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  1. oh yea srry about that its been kinda hard for me to get on wat with school and some family issues
  2. Xigbar - 11 Lexaeus - 17 Demyx - 4 -1 Larxene -16 Roxas -13 Xion - 9 +1
  3. i take it may applacation has been forgoten
  4. Xigbar - 8 Lexaeus - 8+1 Zexion - 3 Demyx -11 Larxene -17-1 Roxas -11 Xion -11
  5. Xigbar - 8+1 Lexaeus - 6 Zexion - 5 Demyx -11 Larxene -17-1 Roxas -11 Xion -11
  6. id like to change my application from No.8 axel to No. 11 Marluxia plz
  7. id like to apply for the position of No.8-Axel
  8. my bad my comp messed up an i double posted
  9. ^to late,its already gone <loves being a third wheel cuse tricycles are awsome Vyou would
  10. theres always ppl in chatzy who wanna play(mainly me)
  11. ^Cant prove it <dose thangs and stuff to people at places VGonna say something
  12. to get more activity u guys need to lead by example,make online tournaments,hang out in the chatzy rooms,hold events.FFG isnt doin anything then its up to the players to take the reigns we need to look to our seinor players for guidance and theirs a question they cant answear then we`ll just have to find the answear ourselves.This game isnt dyin its just getting quite...so lets make some noise!!
  13. i can change the time, just tell me what time would be good and ill tey to center it around everyones schedule
  14. Hello KH Community Iv started playing the TCG but i noticed that theres not much activaty so i thought we could start a tornament on all the holidays of the year and one on new year to decide who the King Of Kards is for each year. i thought it might be fun If u want to enter the Halloween Brawl then post down bellow and ill add u to the Roster then ill randomly generate a list of matches and the champion will be named Pumpkin King 09 When: 6:00pm Friday, October 30, 2009 Where: Chatzy Rooms Entry Fee: FREE Details: One standard legal deck and plz no cheating this is just for fun
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