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  1. The card itself I very good. It's the design I'm no fan of. Unlimited with limited counter play is never good. X-wing 2.0 tries to avoid it like the plague. Hence charges on so many cards. But Moralo offers multiple activations per round. On your AND your opponent's turns. That's unprecedented and unwise.
  2. Moralo is a horribly designed card. Pure and utter trash. Possibly the worst one thus far in Armada. Like @Tokra says, sure he can be beaten, but he's broken in so many was it's not fun. When first I saw Moralo my mind read him as if he could only do his little trick if the OPPONENT moved a token. That was still rather interesting. Then I read it again and my mind just went duuuuhh... something that can trigger, to move AND attack, for all intents and purposes ANY NUMBER OF TIMES PER ROUND!??? Hahaha, and here ppl were complaining about Jendon. It's ******* hilarious 🤣🤣
  3. But side arcs look decent. Like 8 front, 5 side?
  4. That's a made up title 🏆🏆 Impressive though.
  5. What @Drasnighta said. Anyway, if anyone (FFG) needs honest input on what things should really cost, just PM me. I've got the list ready. Regards, Your friendly neighborhood opinionated forum poster
  6. In no small part due to @Drasnighta's request to prevent Tua from being added to SSD, I finally took the time to code in the rest of the size restriction checks. You will now get an warning and be unable to equip the following cards to ships of incorrect size: Bail + Pryce (Medium-Large only) Hardened Bulkheads + SAdv (Large only) DCaps (Small-Medium only) Did I forget any? Lol. Solution was bugged as f*ck. Need to look at it some more. But like winter, it IS coming
  7. X-wing is getting card packs. They contain upgrades, obstacles and more: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/1/aces-in-the-hole/ So be not too surprised if this happens in armada.
  8. Please fix title of thread...Please...
  9. Always when there is new stuff people try to use only existing rules as framework. But every time FFG makes a little rules insert that explains everything 😁
  10. More likely it is tied to the ship (Onager).
  11. Some minor fixes: - in the Upgrade database, multi-ship titles (i.e. 7th Fleet and Mon Cal Exodus are no longer annoyingly displayed multiple times) - in the Upgrade database, you can sort by category for SSD and RitR cards (CC too, but there are no CC upgrades) - added wave 8 (Starhawk + Onager SD) fully spoiled cards (i.e. Kyrsta Agate + Commander Beck)
  12. Warlords now has decent images for RitR. Courtesy of Cannot Get Your Ship Out: http://cannotgetyourshipout.blogspot.com/2019/08/gencon-and-rebellion-in-rim.html
  13. Within 1-2 means any distance from a fraction of a hair's breadth and up to the distance 2 line (but nothing may protrude beyond). Also, stuff is always at distance 1 of itself. No distance 0 in armada. X-wing has d0. Where d0 is yourself and anything touching.
  14. This is only partially correct. If you have a look at WW2, there were many instances of using captured enemy equipment. The Germans in particular used a bewildering array of enemy AFVs, vehicles, artillery, and more. So it is possible, if there is a motivation for doing so. It did cause logistical issues, however, on top of already existing ones.
  15. This. So in this scenario Piett offers you nothing.
  16. You now get the bonus slot from Harrow, Liberator, Vanguard. BUT it's a dirty fix, so if you EDIT a list, anything in that bonus slot goes away and you have to add the title again to make it appear. I'll fix it over the weekend.
  17. All of them for a while now. Rebellion in the Rim also there now. Starhawk/Onager to be added.
  18. Good catch. Same with Vanguard. And Liberator. I'll fix.
  19. I wrote some about Malee Hurra, the new Scurrg pilot: https://armadaihaveyounow.blogspot.com/2019/08/ritr-squadrons-malee-hurra.html
  20. Warlords HAS now been updated with images for all RitR cards. These are placeholder images, phone photos of the cards provided by ppl at GenCon. Permanent images to be added when scans are available.
  21. Starhawk has all defense tokens, including the new one and EVADE. So we have not the exact mix, but it will be flexible.
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