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  1. Two new pictures from french site http://www.edgeent.com/home/check_public_gallery/ffrwm30_gallery_02_fr a part command tool for Spined Thershers and Support Spined Thersher card. http://www.edgeent.com/home/check_public_gallery/ffrwm26_gallery_02_fr translate : 'Deadly run' unique Flesh Rippers only, while your activation ... .... your first move ... treat it as modified by turn.
  2. First Terrain tile: cover 1 Elevated Fortified 1 (elf only) / other face/ after final phase unit inside and in contact suffer 1 damage. Second Terrain tile: Before final phase unit at range ??? gain 1 inspiration. and for the temple tile it's when an unit collides this terrain, the unit gain 1 inspiration.
  3. An other for you http://www.edgeent.com/home/check_public_gallery/ffrwm14_fr_2 Special elf
  4. Version for ankaur maro is here : http://www.edgeent.com/home/check_public_gallery/ffrwm11_gallery_02 in spanish
  5. First time, i see them, it's in dust-france. http://dust-france.bb-fr.com/t324-tournoi-le-22-janvier-2012
  6. You can test www.maelstromgames.co.uk or my favorit sites in france www.ludikbazar.com or philibertnet.com and for premium www.quarter-kit.com, i don't know delivery costs for CEE
  7. Filris

    ssu cards

    Loophole Master said: Ok, so Koshka can use her Fighting Spirit either with Babushka or with a squad she joins. That's much better. Definitely quite useful to put her with the Fakyeli if the mission is not suitable for Babushka. Attacking an A2 infantry squad with hero, without C weapons, it would average 16 hits! You can play grand'ma without Koshka and use her with a squad see rules Pilot : Name page13. But a question with this rule, if i disembark Koshka from Grand'ma, Grand'ma can still act? I say yes, but it's one pilot vehicule.
  8. the new pounder with commander figurine from dust model http://dust-models.com/products_d.php?nid=18&id=204
  9. The text don't use plurial, so a friendly unit = one friendly unit i'm french (sorry for my poor english) like i think Olivier Zamfirescu a and one is the same word in french.
  10. I think, it's simple. One Hero and one other friendly Unit can be in a space. And this Unit Could be one Squad, one Vehicle, one Hero or one Squad with one Hero. I do not seek to complicate.
  11. From Revised Core Rules Page 6 A unit includes all the miniatures pictured on the unit card. Whenever the rules mention a unit, it can be a squad, a vehicle, or a hero. and Page 18 A hero can share a space with a friendly unit, even a friendly vehicle. Heroes are the only units that can share a space with a friendly unit. Even when heroes have not joined a squad, they can still share a space with a squad. I could say 2 heroes max in a space, a Hero and a unit.
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