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  1. Anyway to get a combined file with just the current tournament maps on it?
  2. when we played the RPG, god battles "so to speak" were imagined to be in corporeal state, or a psychic battle
  3. Always thought at some point they would add ground troops to Xwing, so we would have planet of Hoth Style battles, they don't have any where near as big of a (real) ship catalogue to release as STAW does, so it makes sense to add all the suitable ground vehicles and sentry towers etc...
  4. Does for instance the stat destroyer on wave 1 come with different upgrade cards compared to the core set? Or are all the wave 1 ships that I'm the core set the same?
  5. Unfortunately we will be postponing the event to a Saturday in January . We have had interest but due to the time of year many would be unable to attend . To allow as many people as possible to attend the event we have decided to reschedule . A date will be arranged early in the new year .
  6. Any london players actually out there, Apart from a few of our club members, we have had very little interest. Suprising after the initial furore about the various UK events.. We need at least 3 more players, remeber this is FREE to enter.. Ol
  7. Details of the London OG Games event are now up http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_foros_discusion.asp?efid=330&efcid=6&efidt=754269 Hope to see you all there Ol
  8. Hi Guys Any of you UK players that can get to SW London on Saturday 15th December can sign up today to play in our Kessel Run Event. Entry is free, and the ships will be given away for the top four players as per the FFG rules pack. We do need at least 10 players to make this event happen, so spread the word.. This is to be held in our club above the Spread Eagle Pub in Wandsworth, London, SW18 2PT We have Free Parking on Site (PM me for gate code), or we are 10 mins away from Waterloo by train , or 20 mins away from victoria by Tube. Full Details can be found using thr link below url=http://ogforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=300.0 To claim your place, you need to sign up on the OG Games Forum, link below url=http://ogforum.co.uk/index.php?topic=3323.0 This is in a function room above a pub, so any under 16's need to be accompained by an adult Any questions please post here or on the OG forum. Or contact me on twitter via @oggames or @fatolaf Cheers Ol
  9. Panic said: yeah, @Fatolaf - Thanks for explaning the situation. Reading my posts back they seemed fairly balanced with regards to disappointment and facts at hand, but If I offended you I'm sorry… Cool stuff good to see that you may run the event. I'll be checking for details. I see you have Y-wings in stock, If I attend your KR event I may pick some up to collect on the night if possible. Panic… No Offence caused We will be bringing stock to the event so people can stock up on ships Ol
  10. @ Deku I'm not putting the blame anywhere in particular, its just somewhere down the line, the info required for Retailers / Clubs has been delayed. Leaving people quite angry on forums, having a go at innocent Stores / Clubs and us owners now with very little time to arrange these events. To be honest seeing some of the Vitriol being spilled in cyberspace, it does beg the question, is it more hassle than it's worth As for shortages, this was down to stores to manage and preorder effectively (even with rationing), as in we have quite a lot left in stock thanks to us being on the ball… Shameless plug… Ol
  11. In the UK, retailers are allowed to charge to cover costs if they so desire. Cant see a reason why other stores in other countries could not do the same. If the kit was free, it might be a different matter but then you would still have staffing costs.. Ol
  12. Panic said: So, The guys at OGgames FaceBook don't seem to know about kessel Run and think it is probabily being held at their 'club'! It turns out that OGgames Club is held at a pub in Wansworth. On Monday and Thursday nights. and costs £2 to play. It looks like a cool club they have a stock of their own games bought by the members entry fees… Hi Panic and any other Xwing players out there in London. My Name is Oli and I am the co owner of the OG Games Web store and Gaming club. I have just been on the phone to Oliver at Esdevium and he alerted me to this thread and filled me in with the details about the actual event. So to clarify a few simple points 1) When we were first told about the kits, we were told they were demo kits being given out to stores to make up for the delay in the actual models being released. I emailed my Rep at Esdeviium asking for a copy if possible (as most of these things tend to only go to bricks & Mortar stores). 2) I only received confirmation that we could get one of these kits a few days ago, but still did not know any of the actual details, hence my partners lack of knowledge in replying to Panic on our facebook page (of which I have nothing to do with, NOT a fan of that site). I was still under the impression that this was just a demo kit untiI I then looked at the FFG site. 3) Having spoken to Oliver today, I know the facts, details, rulespack and cost of the kit (it is not free) and what is expected of us in running this event. 4) Having run lots of events at the club personally over the last 4 years, this is not a problem apart from the time factor (as in just under 2 weeks to prepare) and me running the web store singel handedly, 7 days a week during our busiest time of the year.. Their are lots of issues with this? 1st - under 18s will most likely not be able to play as it's in a Youngs pub - youngs are a chain of old style / old mans ale serving public houses. This is not an issue in many pubs in London, so long as the minor is supervised by an adult (usual stuff) as the pub does meals, functions all the time. Teenagers over 16 I suspect do not probably want to have to drag their parents around, but are still welcome as I take responsibility for them whilst they attend our events.. 2nd - I thought Kessel Run events were free? This club is £2 entry… I guessing to cover the private room hire. we do indeed charge a sub to members during the week, not a kings ransom , this goes towards terrain, boards, new games for the club. We do charge higher prices for our weekend events, and are in fact allowed to charge for this one (if we want to cover costs for the kit, staff etc) However we wont be for this event, if we get enough people wanting to play 3rd - Kessel Run says it will happen at the week ends? This club meets on Mondays and Thursdays?? Yes the club meets on those nights, but we also run events most weekends of the year, this is no exception 4th - This is a club that it seems is run by the stores customers for the customers - I have a 'club' of friends who have a stock of our own games… wheres my kessel run pack! No this is a club webstore, we are a fully functioning Online retailer, in our 4th Year of trading with customers all over the world. Club members however can buy items off the store and pick them up on club nights. Until we have our own bricks and mortar store, the club is our best way of encouraging players in the London area to play games, try out new games and obviously they can buy stuff of us as well. Plus I have been a gamer for the last 28 years and I want somewhere to play myself I am now going to start the prep foe the actual event which will be held on Saturday 15th of December at the OG Games Club in Wandsworth, South West London. Full details will be on our forum in the next few days www.ogforum.co.uk and I will post on a new thread here as well, we have a few club players already who will play and have big enough forces, but i reckon we will need about 8-10 players in total to make this worth running and purchasing the kit. Feel free to ask my any questions on here, PM me or contact me on twitter @oggames or @fatolaf Cheers Ol
  13. Loophole Master said: If one side can chose any unit to activate, then the other side should have the same option. Exactly my thoughts, only obvious advantage is two brains vs one , but his alternative way of doing it is not practical at all. Maybe as an interim solution is to give him a slight points advantage, maybe 25 AP more….
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