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  1. "FFG’s new and existing product lines will continue to be developed by FFG and sold under the FFG logo. FFG will stay a fully independent publisher in the Asmodee Group, and intends to keep creating the best games possible. A few of FFG’s products, whose identity may be deemed a better fit under a different Asmodee Group brand, may transition within the group." So, FFG.
  2. The news is that we're all fools for waiting
  3. Two words: Sliding. Scale.
  4. ...and also just in: still no official word on armada...
  5. How can you derail a thread that's essentially a derail?
  6. Am I the only person who has ever actually been 1st player vs. Close-Range Intel Scan?
  7. Your Enigma skills are weak. Those were obviously code names.
  8. Britain, Germany, France, Russia, Austria-Hungary.
  9. Mighty pillars, massively girth-y pillars!
  10. That was funny Also, if we get articles soonish, I'm going to take full credit --> my whining leads to articles.
  11. I would play in the Beer League!
  12. Yeah. Reminds me a little of RPG lite. Or maybe the LotR one.
  13. Maybe Arkham the Card Game.