target" of the effect who modifies the dice. I'd have to disagree to that point; the fact is it's the upgrade/pilot's effect that's forcing the effect in the first place. I still agree with Stephen's interpretation.
  13. StephenEsven has made the same (underlined) point a few times, and not just in this thread. So my interpretation would be that R7 is an upgrade that belongs to the defender. If that defender has OL locked on him, then R7 and therefore his pilot, cannot modify any dice in that exchange.
  14. I personally wouldn't fly that Keyan. Flechette Cannon is just bad, it only works if they don't already have stress and it takes the bite out of the B-Wing. If you want to reliably put on the hurt and stress your target, I'd take Tactician instead, which leads me to Katarn; I think he's wasted on Keyan. If you're picking up a Focus token just to use for defense, you're most likely only going to be modifying 1 green dice. 3 points is just too much to spend on something you'll use (on average) on 25% of your green dice rolls. On the other hand, performing a green manuever to clear a stress and pick up a Focus token is a bit anti-synergistic with Keyan; he wants to spend the stress tokens, not necessarily trade them for Focus tokens. Other than that, Chah made a great point about the B-Wing action economy. Here's one of my recent Keyan builds: Keyan Farlander (29) Opportunist (4) Advanced Sensors (3) Heavy Laser Cannon (7) Wes Janson (29) Veteran Instincts (1) R2 Astromech (1) Integrated Astromech (0) Leaves us with 26 points, which I used for the typical Y-Wing stresshog. The idea is that Wes strips tokens, which opens up Keyan to trigger Opportunist (1 stress and 1 extra red dice). Throwing 5 dice at an opponent at range 3 without their range defense bonus is very satisfying.
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