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  1. Excellent work as always. The new mouse GUI has great potential - it promises to make Vassal more accesbile (for new players) and faster (for existing players).
  2. Green Knight

    The Ackbar slash??

    I think that's called 'shrimp cocktail' 🍤 🍸
  3. Green Knight

    The Ackbar slash??

    The only real Ackbar slash is slashing the same large base ship with both side arcs from a MC30. Other slashes just gets you (wildly simplified) shot at from a lot of enemy ships, which is never a good thing in Armada.
  4. Green Knight

    What Extended squads do you expect to do well now Wave3 has hit?

    Seconded. I can't fit 4 Black Squad Ace, even without Heroic, but I can fit 4 I4 Phantoms with Juke (almost)? It's not like every genetic got the same amount of love 💞
  5. Green Knight

    Squad Builder Bug Reporting

    Reinstalled app. Still can't save squads. Hyperspace lists still mysteriously gone. Any eta on a fix?
  6. Judging by how OTHER devices are handled, it would be strange for the Probe Droid to behave differently. I.e. if it's launched under something, it's overlapped. If it's to work DIFFERENTLY, a specific ruling is required.
  7. Green Knight

    What is a Basic Maneuver?

    The Paige RULING is not problematic - it's not like Resistance bombers will dominate everything - it's the stated REASONING behind that's completely bonkers.
  8. Green Knight

    Is Maul in Sith Infiltrator OP?

    Compared to Dengar he's pretty good lol
  9. Green Knight

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    Hate really boosts him. 3 points. Lol.
  10. Green Knight

    Are you buying republic, separatists or neither?

    I have only preordered Republic, but after playing vs Separatist on vassal I just have to get them too. Maul, Grievous and calculating droids hanging out on rocks - it's just tons of fun.
  11. Green Knight

    Impervium Plating Vs Hull upgrade

    Just played vs Grievous with this. Two crits scored on one shot, both nasty, both discarded. So potential if LADY luck.favors you.
  12. Green Knight

    How long have you played X-Wing?

    Since launch of 2.0 Vassal and rl both.
  13. Green Knight

    All Hyperspace-Lists are gone!

    Same here. Android user. Only Extended lists visible. Can't save new lists anyway, so why bother? App uninstalled.
  14. Green Knight

    Squad Builder Bug Reporting

    On my android: When I click a link to a fleet built with the official builder, I get two options: Download the app. Which I've already done, so that shouldn't be an option. Or. Maybe later, which lets me view (in awkward format), but not copy the list for later. If I do click Download, it goes to the app, but the list I just clicked is gone... As always it's hard to fully express how bad this app is. Love the game. Hate the app.
  15. Reload is clearly defined in rules. It's not just 'reload-by-icon'. That's just one way to reload. This card enables another way to reload, one that has a very specific limitation. This is not confusing.