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  1. No-one? I'm curious as to what you guys might think of it.
  2. I haven't posted anything here at all, so here is a new personal work of mine. Needed to practice Orks and so made an Ork Freebooter with a pet Gretchin. Deviantart-link: Enjoy...
  3. I like, could be used in a proper published RPG-book really...
  4. remind me of older Adrian Smith. Now, this might sound like an insult, please bare with me, it isn't meant as an insult- Adrian Smith looked quite bad in the early nineties and these remind me of his work back then- HOWEVER! Adrian Smith is one of the better artists in the world of RPG and wargaming nowadays. Seeing how well he evolved you should practice and you will get there also! (one ofthe better artists in the world that is!) Keep it up!
  5. I like it, keep it up and you have a very bright future ahead...
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