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    Unique non character CC squadrons

    Just introduce Limited from X-wing: i.e. not unique, but limited by the number of dots in before their name. But if we go here, why not also fix costs so there is better balance between squads?
  2. Green Knight

    Custom Card Generator

    v1.kdyards.com is the closest you get. Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on pow) the layout is not Armada-standard. So either you'll love it - or it's completely worthless to you.
  3. Green Knight

    What's the best ship in the game?

    ISD-2 w/Pryce, GT, LS, XI7, Avenger I'm not changing my mind
  4. Green Knight

    Major Rhymer Errata and Squadron #1 Reprint

    For more flakka dakka: Take one Excecutor 2 with Annihilator. Add GT, LS, QLT and Kallus to taste. PD Reroute on top if crazy. DTT and H9 if max silly. Profit
  5. Green Knight

    Major Rhymer Errata and Squadron #1 Reprint

    Rhymer was lame even before Sloane. Sloane just took him to the Next Level. He should have been axed long ago. What IS sad is that many Imp squads, esp the Rogues, are costed/stated to accommodate the existence of Rhymer.
  6. Hondo comes and goes as he pleases. If he can serve both sides - why not every fleet on both sides? 😃
  7. Green Knight

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Only some pdfs count. Faq is ok. Points lists not so much.
  8. Green Knight

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Can you explain why you need connectivity at the game store?
  9. Green Knight

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    What? Pdfs list the cost. 3rd part builders take care of the rest.
  10. Neb is 1st. Playing AG. Aers Lib is AG - Neb has a flotilla
  11. Neb online. Ginkapo online.
  12. Green Knight

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    Yeah, weapon team
  13. Green Knight

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    But what would happen if the Assault Pelta had double weapon slots? And Sensor Team cost 3 points? 😃
  14. Green Knight

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    I quite like 2.0 But it's very different from armada. Fast and furious, but sadly not as deep. But I approve very much of the 'model' they've landed on for keeping game fresh and interesting.
  15. Green Knight

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    X-wing 2.0 cards do NOT have printed costs. Instead, all points are contained in several pdfs - and then reflected in the fleet builder app. Ships also do NOT have upgrade icons - they too are listen in the pdfs/app. (you find it here, at the bottom, under Points Cost, https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing-second-edition/) Approx 2 times per year, FFG will update the points (and to a lesser degree upgrade slots). The game launched 13 Sept and we had the first update on 28 Jan: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/28/balance-in-the-force/ (next update this summer, I believe) Regarding the actual app: It's a piece of hot garbage, but with SOME redeeming features. The GUI is horrible, and it was more like a beta when it launched. It still probably is the least user friendly app (there are 3rd part apps too). The redeeming features are logging using forum username, and both web/mobile clients. And it supports custom formats, which is very neat. (I build all my fleets in YASB 2.0, and only use the FFG app for official events - and sometimes to build fleets for custom formats, such as a the Yavin IV battle event). But the app is just a tool to help you. It's not really essential (but oc, who builds fleets without a builder!?). The main things is the variable costs and flexible upgrades. Now, some will claim that this is just lazy game design and whatnot. That they should get it right the first time bla bla bla. This is just rubbish. You CANNOT make a competitive game with this many parts and get it right. No matter how well put together (2.0 is extremely well done for the most part) and thoroughly playteststed (a lot), players WILL "tear it apart". This is true of every board game, miniatures game, computer game, whatever. It's hard to get right, even if there was just the core game and no future releases. With who knows how many waves in the making, it's just impossible. The first batch of points released was maybe a little skewed towards Empire and Scum, not so much Rebels. So in January both the TIE Bomber and Punisher got points increases. Along with some of the upgrades that had made them super-effective. Other Empire ships actually got a points decrease. Same with Scum. Rebels got away with few increases, but they did up the cost of my precious Proton Torpedoes. For upgrades they, as an example, took away the Phantoms Crew slot. It was problematic mostly bc you could stick Darth Vader in it - and together they were much more effective then any other ship/Vader combo. Now many of the old tricks no longer work. My Nationals Rebel list sits at 206 pts. I have Empire lists where EVERY SINGLE card got a points increase So of course NEW stuff is floating up to the top. Some of which maybe well be just as cost effective in the new meta as the old stuff was before. Well, I do see more list variety post-update. So maybe balance IS a bit better (but some cards, like Leia, is now so cheap she's in the almost auto-include category). But for me the ideal isn't the ULTIMATE BALANCE. I don't think that can happen. Players are clever. They find the effective combos. You can strive for GOOD balance, but the most important part (for me) is that the meta will CHANGE, and not just as a result of new waves. This keeps the game fresh and exiting. Oh, and FFG is not shy about going ad hoc updates either. We had a "Tripsilon" build - three First Order shuttles deploying in your face r1 - cut down at the knees before it could become a big thing. FFG even explicitly stated that they didn't plan on doing that often, but that it was a build that pretty much broke a core aspect of the game, namely careful maneuvering. It wasn't unbeatable, but for less experienced players it was just frustrating and dumb to play against. The try to avoid direct errata of cards, but they do keep a forum thread with official rules interpretations in addition to the RRG/FAQ. TL;DR When you think about how many ARMADA upgrades just sit there, unused, and how many ships are just niche because their price or upgrades just isn't competitive... or how long it took for stuff like Rieekan, Demo, Yavaris, flotilla spam to be (somewhat) reined in... X-wing 2.0's model is INFINITELY better.
  16. Green Knight

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    So you have no idea how it actually works?
  17. Green Knight

    FFG ARMADA Article: Interview online!!!

    X-wing got a real article. Cute kid though 💞
  18. Green Knight

    What have you played this year?

    2.0 is also a **** good game!
  19. Green Knight

    What have you played this year?

    One game. With Sloane. Yesterday. Imp squadrons are still good. Rebel squadrons too.
  20. Green Knight

    Wave 3 Release Date?

    If you feel wave 3 is coming along too slowly... get into Armada... wait for the SSD. This will teach you a Jedi's patience
  21. Green Knight

    Will there be a 2.0 Armada?

    This confuses me a bit. There is some variety to lists, sure, but nothing new hits the table as far as I can see. It's just variations of existing concepts. The last intriguing development was Thrawn 2-ships, and that's old now. But I guess your "vibrant, interesting, and fun" is my "stale, samey, boring"
  22. Green Knight

    Points and formats

    Do you have 1 or more points to make? If so, please elaborate.
  23. Green Knight

    Nav token and Engine Techs

    Correct on all counts. However, re 2 you could take the token, then spend it again on the same round, thereby enabling engine techs.
  24. Green Knight

    It's not about if the SSD is delayed....

    True. On the other hand I'm buying X-wing 2.0 stuff that gets released, which is quite a lot. (my dirty secret is I'm also buying older ships like crazy) So it seems FFG has succeeded in taking my money anyway
  25. Green Knight

    SSD Delayed

    I wish I could claim to be surprised.