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  1. Sorry, just found it: (3.7) Card Abilities "Card abilities" (i.e. "Character ability," "Location ability," or "Attachment ability") refers to anything in a card's text box, except for traits, keywords, and flavor text. "Card abilities" also refers to any abilities (again, keywords and traits are excluded) gained by card effects
  2. eloooooooi said: Nope. Keywords are not character abilities. I realize that Traits are not character abilities, but how is it that Keywords (Stealth, Deadly) are not? This came up today in a game and I can't find anything to help my argument
  3. Frozen Solid. Ok. Turns out I have one in my deck but didn't read it close enough. Locations AND attachments. Nice
  4. Great suggestions. I played the Tully deck from LoW last night in a 3 player melee. It did well but got bogged down in negative attachments played from my opponents. Being that this was only my 2 game I think I did well. I added Winterfell and Winterfell Castle and they are a great addition. How would you deal with the attachments? (i.e. Milk of the Poppy)
  5. The reprint is coming in like a week or two
  6. Hey new to this forum. I'd like to send you a message but not sure how.
  7. I too would like to know as I'm super new and I'm looking at Greyjoy
  8. Hello there. Played my first game today and I love the games potential. I want to play Greyjoy so my question is, what do I have to pick up? I see that there's a reprint coming for a Greyjoy expansion but what else is there? Can you suggest some packs?
  9. Hey, a few of us are getting into this. I haven't play since the release. We have a great group of peps who play in Clearwater on Friday nights
  10. No one has any thoughts? Just wondering if the game has maintained balance
  11. It's been a long time since I played this game (not since the release). For those of you who have followed it and/or play competitively, have you seen any one race/deck that dominates? I ask because I hope the answer is none. What have you seen?
  12. Despite your sarcasm, I'm sure you realize that I was asking if the book was still in print. If my local store had it, I would buy it. Please don't troll me just to get your post number up. Was just looking for guidance.
  13. How do you get your hands on a copy?
  14. On p.12 under "Declare Defenders", it says the defender now declares defenders (if any) which will participate in the battle. So, I would say no, units in a zone do not have to defend if you so chose.
  15. Just picked up a set from EC. Myself and one or two others who play Warmachine over at EC Clearwater the 2nd & 4th Friday of every month, are probably gonna start to play. Unfortunately, I'm not really the tourney type. I have no real interest in picking up 3 core sets heehee
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