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  1. I have played many FFG games, and have played Arkham Horror 2nd edition many times, and never had any problems with the durability of the cardboard components. I have now played AH 3rd edition twice and multiple tokens and one map tile are "splitting" with the printed layer of the piece peeling away from the rest of the cardboard. Did FFG change the way they create their cardboard tokens, leading to this drop in quality and durability? Anyone else having this problem?
  2. seriously, the game night pack was awesome. I want to use the rest of my descent stuff and more to play more co-op. Mateooo
  3. Does Lola's ability to spend improvement tokens to improve 1 skill allow her to get more than +2 to a single skill? Looking at the rulebook, it says effects on components and card trumps rulebook when contradictions occur, and the rule book says you can only improve an ability twice The Lola ability reads "Spend any number of improvement tokens, then improve 1 skill of your choice for each token spent" (a +2 token counts as two tokens.)
  4. Has anyone ever gotten a response when sending a question to the rules support for this game, Horus Heresy?
  5. how bout a thread where people throw out ideas for a race specific action (with supremacy bonus and initiative number) then we can argue about whether they are balanced. Ideas I have: Humans: Cunning Traders Primary: Choose an opponent. Increase one of your resources by two. Your opponent chooses one resource to increase by one. alternatively: Decrease one resource by 1 to increased a different resource by 2. Secondary: Choose a different opponent if possible. Gain either 2 tactics or 2 influence. Your opponent then gains of 1 of whatever you chose. A nice bonus with a tradeoff of helping other players a little... Gives humans a little flexibily and limited ability to help out "allies". number 4.5 Elves: Nature's Bounty: Primary: increased your food resource by one secondary: Increase your wood by one. Helps out the elves when they dont have a good source of food. Give it a number 4.5 to be played right after Harvest. Elves in tune with nature... they shouldnt have a hard time findings food and wood. Demons: Reavers: Primary: Sacrifice a unit to reduce one resource from each enemy by one, you must choose the same resource to reduce for each enemy. Supremacy: Choose one enemy. That player loses one additional resource. Must be a different resource than choosen for the primary ability. These guys should be mean but reckless, willing to sacrifice units. Number 4.5 as well. Should happen after harvest to be useful. Undead: Cannibalize. Primary: Destroy a city to increase your food by 2, your wood by 2 and your ore by 1. Supremacy: place two reanimates in the hex where the city was. Munch Munch.. I dont think I need to explain how this is thematic. Great reward, but you have to make a great sacrifice. Number 4.5 as well.
  6. The PRIMARY is only MANDATORY if you want the use the SUPREMACY BONUS you dont have to use the PRIMARY, but then you dont get the SUPREMACY BONUS
  7. one thing to realize, that while the supremacy bonus is option, you can not use the supremacy bonus if you have not used the main order. IE, if you play the Harvest Order, but for some reason dont want to harvest (maybe you lost a lot of territory that turn), you can not build a development this is confirmed
  8. attacker resolves special results first, assuming the same initiative. So sorcerers would die before special ability is triggered.
  9. i would recommend the humans or chaos, as, in my experience, they have just as much a chance of winning as undead and elves, and no one seems unstoppable at all. Havent noticed any strength imbalance yet, and Ive played a lot. personally, the only advantage any side has is the demons and undead are more fun to play than the elves, cuz they get all those tricksy tactics cards. Winning influence bids is nice, but not particularly fun. Using tactics cards to surprise take over an enemy strongold in the fall, followed by a pillage of 2-3 of their food and horrific rumors/ blackmail to keep them from taking it back while you repair/develop it is way too much fun... even though it wont necessarily get you a dragon rune.
  10. lightning and the commander title that gives you +2 combat resolution for each dragon rune token can let you win a battle when you are defending with only routed units... its actually quite funny to see the look on your opponent's face when they realize they forgot to take into account the bonus for that title.
  11. every time you battle, you get to draw cards for all of your units unless they are routed or destroyed. This is good, as if you are undead you might summon reanimates with necromancers, or if you are human, you might get tactics cards with knights. If you dont want to draw the cards because they dont matter (you dont have one of these two units) then you dont have to, but you might want to anyways, as the discared fate cards are visible to all, and this information may be something you want.
  12. JAcksonville, Florida player looking for people interested in playing
  13. When you are resolving the Westeros Cards, do you reveal then resolve I, , then II, then III, or do you reveal I, II, and III at the same time, and then resolve I, then II, then III? thanks
  14. zombies eat brains. Brains come from peasants. Peasants eat food.
  15. mateooo


    Not sure if this has been answered. Does Mad Carthos's ability trigger when armies attack armies? if so, who assigns the damage. Also, in regards to tactical retreat, does his ability get triggered before the battle is canceled?
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