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  1. Green Knight

    TIE Defender best overall fighter?

    It's hard to make generic Defenders cost effective. Sixteen points is scatter ace level expensive, but the Defenders completely lack the durability of a squadron with scatter/brace. The blue bomber die is horribly weak for a squadron costing 16 points. Just horrible. Anti-squad is more than good, slightly better against generics, slightly weaker against aces. But again, for 16 points it's not good. So you're left with a bunch of fast, somewhat durable, but overpriced squadrons.
  2. I would rule the shields stay as is, but oc the restriction is lifted.
  3. Green Knight

    Norse's Guide to making custom Armada ships

    Problem: most of the stuff is so far out there's no point commenting. It's either super op or just plain weird. Then there's a ton of non-sw stuff, some quite nice actually, but what's ww2 stuff doing in there?
  4. Green Knight

    Star Wars Armada: Vassal module version 3.9.1

    Question: Have ship cards been shrunk? Or has my memory failed me? (pretty sure it's all in my head)
  5. Green Knight

    I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    And where does SWM28 fit into all of this!?
  6. Green Knight

    I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    True. SWM19 is Rebel Transports (wave 3) and SWM 21 is Phoenix Home (wave 5). Yet it arrived after wave 7, so I'm using my artistic freedom to call it wave 8 until we get an actual wave 8
  7. Green Knight

    I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    Some Palpatine theorycrafting: https://armadaihaveyounow.blogspot.com/2018/08/wave-8-upgrades-emperor-palpatine.html
  8. Green Knight

    DtO w/Hammers

    Yes, but does it happen often enough to warrant spending 6 points? Or are they worth more elsewhere?
  9. Green Knight

    I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    Or have a Gozanti. Or Wulff. No reason not to maximise the benefit of 5 squadron.
  10. Green Knight

    I Have You Now - New (and opinionated) Armada blog

    Yes. Any Upgrade card.
  11. Green Knight

    DtO w/Hammers

    2 TFA = pretty meaningless.
  12. Green Knight

    Raddus vs G7-X

    Maybe. But I'm not the right one to ask, really, as I think the Dictor is a horrible (but fun) ship in competitive play
  13. Green Knight

    Raddus vs G7-X

    The main problem IMO: You're taking a Dictor with a Grav Well, mostly to maybe limit a specific admiral's ability. Not neuter. Limit. One admiral. Seems a good way to disadvantage yourself vs all the other lists out there.
  14. Green Knight

    Raddus vs G7-X

    The grav well tokens stay on table and affect anything that's a deployment throughout the game. So yes, you can use it potentially help protect you against a Raddus drop. It's bound to be more effective as first player. If you're second, it's too easy to Hondo/Nav speed back up. But still, you've probably forced the Raddus ship to move early. So maybe useful.
  15. I think I'll be running DCO + Tua/AP a lot. Sothat effectively leaves a single officer slot...