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  1. I know dice should be random, I just have a feeling certain sets of dice may lean one way or the other, maybe I say that because I have about 10 blocks of chesex dice and it seems some of them roll routinely high while others roll routinely lower. Maybe it's the physical make up of the actual dice and they aren't evenly weighted. I know the dice that came in my original arkham box seem to love rolling the number 2. Maybe I just haven't used them enough to get the higher numbers (maybe 15 games of AH).
  2. I play a lot of tabletop stuff, and have various sets of dice blocks. When we played Arkham the other night, we had a buddy bust out a set of silver dice, and they were rolling high all night long. We'd choose the game's dice when we needed to roll low! Anyone know if the Arkham dice roll consistantly high or low or is it a pretty good mix?
  3. I think the 5 dice I got with this game are cursed. The majority of the time when I roll I get 2's. I haven't a clue why. Although when I try rolling for upkeep on curses I usually get a one (which is nice). I was just curious if anyone else had ever ran into this problem with the default dice that shipped with the game?! Or do you have blessed dice that really help you out? Also would you guys recommend the new dice? (I was thinking of picking up 2 packs). I was worried about not getting the game on the table enough to use them, but after tonight I'm pretty sure I will pick them up.
  4. Thanks for the information, it's nice to get a good feel for it based on someone that has paid it. I think I'll put it on the buy list, so whenever I come across it and have a few spare bucks I'll be sure to pick it up. If you wanted to have more than 2 of each race, say your friends only like playing zerg and protoss and nobody likes terran, would there be any forseeable problems with purchasing a second base game and painting the figs of the one color? or would that mess up the card balance in the game? Thanks again for the information it is appreciated. Scott
  5. I'm really interested in this game, have not yet had a chance to play it as of yet. I was curious how often you guys get to actually playing the game. To me it seems like a longer game, with a lot of components, which may scare some people away. I heard the review on D6 Generation, and was thinking about purchasing this. A few things I am curious about: 1) How easy is it to introduce to new players? 2) Is this game still enjoyable for those that haven't previously played the computer game (I have but I'm sure a few of my friends have not)? 3) I heard the expansion really stream lines the game. For those of you with the expansion, would you recommend just picking up Starcraft itself, or would Brood wars be a welcome addition without previously playing the base game solo? Thanks for the help guys!
  6. Gdherter, I know it'd be nice to get a few new games before christmas, but I just wanted to point out winter technically goes from Dec 21 to March 21, so if it came out in Feb/Mar it'd still technically be winter 09/10, Although I really wouldn't mind a few new games before xmas. I really didn't see HH coming though, so I'm really excited to see what the last game is, considering the first two I'd imagine it'll be pretty awesome as well.
  7. I hope they space them out because I'm really looking forward to runewars, and then for this to pop up I was going to limit how many games I bought next year. Apparently that's not going to happen if these keep coming out.
  8. IB I'm glad your copies arrived. I can't really answer all your questions, but I'd highly recommend using both decks, although the one might be more enjoyable, if you start with the base game I'm sure you'll think it's fun then when you do make that switch it'll add that oomf to your game. I wouldn't necessarly just use the one without the other. Maybe let the least experienced player pick depending on the card back. Hope you enjoy it!
  9. Thanks for letting us know Biomage, I was curious about which set of dice would show up when Doom arrives. I was hoping for engraved but this just makes that sale that much better!
  10. I'm hoping that after the holiday sale we will get a peek at at least one of the other two boxes. As for Planet Steam, I'm really curious about this game, but with a lack of information on it I doubt I'll be buying it anytime soon, as for the original posters comment about picking up runewars and then having something else awesome come up. If i remember correctly there were 2 standard sized boxes and runewars was the big one, I think runewars will be a must have for myself so it'd be interesting to see if anything that's exciting me as much as that is going to be one of the other two (with the exception of possibly a gears of war game).
  11. So my friend works at a board game store, and it was a slow night so he tells me to come visit. I had been wanting to pick this game up for a while and since they had it in I figured that I'd pick it up and give it a whirl. The rules were pretty fast and seemed pretty simple so we jumped into a game. I have to say it was quite fun, running around on the sub trying to survive. We had decided to use the rules that let you fight one another, low and behold with about 3 minutes left till rescue, my buddy pops a crowbar and ends up killing my gnome to secure the win for himself!! Anyways I just wanted to tell everyone that's been thinking about this game, but is on the edge, that it is quite addicting (we played 3 rounds tonight, and totally forgot to play the other game we had planned on playing!). So definitely consider picking it up, for the price you can't go wrong, and it's a great size to toss in a backpack and pick up and play when you get a few minutes to spare! Just don't consume too much grog
  12. Those black boxes are such a tease! I'm really anxious to see what they are, hopefully after the sale they have on the square on the main page will be replaced with the 3 boxes (runewars being one that I'm quite looking forward to already!) I can't wait! I'm hoping for full fledged games instead of expansions.
  13. Anyone know if these are the engraved dice or the previous ones? My copy should be in on tuesday, but I'm way curious about what ones are in the box.
  14. Dam, Honestly I don't think it'd be that hard to do, if everyone goes for their dial advancement off the start, and nobody expects nurgle to go for dial advancement you could probably pull it off? You have 6 cultists if I remember correctly, and if you get lucky you should be able to pop them out on 2-3 populous regions so as long as nobody kills them (You'd have to be pretty lucky) it could happen. I'm just thinking to myself would it be more beneficial to have 3 on each populous region and maybe a plaguebearer or two, as a deterrant and sit on two regions? or would it be better to spread to 3? I guess it all depends on what your opponents are doing, specially if Khornes in the game, since bloodletters should be able to take out a cultist in each region on their own which would negate your dial advancement, and furthering his (possibly giving him the +1, for most dial advancement).
  15. From what I've heard and seen vp's is the way to go, unless you can manage a turn or two of getting 2 dial advancements (giving you a bonus one if everyone else is only getting one), If you can get the bonus one I could see a possible victory due to dial advancement, although I'm sure if anyone else is going for dial advancement this would be a tough way to compete although it could be done. Next time my friends and I play, I'll try playing as Nurgle and seeing if using the remove corruption on the populous regions really can help with dial advancement. I'll be sure to let you guys know how it goes.
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