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  1. Vassal CC Campaign

    Mpa r5: Kind of thematic - the Empire is nearly thrown out of the Corellian system!
  2. Vassal CC Campaign

    Imps build a base at Corfai. I assume rebel presence at Corellia. (this is status start of r5, so for income r4 you have to remove the new presence/base)
  3. What scale will the May 1st announcement be?

    G. And all the rest too 😀
  4. Vassal CC Campaign

    Lord Vader clashes with Admiral It's a Carp over Corfai. After some maneuvering, Demo pops a cr90 trying to block like a flotilla. Mc30 and ISD face off across a dust field...and the mc30 has an awkward concentrate fire, rather than nav. End result: scarred mc30. Another cr90 bites the dust, after some rear arc external racks, combined with cymoon side boosted by quads. Instigator and squads do fairly good work. My squads die, but at least they force enemy squads to eat flak to kill them. Instigator nearly lives after some creative maneuvering, until evil Corran pops it with a structural...sad day. Home one goes to lightspeed, leaving Corfai on imperial hands.
  5. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    They absolutely do. But I didn't mention it in the article. Will add a snub.
  6. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    I had a request for H9 Turbos:
  7. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    If someone has an upgrade, objective, ship or squadron they want reviewed, just ask about it here.
  8. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    You asked, here it is: Heavy Turbos:
  9. MONSTER TRUCK MANIA (The Actual Thread)

    Presumably, yes.
  10. g7x against raddus- how good is it?

    I know I play with Aspiration and Lando and Hondo. Not specifically to counter grab well of course, but you'll get a maximum of one activation before it's speed 1 or 2. So I'd say there is some impact, but not a whole lot.
  11. Vassal CC Campaign

    Very busy. Next week is better. But I also have monster truck with Broba...
  12. MONSTER TRUCK MANIA (The Actual Thread)

    Then you should have gotten less pts
  13. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    Too harsh? But if I take a Dictor, Brunson seems so much better than DCO, esp with scramblers. Same as DCO on the MC75 - Lando seems a better option, even with 2 contain.
  14. I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    Works vs APT even if you didn't waste the Officer slot on the DCO. But yeah, so marginal.
  15. For some reason I had Compartment Fire down as a Ship crit. Thanks!