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  1. Hi! A few question regarding transporting : - Can thunderhawk transport heroes ? Our (miss?)interpretation during the game: thunderhawk can only transport units – and heroes are not considered units… but are considered units for movement purposes and transportation is part of the movement…but it’s a special ability of thunderhawk, so not really a movement… But logically if there is a space for 2 units there could be a space for 1 additional character… Maybe their armor is too heavy… We ruled that they can’t – in the name of game balance – no one would like to see Mortarion and other chaos heroes hopping happily over the whole map with their marines…and additionally over any imperial defenses - Thunderhawk can transport 2 Titans – really ? That’s some mighty bird I say… But there is no rule forbidding it – so we played with Supermobile-10-Force. Did I missed something in the manual ? Not-transport question : Reiforcements – Horus order – It does not trigger lasers – or does it ? After reading fiction in scenario book I thought that pods don’t trigger lasers also Great game!
  2. Does Final rotting (At the end of the battle phase, kill one warrior or cultist for each of your corruption in this region) kills Warp Shielded cultist (figure cannot be killed in battle this round) ? We had a problem last night interpreting if "the end of the battle phase" is "in" or "after" the battle phase. Maybe it's a problem because we are not native English speakers. Similar topic was discussed at the forums concerning Warp Shield vs Dark Corsairs but Corsairs "remove" not "kill" figure so it's a bit different matter. Opinions ?
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