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  1. Ok to be clear, I'm not trying to say the autogun is a better weapon, I'm pointing out it has a chance for a higher output overall in some situations, ie crowd control and the sniper rifle is a single target weapon and the only way it can compete at that is with 'Accurate' As to bonuses, the sniper is only, at worst +20 ahead of the autogun and if you claim that a person can't get 5 DoS with an autogun then why have full auto 10, or the auto pistol with full 6, I've even spotted one weapon with full 15. As to the two rounds, I was referencing the example earlier in this thread, aiming for a +20 is a full action, therefore the sniper has to aim for one round then fire on the next. In addition to this if he then uses an evasion he loses the aim action. Yes inescapable attack makes it hard to dodge a single attack, but to dodge full or semi requires a number or DoS equal to the hit, so since it's claimed that the autogun uses can't get five DoS's then no one is evading 5 hits. Also if we are taking talents into consideration then that only increases the damage potential of the autogun firer. As an example: recoil gauntlets with two weapon wielder = chance of 20 hits, add to this double tap and the second gun is on the same chance as the sniper, with the target been unable to evade. So: No accurate is not overpowered No the basic sniper rifle or las should not be one shoting a space marine - 11 defense after pen from the deathwatch reinforcement section. No the basic sniper rifle should not be taking tanks out - Chimera front 30, side 22, back 16.
  2. Ok, I'm lost at how Accuracy can by thought of as over powered. Back in DH 1st when we started I wanted to do a sniper, after the first few sessions it was clear that sniping was just a waste of time and I got myself two bolt pistols and never picked a sniper rifle up again. Now we have accurate which brings sniping back to something reasonable. So lets have a look compared to an autogun assuming that both hit just as well (5 DoS): Autogun = 1d10 + 3 X5 hits > 5 chances of righteous fury, 5 shots that have to be evaded - avg = 40 dmg Sniper Rifle = 1d10 + 4 + 2d10 > 1 chance of righteous fury, 1 shot have to be evaded - avg = 19 dmg If we look at the example previous posted in this thread where the sniper got +20 to aim then then we have: Autogun = 1d10 + 3 X10 hits > 10 chances of righteous fury, 10 shots that have to be evaded - avg = 80 dmg Sniper Rifle = 1d10 + 4 + 2d10 > 1 chance of righteous fury, 1 shot have to be evaded - avg = 19 dmg This is since it will take the sniper two rounds to fire.
  3. This then brings us to some more oddities regarding ammo, the Backpack Ammo Supply. This adds 15kg to the weapon yet if we look at the way it works we can see that this 15kg breaks down. As can be seen the Heavy Bolter is doing some king of weight compression managing to get 20kg of ammo to fit into 15kg of backpack excluding the backpack own weight. Also a backpack for the combat shotgun holds over twice the ammo than a normal shotgun yet they have he same ammo. We can also see that the Purgatus crossbow has the heaviest ammo even beating the heavy bolter. Finally if the weapon has a backpack ammo supply do we have to acquire 5 clips of ammo to fill this up. (edited for table)
  4. Hi All So our group have recently started with Dark Heresy 2nd ed and overall like how it's changed from 1st ed particularly when it comes to ammo. I remember my first Dark Heresy character measured his wealth by how many bolt gun shells he had. When Rouge Trader came along and streamlined ammo supply away from counting the pennies and book keeping we were overjoyed. Now we have 2nd ed which is a hybrid of this (and I can see why to an extent) with using influence and being able get get more with a good roll. We have now that standard ammo is one availability easier to obtain than the weapon, eg Autogun is average so the ammo is common. So taking all this into account my character, a wannabe Inquisitor, have got my hands on a Purgatus Crossbow (Rare), the standard ammo for this going by the main rules should be Scarce. Therefore what is the crossbows standard ammo, from the description we have: Looking at this description then the Purgatus Stakes are the crossbows standard ammo just like needles are the standard ammo of the needler. Yet the stakes have their own entry that has an availability of Extremely Rare, two steps harder to get than the only weapon that can use them, this seems rather odd to me. If the stakes aren't the standard ammo then what is, are we looking at a standard shotgun sell or crossbow bolt? Each of these would have a availability of scarce with a weight of 0.3 kg per round. Yet a shotgun ammo has an availability of Common with a weight of 0.06kg, 5 times less weight.
