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  1. The Spaniard said: For you information, the TI RPG is generally despised by FFG (myself included) as it was developed completely outside the actual "TI" IP management. So, it is important to note that nothing in the TI RPG is "canon" in the TI universe. cP FFG I agree it's not great, but the system is pretty simple though so there,s some potentiel to improve on it. That being said that,s why I was looking if anyone had taken the time to convert the the 8 "expension" races to the setting. But it seems like there is't so I figure i might do it, using the TI3 race cards. I also agree that a new 'Licenced' TI3 RPG would be interesting.
  2. I looked up the links you gave me and, although quite interesting, they pretty much focus on the borad game and don't seem to have a conversion of the 8 other races in the game fro the RPG. So back to step one: Has anyone converted these race or would have conversion idea to suggest?
  3. Thanks, i,ll go and take a look later. meanwhile that's 8 race to convert.
  4. I did a quick search -here and on the web- and nothing came up in regard to this. But I was wondering if there was any unofficial conversion of the 4 races from Shattered Empire done or any unofficial expension for the TI RPG? If anyone could direct me to the right direction or offer pointers for a DIY conversion it would be appreciated.
  5. For the Grey Knight, it's pretty much been covered: They are more of a Dark Heresy product by the role but more of a Deathwatch product by their rule. Either way like many I would love to see rules for them...maybe as a supplement fror both Deathwatch and Dark Heresy or simply a Deathwatch supplement that is Dark Heresy compatible. The other thing I would love to see is more Space Marine Chapters. Granted we cannot cover them all and the main books cover the most common ones, but I would still love to see other less know Chapters like my personal favorite the Scythes of the Emperor.
  6. Sounds about right. Now the one question i got his how come they say you can buy it now, when it's not even on their online store
  7. That would be indeed a nice sourcebook which would allow to give a bit more depth to Deathwatch and make corssover game easier.
  8. Kanluwen said: Boneguard said: 2) Rules for Grey Knight. (maybe not in the main book, but as a sourcebook . they play a similar role but for the Malleus.) In regards to #2...that's not *completely* true. The Grey Knights are a strike force that is usually deployed in an offensive role, which operate for the most part out of Titan and Nemesis Tessera. Thanks for the clarificastion, I'm not too good no my DK fluff, but still Deathwatch would provide a good plateform to include the GK in the game. Even if only as NPC.
  9. With the Deathwatch, I would like to see: 1) More Xenos (Hrud, Jakaero, Tarrelian, etc.) 2) Rules for Grey Knight. (maybe not in the main book, but as a sourcebook . they play a similar role but for the Malleus.)
  10. I fully agree with "Disciple of the Dark Gods" it's a great buy for the dark nitty gritty of the Ordos enemy.
  11. I would like to see: a book similar ot Creature Anathema for the Koronus system; A book abour Xebno ship; Something about advanced Rogue Trader Career; That covers it I think.
  12. I presume you mean Damned City...the second book in the Haarlock trilogy. It has been a week since they started shipping and depending on the volume of purchase they may either: -not have completed your order yet -since there is a lot of order to fill up before yours, -or completed it and shipped it, but not updated the status on it -it happened to me with another online store. I wouldn't start worrying about it, for a couple more weeks really. PS: mine was bought on the 13th and I also have the pending shipment status, but not going to worry about it for another 2 weeks.
  13. Another potential idea. Have half yuor group play a rogue trader crew and have the other half play and Inquisitorial team who have commandeered the Crew's ship. This way you can alternate the focus from one team to the other. If it,s well done and making sure both get equal amount of play time, it should be enjoyable. For Exemple Space combat the main focus s the Trader's crew and the Inquisitarial team play a more secondary role, maybe helping against boarder. And on the lfip side when the Inquisitorial team are doing their thing, the Rogue trader's might either help as extra muscle or take care of business Elsewhere on the planet -refueling, trade, business dealing, etc..
  14. Good idea for adventure or purchase? Purchase-wise Dark Heresy: Creatures anathema is a great buy with lots of potential and it crosses over quite easily. Adventure wise, it's a bit tougher since it might depend on what your players wand and what your crew is composed of. A good way to start IMO, is to have them perform some kind of errant for the Ruling Power in the Calixis sector in the Koronus sector to get a fell for your crew and then let them loose on their own. I'm also, looking inot converting the Haarlock trilogy for a RT team.
  15. I thought it was there to allow you to increase/improve your skill from the get-go...but it would not be the first time I'd be wrong.
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