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  1. It's possible, but I don't see it happening. Fab's armada builder already has this functionality. Same with the Armada builder app.
  2. Lord Commander Solar Macharius ❤️
  3. This is just too funny. Same guys got creamed by Ewoks
  4. Warlords has pretty good images. More than good enough for Vassal. Just checked: so does Kingston.
  5. What's the point? Might as well make new rules, points cost, whatever.
  6. The card itself I very good. It's the design I'm no fan of. Unlimited with limited counter play is never good. X-wing 2.0 tries to avoid it like the plague. Hence charges on so many cards. But Moralo offers multiple activations per round. On your AND your opponent's turns. That's unprecedented and unwise.
  7. Moralo is a horribly designed card. Pure and utter trash. Possibly the worst one thus far in Armada. Like @Tokra says, sure he can be beaten, but he's broken in so many was it's not fun. When first I saw Moralo my mind read him as if he could only do his little trick if the OPPONENT moved a token. That was still rather interesting. Then I read it again and my mind just went duuuuhh... something that can trigger, to move AND attack, for all intents and purposes ANY NUMBER OF TIMES PER ROUND!??? Hahaha, and here ppl were complaining about Jendon. It's ******* hilarious 🤣🤣
  8. But side arcs look decent. Like 8 front, 5 side?
  9. That's a made up title 🏆🏆 Impressive though.
  10. What @Drasnighta said. Anyway, if anyone (FFG) needs honest input on what things should really cost, just PM me. I've got the list ready. Regards, Your friendly neighborhood opinionated forum poster
  11. In no small part due to @Drasnighta's request to prevent Tua from being added to SSD, I finally took the time to code in the rest of the size restriction checks. You will now get an warning and be unable to equip the following cards to ships of incorrect size: Bail + Pryce (Medium-Large only) Hardened Bulkheads + SAdv (Large only) DCaps (Small-Medium only) Did I forget any? Lol. Solution was bugged as f*ck. Need to look at it some more. But like winter, it IS coming
  12. X-wing is getting card packs. They contain upgrades, obstacles and more: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/1/aces-in-the-hole/ So be not too surprised if this happens in armada.
  13. Please fix title of thread...Please...
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