  5. But if they do have the gift then they must have levels of magic as this is a part of being gifted. From my understanding you can't have one with out the other, it's just that you might not have used your levels of magic. After all if I summoned a wizard critter it would have to have the gift and there fore it would have to have levels of magic with which to acquire their spells, as with the Maiden of Light and Lord of Darkness. Also the other Elements, while have natural knowledge of a path still have the gift so they are able to cast their spells. Gitface…………
  6. Hi All My summoner has a Sheele as a familiar (an essence one) and must say that I am happy with how it is working. Recently I picked up the limited gift from arcana exxet via Blood of the Dragon and started to look at meta magic to help with being a naff wizard . This got me thinking though. A sheele can cast spells but use your zeon, but they don't have the gift so technically can't cast magic. 1) This bring up then do they have magic levels with which to buy metamagic with? a) If so is this still based on INT b) based on the stat which they picked to base spell casting on at creation (INT or POW) 2) Can they use my metamagic for their spells? 3) Can they use the power for going up levels to pick 10 levels of metamagic? Also while I'm thinking, if the MA of the Sheele is high enough can they cast Innate magic, personally I can't see a reason why this would not be so. Thanks in advance. Gitface……………
  7. Hi All Was working on this sheet for our group to help in determining players Elan scores. The idea is that each player would have a sheet named after them, then at points along the way the GM would go through the list with the players and answer the questions with a number indicating how often the player has met that criteria. Once done the GM hits the calculate Elan button and the new entries will be added to the sheet and shown. I've not shown which Beryl or Shajad each question is for and put them alphabetically to help avoid bias to anyone. This does contain macros, so you may get a warning when opening it up. Here's the link javascript:void(0);/*1337884040568*/ Let us know what you think, Cheers, Gitface………………
  8. At level 1 you have 600 dp. This is shown on page 23. Gitface…………..
  9. Hi Razza is Race, its a carry over from the original Spanish sheet that did not get translated. A bit of advice, if you have any magic uses then make sure they balance their Magic Accumulation and Magic Projection. Too low a MA and it will take you ages to cast any spells and recover Zeon. Too low a Projection and your spells will not land. Also Innate magic is your friend. Gitface………
  10. Yep, innate magic is your friend also don't forget there is an advantage that can increase your innate magic by up to 30 points. Gitface……………..
  11. Hi Off the top of my head I'm not sure with the Magic Projection imbalance, but in my opinion you don't want to imbalance them as they are both important to live. MA is both used to determine how much Zeon you get back a day and also much you can call upon or draw from your pool in a round. So if you had a MA of 30 and wanted to cast a spell of 90 Zeon you would have to accumalte for 3 rounds before you can cast you spell, this also drains that 90 from your pool. Therefore if you had a pool of 200 zeon then you will be able to do one more spell of 90 zeon before gaining more zeon back. Innate magic is a mages best friend and something you want to cultivate. If you have a MA high enough to say have a innate of 60 then you can cast a spell each round of up to 60 zeon that will not drain your zeon pool. In effect it turns you into the ever ready bunny instead of a one shot wonder. Hope that helps. Gitface……
  12. Hi All Though I'd put in my two pennith. To be honest I can't see why these granades wouldn't effect Oak, They have said Orks are part (or whole) plant based and there was the section quoted earlier re the experimenation. Then when you look at it Anti-plant grenade Thrown Rng: BSx3 RoF: S/-/- 3d10E (only affects flora) Pen: 0 Blast (3) 0.5kg Very rare Frag Grenade 2d10X, Blast (4), common Pen 0 So for a 'very rare' item that works on a specific creature I get a smaller blast and an extra 1d10 damage with a damge type change. In the grand scheme of things that is not all that good, the cost for these would be higher (not got RT yet) and you could be more deverstating with a weapon. Gitface........
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