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  1. Old Blue

    2-player games: Hero player

  2. Old Blue

    2-player games: Hero player

    Aloha - Is there a link to that? Mahalo!
  3. What do I hope most from this game - for it to be able to lick my balls from across the room…now that would be a game
  4. Old Blue

    Overlord Preview

    Is there a - "I'll rest when I'm dead card?"
  5. Old Blue

    Martial mastery

    Looking good - mahalo for the link!
  6. Old Blue

    New heroes

    Jafix said: I would guess that game mechanic will be still the same for chinese and american version. The only major difference between the two versions is that an hour after playing, you'll be hungry to play more of the Chinese version...
  7. I think a gun to the OL's head should keep him from being bored - "go ahead make my day"
  8. Old Blue


    Lontra said: I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about the ability to pre-order through FFG. I am especially interested if there are any promo items that may be released as a result either through FFG or my FLHS . Considering how crazy the prices for the 1ed promos have gotten I really don't want to be left behind this time around. sorry you missed it - they're all sold out - they gave some cool swag w/ it
  9. TeufelHund said: Assuming that FFG post the rules for Descent 2nd Edition, it may be possible to convert a 1st edition scenario to 2nd edition while only purchasing the upgrade kit, but I wouldn't bet on it. I'm quessing that it will have parts that are unique to 2e - but I am excited to see how the new version will be
  10. Old Blue

    For everyone upset about the price point...

    I imagine the way the economy is headed we'll be paying for the game in livestock - I guess it will cost a goat and 1/2 a chicken - but no more than a yak
  11. Old Blue

    Compatibility with older Descent?

    Me, I would keep it - at the very least you have a good game to play and if you also get 2e then you'll have, probably, two good games to play, w/ the added advanted of using parts (new critters/new heroes) from one game in the other. ...and if the second one falls short, well then your resale value went up - but if it's good - then it's a win/win...
  12. Steve-O said: Old Blue said: ****, I was hoping after five you would get a bald eagle... No such luck. However, FFG is offering a conversion kit to transform your albatrosses into bald eagles, if you like. =) That might allow me to kill two birds with one stone - sounds like a good deal - ignoring ESA and MBTA violations of course Hmm - I just thought of this - will the conversion kit include stickers to show which monster and hero converted/upgraded? Although, I think, FFG should use sweater vests and hats but not capes, as that would be over the top...
  13. BlackZer0 said: I just got the first edition of Descent and Well of darkness. and I'm being told "too bad , so sad" am sorry, but that's enough for me to take me gaming else where. How so - is someone going to physically restrain you from playing 1e? I would think that if that is the case, it would cut down on FFG's profit margin by having to employee a person to monitor each 1e game that is out there...did someone call for the Spanish Inquisition?
  14. ****, I was hoping after five you would get a bald eagle...