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  1. "What happened to the stealth plan?" Sinno "Why is everyone dead and everything on fire?" Sinno "Who is our best negotiator?" Sinno
  2. I've got no issues boosting other people's rides for fun and profit, but not my own.
  3. I can't honestly say I game with people that do that stuff, so it's a concern that never came to mind.
  4. I know it's just how FFG does things, but in this particular game, not having at least a ground car to start is massively inconvenient, not to mention shortsighted. Whether you're a PI, a Soldier or whatever flavor runner you choose, having to take the bus while kitted out seems like a bad idea. And the Ristie should at the very least get an air car. Cause, you know, being from a family that's richer than dirt.
  5. This right here? That's why I'm not allowed to play Shadowrun anymore. Or run it.
  6. The magic system is a bit loose for Shadowrun, but it could work.
  7. Heh. Military development is alwaya trying to win the last war.
  8. When the Commando has collected so many specialty weapons for mission flexibility that you need a bigger ship. When the only way to slow down the aspiring Jedi is the above commando (he's also the face of the duo). When search and destroy missions by the duo are routinely compared to orbital bombardment. The point that the duo have successfully completed so many thought to be suicidal missions that Rebel Command have a special mission classification just for them.
  9. Fair enough. Like most films there are bits that frustrate me if I look to closely.
  10. I never understood that part of Episode 2. If the Separatists had the plans for the Death Star, why did that schlub from Rogue One spend nearly twenty years designing it?
  11. We can go one step further. Skip the bombs and put a hyperdrive on each droid fighter. They can kamikaze enemy fleets until a counter can be developed. The Interdictor.
  12. Why doesn't a Curse spell with the paralyzing upgrade stop a target from taking maneuvers? Great, I stopped you from killing me, but you can just walk away faster than I can chase you since I have to burn a maneuver on holding the spell. Also, so it break if I or another PC take the opportunity to bash the target's brains in while they're supposedly helpless?
  13. So what am I spending the story point for? By this ruling, I could have a sword with the Rune of Blades all the time at chargen.
  14. Currently playing in the official setting as one of two players. We have Valeria Wrey, Envoy. Scion of a powerful merchant family, who's investigating a family business contact that was quite threatening through letters, and may have had something to do with her parents disappearance. Think fantasy Lara Croft, but not boring. The other is Brother Illium, Disciple. A heavily misanthropic Knight of Kellos. Also an elf. With powerful faith and skill at arms and absolutely zero social skill or desire to acquire any. Think Judge Dredd as an elf. With less of a sense of humor. TL;DR, the shady business partner was involved is some black magic, possibly human sacrifice, and became a Wraith. Illium destroyed it. We later found evidence of an evil noble, a necromancer cult, and session 5 involved Wrey brazenly talking her way into a goblin camp hired by the cult to excavate some old ruins while Illium bides his time in a crow cage, waiting to murder every single thing in sight that isn't Wrey.
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