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  1. I haven't touched RitR yet. Let me see if I understand: We play task force games starting at 200 pts, with fleets capped at 300. Using the "free" custom commanders from the rules booklet. Sometimes we play give battles with 3vs3 players
  2. I don't know of any. I have some bad scans, with English text added in on warlords. Maybe you can use those until we get good scans?
  3. Yes. Remember to also take Kallus + Annihilator + Leading Shots
  4. Eh... dice are gathered as measured from the token to any part of the target ship. That's all that matters.
  5. Ok... I see. It's never a dial... but why would you Piett a token into a 'dial' and then make it a token again? Makes no sense.
  6. Fleet building restrictions apply during fleet building only.
  7. The whole point of CANNOT on a card is that it's can't be bypassed or ignored or whatnot. It's a golden rule.
  8. I have though about it some, and @Karneck is right. Squad keywords CANNOT be card abilities. Because Escort says CANNOT. If this is a card ability, IG-88's ability does nothing. It cannot override the CANNOT on a card.
  9. Nothing, at least not at the moment. Dunno. Future proofing? Bad wording? @Drasnighta @Karneck
  10. Site works, but alas, nothing happens when stuff go into the render queue.
  11. I don't think that's the case. It's worded when and overlaps, not while overlapping.
  12. There are a couple of additional points... without some yaw enhancements, it's very hard to change tack once you're committed. And disengaging from a bad encounter with the enemy... Vics have it easy lol If the opponent can engage you early, with Squall or Onager or other things, and put damage into the SSD from round 1, then there is a very big risk of being tabled. Even if you're not tabled, it's more likely than not you'll be crippled. So unless you table your opponent, which is very hard with a single combat ship, the MoV will not be great (SSD lists also struggle finding good pts scoring objectives). So in a tournament you risk maybe winning 2 times with 7-8 points and then you have a bad loss on top of that. Not horrible, but not a good strategy for winning the tourney.
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